• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Whitehaven & District Canine Association


Terrier Group 

1 Stuart Kaszavolgyl Furge Lucky (Imp Hun) Jack Russell Terrier.

The star of the day he is a good size ideal head with dark eye, good skull & ear shape, good bite, strong neck into good shoulders firm topline strong hindquarters, good tailset very sound on the move to win a good group.

2 Barrett Howthwaite Gay Dusky Border Terrier.

Very smart bitch of good type good otter head & dark eye correct good sicssor bite, strong neck good span of ribs, harsh coat, good topline, good legs & feet moved well 

3 Johnston Eskwyre Showdown At Oregill Wire Fox Terrier 3 years dog with good head & skull shape, dark eye, thick harsh coat, neck of moderate length, ribs well back was put down well & sound on the move .

4 Fray Woodfud Winters Dream Dandie Dinmont Terrier Just a year old good through the head skull broad narrowing towards eye, strong scissor bite, muscular neck into good shoulders strong bone on good legs well angulated front & rear in a good jacket she moved true for & aft. 

Puppy Terrier Group 

1 Stuart, Altajara Rebel (Imp ESP) Jack Russell Terrier Just 6 months, lovely shape head with flat skull, strong muzzle nose & lips tight fitting, lovely eyes colour, jaw strong with perfect scissor bite, level back with a slight arch loin, strong in loin he has a strong harsh coat good bone, very sound on the move RBPIS. 

2 McNally Conekesheved Too Shy. Bedlington Terrier 9 months old feminine head with soft expression good scissor bite, neck flowed into good topline which she kept on the move, lovely front assembly and good legs and feet, well presented.

3 Roe Dezrez Illusion Welsh Terrier 8 months dog, pleasing head moderate width between the ears, dark eyes good v shaped ears, neck moderate length, strong harsh coat, small like cat like feet, good in hindquarter with hocks well bent, moved well

4 Roulston Kentwone Boston At Ivyjewel Wire Fox Terrier 11months pleasing head with that lovely intelligent expression, good dentition, neck muscular of good length, strong bone on good legs & sound mover. 

Lakeland Terrier. 

Open 1

1 Johnston Oregill Blackjack BOB 4 years dog with a lovely head and eye, ears carried well, flat skull, back of moderate length which is well coupled, lovely legs and feet, good coat which was presented in good order, steady mover

Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Special Yearling 2

1 Rudge Lustbull Golden Girl at Taffbullola, 

Lovely make and shape all through, pleasing head broad skull, short foreface, strong scissor bite, strong muscular body, short neck into good shoulders, strong bone, well made hindquarter, moved soundly

2 Cychol Brave Spirit Hurricane Nadia, 

13 months bitch feminine head, dark eye and good ears set strong neck & good shoulder deep ribs, just thought she was carrying a tad too much weight which just spoilt her outline.

Post Graduate 2 

1 Rudge Lustbull Golden Girl at Taffbullola 

2 Cychol Brave Spirit Hurricane Nadia, 

Open 2

1 Briant & Nicholson , Ballindona Roger The Dodger JW BOB lovely type a string 3 year old dog but not over done, lovely head shape dark expressive eyes, strong scissor bite, muscular neck in firm topline and well placed shoulders, legs straight & well boned to good feet, body strong muscular & well coupled, firm topline, deep ribs, strong hindquarter sound on the move. 

2 Cychol Brave Spirit Hurricane Nadia.

Jack Russell Terrier 

Special Yearling 1

1 Stuart Alajara Rebel (Imp ESP) BP PG1. RBPIS, 

Post Graduate 1 

1 Stuart Horadada Robin (Imp ESP) 2 years lovely head shape, dark expressive eyes, good scissor bite p, strong harsh coat, good ribs & strong in quarters, tail well set, good legs & feet he moved well fore and aft, 

All lovely dogs was lovey to judge them all thank you for bringing them 

Open 1

1 Stuart Kaszavolgyl Furge Lucky (Imp HUN) BOB G1. 

Welsh Terrier 

Open 3 

1 Ashton Kitesprite Myrlyns Magic good head, flat skull, strong jaws powerful & clean with good scissor bite, black nose, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, strong bone on good legs & neat feet, hard wiry close to body, strong quarters, sound mover. 

