• Show Date: 01/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

1st January 2022

Thank you very much to my two stewards, Marion and Sue, who kept the proceedings running smoothly and efficiently all day. The Golden Retriever entry was really mixed, but one thing I must pick up on is handling; many dogs were badly let down by handling and the inability to move in a simple straight line. If you cannot move in a straight line, your dog can’t either! Some dogs also needed a lot of work on their confidence – the breed standard does ask for a “confident” temperament. Introducing your dog to the judge as being “very nervous” isn’t a good start! There were a bit of a mixture of shapes and sizes so a few compromises had to be made. Well done to those handlers who made the best use of the fairly small ring space.

Retriever (Golden)

MP (8,3) 1 Drumkilty Venetian Glass. Beautifully headed youngster, understandably raw but with lots of appeal. Liked her overall balance in construction which she made good use of on the move. Stands on great feet. Tidy away and back, and nicely handled. 2 Eau My Gold VD Corner Brook For Auristela. Not dissimilar to the winner, but a shade long at present and needs to come up on the leg. Another with a lovely head shape and beautiful dark pigment. Moved out with confidence. 3 Berrymeade Kinvara.

P (6,2) 1 Soneve Simply Special For Siatham. Sweet headed b with dark pigment, and balance of skull and foreface. Has a well laid shoulder and useful length of upper arm, well ribbed back and balanced in hind angles. Presented in good coat and in fit condition. Covers the ground with ease going around and holds her topline well, just needs to come up on the leg a bit to finish the picture. BP. 2 Eau My Gold VD Corner Brook For Auristela. 3 Berrymeade Kinvara.

J (9,3) This was a tricky class to split as there were a great mixture of shapes, sizes and lengths. 1 Drumkilty Triskele. Well grown b who is quite mature. Really liked her head balanced and expression from her lovely dark eyes. Has a good front assembly with strength and straightness of limb. Shoulder placement allows for a good length of neck leading to a firm topline which she shows off best when free standing. Ribs well spring already for age. Well off for hind angles and in good muscle through the second thigh. Very tidy away and back but could be moved out at a better pace. This b was in a number of classes and just got better and better each time; I’m sure the best of her is yet to come. RBoB. 2 Mossburn Golly Miss Molly. I liked this young b a lot but she has some growing on and filling in to do as she is quite raw at present. Lots of similar comments to the winner really, albeit in a very different frame. Better feet that 1 however the winner was just a bit more mature in development at present. One for the future! 3 Bermary Captain Hastings.

G (10, 4) 1 Drumkilty Triskele. 2 Bermary Captain Hastings. Much more settled in this class, having been a good 3rd in the last class. Larger and rangier sort with good length of leg and useful angles fore and aft. Holds his topline well standing and moving and has a well set on tail. Low hocks were used to advantage going away. 3 Ohanagold Apollo.

PG (9,3) 1 Mossburn Galloping Major. Really like this young d, appeals to me for overall type and moderation all through. Understandly a bit immature as he’s still a youngster, but everything is definitely in the right place. Lovely head, eye, and ears. Strong neck rising from his well laid shoulder and a correct length of upper arm. He is well ribbed back and strong in his loin making for a firm topline both standing and moving. He is correct in his moderate hind angles which produce a balanced picture standing, and a balanced action on the move. With maturity will be even better. BoB. 2 Drumkilty Triskele. 3 Bermary Captain Hastings.

ML (8,3) 1 Mossburn Galloping Major. 2 Drumkilty Triskele. 3 Putjade Peaky Blinder at Lovissa. More mature than the first two in this class, however not so good in front and rather loaded over the shoulder which sadly spoiled his front action.

L (2,1) 1 Drumkilty Triskele.

O (5,4) 1 Drumkilty Triskele.


What a great set of NSC classes with some really excellent dogs in them.

P (12, 4) 1 Oakberrow M’Lady Gin. Tidy and well made HWV, well grown but presenting an imposing outline. Really liked her head and expression which is already well furnished. Balanced all through and strong in topline, she was presented in really fit hard condition. Moved around so well with a ground covering economical length of stride. BP. 2 Elgert Into The Unknown. Really sweet baby Field just fresh out the box. Lovely shape and outline with balanced and moderation all through. Very impressive on the move for her age too, lots to like! 3 Tollelkin Dream Dancer.

J (11,4) 1 Oakberrow M’Lady Gin. 2 Lizallwood Mr Bojangles. Really liked this CCR, well grown and in rock hard condition. Stood up presents a very typical outline with some balance, and a good topline. Liked his head balance and expression. Moved out tidily behind but tended to be a shade wide coming towards. 3 Desjiem Dujardin.

G (7,2) 1 Oakberrow M’Lady Gin. 2 Tollekin Dream Dancer. Neat little NSDTR with feminine outlook. Liked her head and overall moderation and balance all through. Needs time to mature, obviously, and will improve with age. Presented in really good order. Tended to pace now and again on the move which she doesn’t want to get into the habit of, but when settled moved out with accuracy and economy. 3 Tollekin Dream Harbour.

