• Show Date: 05/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wath, West Melton & District Canine Society

Wath, West Melton & DCS

Saturday, 5th March 2022

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at this well-run show held at Newark Showground. It was a cold one (!), but everyone was in good spirits and I had some lovely dogs to judge and two hard-working stewards who kept everything running smoothly.

Irish Setter

P (0).

PG (1): 1 BOB, Adams’ Harreds Sophie at Danbryeli, well balanced, elegant bitch who appeals in outline with good bone & angles fore & aft. Pretty head with kind eye & lovely pigment. Clean neck, shoulders sloping well back, deep chest, good spring of rib, taut over the loin. Very sweet natured. Moved well but would like to see her go a fraction quicker. Deserved her BOB.

O (1, a).

Cocker Spaniel

Thank you for such a lovely entry of Cockers.

P (3): 1 BP, Brothwell’s Wissant Dear Darlin, blue roan bitch with a lovely outline being level & compact. Pretty head with kind eye, lovely forechest, clean neck into shoulders, good bone & tidy feet, excellent angles fore & aft. Moved well at nearly 9 months & in lovely condition; 2 Randall & Bedford’s Ziennes Cornflower, blue roan bitch, appeals standing & moving, appealing head, good bone, tidy feet, good turn of stifle. Preferred the front assembly of 1; 3 Taylor-Kistner’s Rizi Bizi Lois at Frieljoanipa NAF TAF.

PG (6, 1a): 1 RBOB, Brothwell’s Wissant Uptown Girl, when settled, this blue roan bitch appeals with a compact, tidy outline. She has nice angles fore & aft, lovely forechest, brisket down to elbow, good ribbing & feet. She is full of excitement so when other dogs are standing, she can fidget but you cannot dispute her qualities. Had the edge over her competitors with her muscle tone; 2 Sewell’s Kerriglow Can Can for Quattrozampe, very close decision between 1 & 2. Lovely quality black bitch, pretty head, clean neck into sloping shoulders, well balanced all through with good angles fore & aft, good coat, moved well; 3 Sewell’s Quatrrozampe Chuffed ‘T Bits.

O (7, 2a): 1 BOB & G1, Brothwell & Bayliss’ Wilanorah Ticket To The Moon, blue roan & sire of the BP winner & it shows. Very exuberant & showy which made it quite difficult for his handler at times but his anatomical soundness together with his spirit, makes him hard to ignore. He has a lovely shape, stands out with compact appearance & excellent topline. He is balanced all through. Lovely head & clean neck into shoulders, good bone, lovely feet, correct angles fore & aft, lovely muscle tone throughout which gave him powerful movement from strong rear pasterns. I was delighted to award him G1. He never tired there & was his plucky little self, giving it his all. Well done!; 2 Sewell’s Wintonia Hidden Gem at Quattrozampe, blue roan bitch, pretty head, clean neck & shoulders, good forechest, correct spring of rib, level topline, good bend of stifle. Preferred outline of 1; 3 West’s Sheigra Super Special JW.

Hungarian Vizsla

P (1): 1 BP, BOB & PG3, Bradley’s Highforce All Or Nothing, there’s no disputing this dog’s gender, all male & will take time to mature. He’s raw but you cannot dispute his qualities & has all the makings to mature well. It is on the move he really comes into his own – he has superb driving movement from a well-muscled rear end & covers the ground with ease. On the stack, he is a fidgety puppy & I get the impression he’d much rather be ‘doing’ but it’s the glimpses in-between where you can see his virtues: lovely head properties, tidy feet, correct body length, excellent angulation & lovely sheen to coat.

PG (4, 1a): 1 H All Or Nothing; 2 RBOB, Binkowska’s Omri Ruda Szata (Imp POL), what a really lovely quality bitch. She has good bone & substance & yet retains her femininity. Appeals in outline straight away, has good posture & correct body ratios with a lovely topline. Good depth of brisket, excellent spring of rib, good angulation fore & aft. Little proud of her tail on the move, but once her handler gets to grips with her charge, they should do well; 3 Warren’s Oakswarren Inferno.

O (3, 1a): 1 Bradley’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx, hard to believe this bitch is a veteran as she certainly doesn’t look it. Have done well for her before, clean neck into shoulders, brisket down to elbow, good substance, lovely spring of rib, good rear quarters, lovely condition throughout & is taut over the loin, excellent angulation. Moved co-ordinately; 2 Watson’s Oaskwarren Magic In Mind (AI), has such a lovely outline, with clean topline, brisket down to elbow, on her toes, excellent angulation fore & aft, good muscle tone. Just would like a little more of her.

English Setter

P (1,a)

O (3, 1a): 1, BOB & G2 Bryant’s Silvamoon Storm Trooper for Phenset JW, impressive tri male, upstanding & yet elegant with lovely posture. Appeals both standing & moving, clean neck, handsome headpiece with good depth of flew without being too pendulous. Excellent bone, good depth of brisket, level topline, in good condition with good coat, feels taut throughout & is lovely to go over, moved & handled well. Delighted to award him his G2. Congratulations! 2 RBOB Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW, tri male, similar comments apply. He appeals in outline, standing over his ground but retains elegance, good bone, clean neck into well laid shoulders, excellent topline, good turn of stifle. Preferred the powerful driving movement of 1.

