• Show Date: 09/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Lancs French Bulldog Club

Special award classes

West Lancs French Bulldog Club


Special award Classes

Many thanks to the excellent West Lancs French Bulldog Club for the invite to judge the SAC at their recent Open show. The show has such a welcoming Committee and a really friendly atmosphere with all winners applauded. I really enjoyed these classes, not a huge entry but some quality dogs nonetheless.

J D/B (6) An excellent class of youngsters topped by a real cracker. 1st Gavana Weather Storm At Vulabops. 10 month old dark brindle bitch of lovely type and size. Excellent head shape, square muzzle with well padded muzzle. Large, dark, expressive eye. Clean, open nostrils. Good ear set, shape and used to advantage. Strong, slightly arched neck. Excellent depth of chest, well bodied and a compact, shapely outline. Moved soundly and with conviction. Beautifully handled and presented. Loved her!

2nd Ruption Knightcott Black Diamond At Violotta. Another 10 month old youngster. Masculine brindle boy. Very good head piece. Good strength all through, but not overdone in any department and has a relatively cobby shape. Still to mature fully and drop into his frame but excels on the move, true out and back and completely sound.

3rd Ruption Knightcott Back In Black.

PG (4) 1st Ruption Knightcott Back To Black. Super headed dog. Strong, shapely skull with muzzle to compliment. Good with of underjaw and tidy mouth. Dark eye. Excellent ear set, size and carriage. Strong neck. Deep chest. A bit long in loin and would prefer slightly more rise over loin but he is very well made all through which was reflected in his sound, positive movement.

2nd Rowndale Fig Roll At Elisberry. Loved this feminine brindle for shape and overall type. Good head, eye and ear set. Clean, open nostils. Could perhaps have a touch more width to under jaw which would balance her head as a whole. Good conformation. Moved very well in all directions and was close-up here. Two very nice Frenchies.

O (2) 1st Ruakuri League Of Nations With Kingrock. A super Frenchie from any angle. Compact, balanced and masculine. Liked him for size and his excellent breed type. Good head, showing desired layback, square, well filled muzzle and correct bite. Large, expressive eye. Good ear shape and set. Strong neck. Excellent depth of chest and well bodied. Typical topline, broad, short loins with firm quarters. Moved very well. A great showman and well presented.

2nd Tytorro Paint It Black With Ruption Knightcott. Feminine brindle. Pleases in head and muzzle. Good eye and ears. Moderate neck. Good body. Mature and looks the part. Well made all through and pleasing to see she has some tail. Moved soundly. Dam of some of the pups here today so good to see she can produce well too.

Darren Clarke (Judge)