PG (4,2) 1 All About Star Sigi Tolo For Gameglow, Lagotto. Lovely shape and balance in this youngsters outline, really appealed for balance of leg and body length. At her best on the move where she produces a lovely length of stride and has accuracy of footfall away and back. Had a tendency to be a bit tense through her topline stood up, so needs a bit more encouragement on the stack. RBNSC. 2 Inostricani Fianna. What a cheeky young lady! Very full of herself and not showing to her advantage today – quite a challenge for her handler, that’s for sure! Liked her head and overall condition, in good coat too. Needs work to show to her best.

L (6,3) 1 Oakmarsh Freedom. This cheeky Chessie has such an outgoing attitude and positive outlook on life! Liked her feminine head which had balanced and strength. Great ribbing and strong loin. She is presented in such rock hard condition, this really showed in her accuracy of movement away and back. Handler just needs to slow down as this improves her footfall tremendously. 2 Tollelkin Caife Americano. Taller and rangier sort of NSDTR but has many things to like. Liked his expression, length of neck, and lay of shoulder. Strong in topline and loins. Stands in excellent feet and holds himself together well going around. 3 Indriel Eowyn.

O (8, 3) What a great class, quite a challenge to sort out as there were a lot of good ones but some weren’t performing to advantage. 1 Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby. Upstanding IWS with a really imposing outline, he really stood out here. Smart headpiece of balance and has strength in muzzle. Really lovely go over, he is so well balanced, strong, sound, and correct throughout. Shrouded in a beautiful coat, he is presented in absolutely first class order. When he moves out, has absolute accuracy of footfall, and drives strongly from low hocks. Holds himself together so nicely going around he couldn’t be denied BNSC. 2 Sh Ch Oakberrow Let The Fun Be Gin. What a smasher, this HWV is – great type and so well made all through. Lovely head of balance with superb expression and furnishings. Lovely movement going around. 3 Eald Village Scandal.

AV Imported Breed Register

P (1) 1 S’Willa Des Hauts De Rouillac at Cairparavel. Baby Braque with lots of maturing to do but has a decent frame and tidy outline. Well developed head but a shade deep in flew. Stands and moves with a lovely topline, and is very well muscled for age. A tad wide coming towards but this will hopefully improve with age.

O (5,2) 1 Achouffe Philanderer. What a grand dog this is, and so lovely to go over. Superb balanced head of length, with correct eye and a big nose. Excellent forehand assembly with a great length and lay of shoulder. He’s well ribbed back giving him strength in topline. Balanced in his hind angles, with low hocks and strength in his joints. Stands four square at all times. He is presented in the fittest, hardest condition, which makes going over him such a joy and many would do well to learn from this lesson in presentation in that regard. Footfall is accurate away and back and he uses every inch of himself on the move going around. His attitude is confident and outgoing, which gives him an endearing air of arrogance which is difficult to go past. BestNSC. 2 Ir Sh Ch Perdizcyo Beatriz with Teisgol. What a smashing PP of soundness, type, and balance all through. Loved her head, construction fore and aft, topline, and general correct moderation all through. Very close up to the winner indeed. Sound and tidy away and back and produces an economical length of stride going around. RBNSC. 3 Nantiderri Dancing Daisy to Baikel.

AV Gundog

V (16,4). Superb class of quality veteran gundogs, most of whom were presented in first class order and are a credit to the longevity of their breeds. 1 Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire at Tollisty. Smashing NSDTR brim full of quality and type. Grand head and expression. Correct front with straight limbs and neat feet. Excellent spring and length of rib. Has a well set on tail, used to advantage, and powerful quarters with low hocks to enable a sound driving action behind. Very tidy in his movement indeed. A worthy winner of this good class. 2 Sh Ch Inostricani Fiorella. Top quality Spinone, another who is aging well with lots to like and yet another presented in great order. Liked her head balance and shape, and overall construction fore and aft. Very sound coming towards, with quality bone and standing on great feet. 3 Jayzander Hermes with Crimicar.

Gundog Group

1 The awesome Slovakian Roughaired Pointer from the import classes, who never put a foot wrong so could not be denied. 2 Bochilbarley Blue Moon, FCR. Tidy sort of a d, not the biggest but with appealing outline and great showmanship. Moved away and back so tidily, and really held his outline well whilst driving around the ring. Very nicely handled and presented. 3 The ultra typical IWS from NSC. 4 The very typical and bustling cocker, Snowgate Onyer Bike to Scapafield. Quality young red d with lots of breed characteristics. Smashing outline, compact, neat, and tidy all through. Moved out with a real gassy energy and great tail action.

Gundog Puppy Group

1 The beautiful English Setter Goldbirch Hearts Desire whom I thought was simply smashing. Presented a neat, clean, typical outline stood up, and doesn’t disappoint on the move. Lovely head and expression. Well angled fore and aft, and has straightness of bone and strength in joints. Moved away and back with a tidy action and covered plenty of ground going around. A star of the future! Into 2 went the feminine and tidy Irish Setter, Glennara Cherry Cola who had also been a deserving BoB earlier in the day. Head is coming along nicely, and her racy outline really appeals. Very exuberant on the move, I was won over by hear endearing attitude and personality! 3 A very smart masculine WSS, Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway. Great outline and very typical, he has some maturing and tidying up to do on the move, but his overall look and balance claimed him this place in good company. 4 Esqueen Following Start at Babtonkelpie. A smart young cocker b who really appealed on the move. Handler needs to work on stacking her as tends to bunch her up and tuck her in, however she is better made than this which showed in her movement going around.

David R. Alcorn (Judge).