AV Imported Breed Register Gundog

O (2): 1, BP & Best Import, Moore’s Achouffe’s Summer Magic at Cavalmist NAF, Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer puppy bitch, grey roan, very striking in outline, really stands out, everything is there, good bone & substance, brisket down to elbow, well laid shoulders, good ribbing, lovely topline, excellent angles fore & aft. Moves well in side profile, just needs to strengthen through the rear pasterns; 2 Sladden’s Khyannes Triton at Canemamans (Imp HUN), Braque D’Auvergne, robust looking male rising 4 years, well off for bone, appealing head with lovely dark eye, clean neck into shoulders, ribs extending well back, well-muscled throughout with well-developed thighs. Well handled.

AVNSC Gundog

What a lovely class of promising youngsters. Real quality.

P (8, 2a): 1 BP, PG1 & RBPIS, Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway, what a stunning Welsh Springer. I noticed him straight away such is his quality. Appeals both standing & moving with correct body proportions & balance. Lovely head with slightly domed skull, dark eye with a mischievous glint, excellent bone quality, clean neck, good depth of chest, tight round feet, good spring of rib, everything flows, & he has lovely muscle tone. He moves with such ease from powerful quarters. He’s just one of those dogs that will just stand naturally and look good because he is so well made. Lovely sheen to his coat too. Pure class. Delighted to award him the Puppy Group. He also went Reserve Best Puppy in Show; 2 Sladden’s Valcor The Confessor at Canemamans, strong, upstanding orange roan male Bracco Italiano, raw, but has all the makings to mature well. Appeals in outline, noble head, with correct proportions & correct length of ear, brisket down to elbow, well laid shoulders, correct topline & underline. Moved well, just needs to strengthen through the rear pasterns. Scored over a beautiful 6-month old o/w Pointer dog in 3 Adams’ Millpoint Secret Encounter at Fisherbloom NAF TAF.

J (7, 2a): 1 M Matador with B; 2 Sladden’s Bushwacker Dangerous Dave at Canemamans, orange roan Bracco Italiano who appeals in profile movement with scopey gait. Lovely head with excellent chiselling under the eyes & noble appearance, correct length of ear, strong oval bone, well laid shoulders, good bend of stifle, well-muscled quarters. Wasn’t co-operative standing today - I am sure he would show better on grass on a cool summer’s day; 3 Quinn’s Kentwone Cloudberry, German Wirehaired Pointer.

PG (5, 2a): 1 Watts’ Oakmarsh Freedom, lovely brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever bitch, looks very capable of doing a day’s work. Intelligent expression, strong yet feminine with good bone, good depth of chest, brisket down to elbow, good coat, good spring of rib, excellent angulation fore & aft, well-muscled, moved well & very attentive to handler; 2 B Dangerous Dave at C; 3 Searles’ Adormidera Apache Rose at Cravessa, Spanish Water Dog.

A top trio of dogs. O (5, 1a): 1, BAVNSC & G3, Sladden’s Ebano Dell’OlTresavio at Canemamans (Imp ITA), chestnut Bracco Italiano male. Smaller than his kennel mate but within the correct size specifications & has good bone denoting his sex & strength. Appeals both standing & moving with a lovely scopey side gait. Lovely head in profile with correct planes, good oval bone, brisket down to elbow, good spring of rib, well-muscled quarters with good turn of stifle. He is very together & puts in a good performance. Eye-catching & deserving of his Group 3. Congratulations! 2 Lewin’s Rodsdream First Choice for Vynesbrook, black Flat Coated Retriever male, looks lovely standing & moving & has a beautiful sheen to his coat. Handsome head piece, excellent tight feet, good bone & depth of brisket, well-muscled quarters, good bend of stifle, moved well from strong rear pasterns; 3 Watts’ Sh Ch Oakmarsh Chestnut, Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

AV Gundog

(10): 1 Sh Ch V Vivmany by H JW ShCM ShCEx; 2 Watts’ Oakmarsh Acorn JW, brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever, I couldn’t quite believe this bitch is nearly 12 years old! In amazing condition, with no visible signs of ageing. Pretty head, brisket down to elbow, excellent ribbing, well-muscled & taut throughout, correct angulation fore & aft. Moved well; 3 Fawcett’s Jayzander Let’s Tan Again, Cocker Spaniel.

Gundog Group

G1 Cocker Spaniel, Brothwell & Bayliss’ Wilanorah Ticket To The Moon

G2 English Setter, Bryant’s Silvamoon Storm Trooper for Phenset JW

G3 Bracco Italiano, Ebano Dell’OlTresavio at Canemamans (Imp ITA)

G4 Golden Retriever, Smith’s Thornywait Iluminati at Goldmarker, made his presence felt & couldn’t be overlooked. Lovely & balanced throughout, appeals in outline with a level topline, good bone, feet, & ribbing. Moved with good drive.

Puppy Gundog Group

PG1 & RBPIS Welsh Springer Spaniel, Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway

PG2 Weimaraner, Pilatova’s Sabsky Svratka, lovely quality bitch with excellent bone & substance as well as correct height to length body ratios, brisket down to elbow, good spring of rib, good topline, excellent angles fore & aft. Really drives from her rear – can see her pads.

PG3 Hungarian Vizsla, Bradley’s Highforce All Or Nothing.

PG4 German Shorthaired Pointer, Nixon’s Quintana Lunar Eclipse, l/w ticked bitch of 10 months, a little poppet, really has a lovely outline when standing, in lovely condition, shows on her toes with tight feet, moved well.