2 Roe Dezrez Prodigal Son 

3 Roe Dezrez Illusion BP PG3

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Post Graduate 1 

1 Lui Eblanahalls Gold Limerence feminine head with good expression lovely v shaped ears lips tight, good strong teeth & bite, strong neck good front assembly with shoulders well laid back, deep brisket good coat & outline, moved well.

Open 2 

1 Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW 4 years feminine head lovely eye shape with soft expression, lips tight & black, jaw strong with good scissor bite, good topline, shown in good coat and condition, strong hindquarters, very sound mover. 

2 Lui Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls SHCM SHCEx VW RBVet 9 years young, lovely head shape, good dentition, lovely legs & feet, deep brisket, strong loin, good tail set & quarters nice mover. 

Wire Fox Terrier 

Open 1

1 Johnston Eskwyre Showdown at Oregill G3

2 Roulston Kentwone Boston at Ivy Jewel PG4 

Cairn Terrier 

Open 2

1 Lamb & Satlmarsh Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon SH CM BV in Group 8 years strong but not over done, lovely type, pleasing head small but in proportion, good width between dark hazel eyes, body well developed with firm topline, hindquarters strong with muscular thighs, good tail action on the move 

2 Lamb & Satmarsh Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon OSW SHCEx SHCM feminine head with lovely eye colour and expression, ears set well, neck muscular to good topline & tail, coat in good order, moved well. 

Dandie Dinmont Terrier 

Open 2 

1 Fray Woodfud Winters Dream G4

2 Wilson Morawelon Cader Idris at Woodfud lovely head with soft expression from lovely eye shape and colour with good silky furnishings,good length of ears set low on skull, neck well developed & strong very muscular, shoulders well laid back, deep brisket, long strong body p, good arch over the loin, moved well fore and aft.

AVNSC Terrier 


1 McNally Conekesheved Too Shy Bedlington BP BNSC PG2 

Veteran 6 

1 Lamb & Satlmarsh Dark Charmer For Macmoon SHCM 

2 Lui Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls SHCM SHCEx VW 

3 Rostron Keeank Withy Song 

Gordon Setter 

Open 1

1 Abba Hernwood Summer Lovin Pleasing dog appealing head of good shape, dark expressive eyes, strong neck of good length leading into good shoulder placement, deep brisket, strong bone on good legs & feet, firm topline, strong quarters, sound mover.


German Wirehaired Pointer 

Post Graduate 2 

1 O'BRIEN Luchanalilly Cute Coral of Caldewriver BOB feminine head with lovely expression, good scissor bite, well boned limbs & good feet, firm in body & topline, lovely coat texture more positive on the move that 2 which won him BOB 

2 Geary Germanus Stands Out a Mile BP PG2

Lovely type, maturing nicely and should have a good future, shapely head good eye colour and expression, strong bone, deep brisket strong loin good wire coat with good quarters & nice tail set, movement not as positive as one at the moment.

Open 1 

1 Geary Germanus Go Dutch good head shape with pleasing expression, ears well set, strong neck into good shoulders, good length of body, clean outline, strong hindquarters, lovely coat texture, moved ok.

Hungarian Vizsla

Post Graduate 1 

1 McDonald Pawprint illuzio For Donrie (Imp HUN) BP 10 months bitch feminine head eye still to darken, good scissor bite, ribs & body developing nicely, good length of back, good in hindquarter with nice tail set moved ok 

Open 3 

1 McDonald Quiet Flows The Don (A1) 2 years pleasing head & eye with soft expression, well developed nostrils, strong bone on good legs & neat feet, deep ribs, thighs well developed & hock well let down moved well 

2 Legg & Scott & Watson Oakswarron Pure Magic (A1) Good overall Balance presenting good shape like her head well viewed from the side good under the eye and square muzzle clean neck into well laid shoulders, good ribcage & topline strong quarters just needs a bit more confidence.

3 McDonald Donuries Storm   

Tony Stewart Memorial AV Puppy Stakes 42 (24abs) 

1 Stuart Altajara Rebel (Imp ESP) Jack Russell Terrier, 

2 Maskell&Rayner&Maskell. E jäger Harmony. With Brownbank Weimaraner 

3 Stafford Rannerdale Queen Of The Dark Shetland Sheepdog 

4 Graham Don's As Bold As Brass With Nyliram (Imp SWE) Welsh Springer 

Judge Colin Woodward