• Show Date: 27/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dave Mckimm Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

Cheltenham and District Canine Society

Open Show

27th February 2022



My thanks to the society for the invitation to judge at this very busy and well organised show and my thanks to my 2 Stewards Sophie and Jane for keeping the ring running well. As always my sincere gratitude to the exhibitors for their entries and the sporting manner in which my decisions were accepted.

Mouths were all generally ok so will not be mentioned further, the most notable point for me was a lack of fitness and some exhibits carrying too much weight which did have a bearing on places on the day and one point that as owners in most cases we can all have an input in. I was pleased to see my BPIB go on to gain a 4th place in the Terrier Puppy Group so well done.

Puppy Dog/Bitch 7 (3)

1st Goldwyn First Edition to Jayalix (Day and Thomas Messrs J, J & Miss A) 19.04.21 BPIB also gaining TPG4

Red dog with White Flash on Chest and dark muzzle of just over 10 months old and well balanced. Head of great strength for age , tidy ears that he used to advantage . Well placed eyes that are dark enough in relation to coat colour with good skull to muzzle proportions, good amount of underjaw and clean enough in the lip. He has plenty of bone with a clean front of decent width, showing enough brisket and well-padded feet. Correct shoulder placement, plenty of rib and correctly coupled with well developing rear quarters. Presented in superb condition for his age. Moved well maintaining his topline and looked the picture from all angles. He was very much a Stafford that knew his job, on his toes throughout, keen and alert with eyes on me at every moment. I will watch this one as he matures further, thank you for bringing him

2nd Alport Dark Queen (Thompson Mrs V) 13.07.21

Black Brindle Bitch of just over 7 months giving away lots on maturity to the class winner. Very pretty feminine clean head with good strength for age, well defined stop and correct muzzle to skull proportions, clean in the lip and a good underjaw. Well placed dark eyes and neat ears creating a beautiful expression. She has a good amount of bone and good width to front coming along nicely, ok for rib at this stage .. Front and rear angulations ok, correctly coupled she moved well enough and handled well. I would have liked to have seen her a touch lighter to enhance her profile but always a balancing act at this age to ease them into the years ahead and sure as she matures, and as her exercise levels increase everything is going to tighten up accordingly.

Junior Dog/Bitch 3 (1)

1st Dazmarnic Can’t Explain (Dugdale Miss S) 12.09.20 RBOB

Red dog with white patch on chest of 17 months. Well defined head with a short distinct stop, good muzzle to skull proportions and plenty of underjaw all enhanced by a beautiful dark mask. Plenty of bone and enough width to front. Good reach of neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders and a good depth to Brisket. He has plenty of rib and correctly coupled with good front and rear angulation. Topline was good stacked and on the move. Looks good from both front and in profile. Moved and handled well. A little unsettled to start but gained his confidence as the class progressed. Presented in very fit condition his coat fitting him tightly and very much keen to please his handler with his focus on her throughout the class and challenge.

2nd Stapphire Yelia Cover Girl Of Changamire (Pieterse Ms T L) 15.09.20

Red and White Bitch of 17months. Lovely feminine head of good proportions with well-placed dark eyes, very clean in lip and a good underjaw creating a very pleasing expression. Plenty of bone for her size with good width to front, correct length of neck with good shoulder placement adequate rib and good rear angulation. She moved very well with confidence and handled well. This was notably one of the fittest exhibits on the day and imagine she is one constantly on the go and an easy one to keep in the good shape she was presented in today, overall, I just preferred the balance of the 1st place. On assessment and discussion with the handler it was noted she was a little unsure of males after being unsettled previously so a little time and patience we did get there and I was rewarded twice with a bath of approval for my troubles so hopefully she can take this experience as a positive one and move forward, the experience of the ring isn’t just about places on the day.

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch 2 (0)

1st Assilio Shooting Star (Logan Miss J) 29.06.19

Red bitch with small white patch on chest of over 2 years. Strong head, well used ears that are tidy enough and eyes dark enough for coat presented in superb condition and with a beautiful alert expression, though for me for me I would prefer a touch longer muzzle. She has enough bone for size with a good front of enough width a good length of neck leading into correct shoulders and ample rib for her frame. Her fitness level can be really appreciated in profile showing good balance though slighter in frame than many of the exhibits. She went well with a good topline both stacked and on the move, probably one of the best movers on the day. She made light work of the class in tune with her handler and just getting the job done, another keen to please and observe throughout, her eyes following me around the ring.

2nd Tillcarr Fire Dynamic at Warriorstaff (Summers Mr C and Mrs) 12.05.20

Dark Brindle tidy strong young dog of 17 months. Typical well defined head and good length to muzzle with well-placed dark enough eyes, clean in lip and a decent underjaw with tidy enough well used ears to create an overall pleasing expression . Front ok when correctly stacked and well off for bone. He was well off for rib with good shoulder placement and good rear angulation. Moved out and back ok holding a level topline. He was very unsettled in class but with a little patience was able to be assessed correctly. I just felt that on the day he was carrying a little too much weight but that’s something can be fixed and make him more competitive along with a bit more ringcraft or continued entries to CS shows as a good training ground to settle him down.

Open Dog/Bitch 2(0)

1st Dilirystaff Spirit Of Love (Heron Miss D) 23.01.19 BOB

Brindle Bitch of 3 years with a white bib and the most endearing of expressions. Well defined and not everdone head with strength but undeniably feminine and notably dark well placed eyes, good length to muzzle and good underjaw. She has a good length of neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders and with a good forechest and good depth to brisket when viewed in profile. Clean front of good width and enough bone. Adequate rib and correctly coupled with good rear angulation and a good level topline which she held on the move. Once handler got her pace correct, she moved effortlessly. Overall, a very clean well balanced standard bitch that was presented in lovely condition in her tight fitting coat. She thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring with her tail wagging constantly and on her toes throughout, a picture of happiness and alert through class and a pleasure to judge, very pleased to award her BOB. I stayed for Group and she did everything asked of her but unfortunately no place for her today. Well done and thankyou for bringing her and all the very best for her future.

2nd Busters Black Princess At Kalostaff (Mr S & Mrs A Lloyd) 21.05.18

Black brindle standard bitch approaching 4 years. Typical head with good length to muzzle, tidy enough ears which were used well, clean in lip with adequate underjaw and well placed dark eyes. Her front is straight with enough bone and width though her handler would benefit from a little fine tuning on stacking her for best presentation. She has a good reach of neck leading into good shoulder placement and showing a good forechest viewed in profile, rear angulation is ok but a little more bend in stifle would be preferred , though some of these points can be exaggerated by not paying great attention when stacking her correctly. She was very alert throughout the class and another great to see enjoying her time in the ring.