• Show Date: 30/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Okehampton & District Canine Society

Chow Chow Open 3 (2)

1 Evan/Coleman Bon Triumph Diadem At Abaluki BoB well balanced head with soft expression flat skull & well filled under the eyes strong teeth & jaw, square in outline well made bitch showing & moving well excellent temperament sound all through.

Tibetan Spaniel All were beautifully presented. 

Post Graduate 4

1 Hirstwood Quintrelle I Believe RBOB,RG2. 

Lovely feminine head with lovely eye colour & soft expression, arched neck into good topline cobby in body, good forehand & ribs, well boned limbs & good rear angulation, moved with purpose with reach & drive 

2 Bevis Skyvana Free Spirit Of Starlance BP, PG4.

Wow what a lovely quality puppy of 10 months, well balanced overall, pleasing head & expression, clean outline, shown in beautiful in coat and condition, sound mover should have a good future.

3 Rice Parloueve Back To Black 

Limit 4 (1 ) lovely class 

1 Hirstwood Quintrelle I Am I Said upstanding dog, shapely head, dark expressive eyes, shoulders well angulated, mature well balanced body & clean outline, quarters well developed, easy on the eye, sound happy mover.

2 Rice Ricox All About Love JW Anther quality exhibit who was close up to one, lovely head & eye soft expression & good mouth, good neck & shoulder placement, shown in lovely coat & condition, good tail set, movement was sound.

3 Conibere Chenrezi My Girl 

Open 3 (1 )  

1 Bevis Skyana Empty Dreams Of Starlance, BOB 

super head with lovely eye colour & expression, good dentition, ear set well, arched neck in to correct topline, good forehand, deep ribs, ample bone on good feet, well angulated quarters, shown in super coat & condition good, moved well fore & after keeping a lovely profile shape.

2 Hirstwood Quintrelle Colour Me Happy SHCM, 

close up to one, another well balanced quality dog of good type with lovely make & shape, pleased in head & expression, arched neck leading in to good shoulders & correct topline well set tail, sound action


Puppy 2

1 Edens Steyndal Diamond White At Dalens BOB BP G3 PG1 

Lovely bitch to go over good type, well balanced all through super head proportions, well arced neck into good shoulders topline & tailset, body developing well, good loin, well off for bone & good feet, strong hindquarters, sound on the move.

2 Davies Maddidall's Causing A Storm,

Not as forward as one at the moment but we’ll put together, good head shape & eye colour, ok for bone, clean outline, not as positive as 1 on the move. 

Post Graduate 3

1 England/Edens,Dalens Queen Of The Sea At Silverspot feminine head, flat skull, good muzzle & strong jaw, good scissor, arched neck of good length leading to good shoulder placement, deep brisket, good legs & feet, shown in good condition moved well.

2 Wallington Dallyador Secret Passion For Rovinjdal JW 4years bitch with a pleasing head & eye, correct scissor bite, good depth of chest, strong in loin, tail set well, strong quarters moved well 3 Davis Maddidall River Song

Open 3 quality class. 

1 Edens Dalens A Spot Of Trouble JW SHCM SHCEx RBOB lovely head piece with dark eyes & soft expression, good forehand deep brisket good bone, clean outline, lovely nice legs & feet, shown in good condition moved well.

2 England Dalens Bethany Char At Silverspot,

Litter sister to one and similar remarks apply, a lovely type with good head, arched neck into good shoulders deep brisket good legs & feet, strong hindquarter good mover 3 Wallington Rovinjdal Dare To Dream SHCM

 Japanese Spitz 

Post Graduate 1 

1 Edens Snowshoe Hex Girl At Dalens RBOB BP PG3 super puppy, slightly rounded feminine head with moderate broad skull, good bone & neat feet pure white coat shown in excellent condition, firm in topline and well developed body, hindquarters well mad, very sound on the move 

Open 1 

1 Smith Snowshoes Belle Of The Ball BoB G2 

another super quality bitch full of breed type I just fell in love with her , pure white coat in pristine condition, smart bitch who just commands attention, feminine head with a soft expression good clean teeth, excellent neck & good shoulders flowing into correct topline & clean outline, well sprung ribs & good depth of chest, moved well with purpose expertly handled

Miniature Schnauzer Open 2 

1 Woods Penbro Got You Talking BOB G1 BIS 

smart super quality bitch, lovely head shape, dark eye with soft expression, clean long neck into good shoulders, good legs & feet, deep ribs, strong harsh coat pepper & salt, firm topline & clean in outline with good tail set, strong hindquarter, lovely size & very sound on the move good to see her go BIS.

2 Woods Penbro Back To Black RBOB black bitch with a lovely head & soft expression, well made strong neck into good front angulation, deep brisket, ample bone, clean outline, strong harsh coat, moved soundly.


Puppy 1 

1 Baily Highbend Epic Energy BP PG2 7 months dog clean balanced head with good eye shape & pleasing expression, good front assembly, strong bone on good legs & neat feet, clean outline & firm topline, strong hindquarter, he moved with purpose

Junior 2 

1 Dawe Winuwuk Wannaba At Kaosmake 

Nicely made bitch head is clean & balanced with a lovey eye & soft expression, good muzzle, strong neck into well placed shoulders, well boned limbs & lovely tight feet, good in outline topline & tailset, strong quarters sound mover 2 Cowell Astralune Final Score NAF Not as forward as one at present, but has a pleasing head and eye, good rise of skull, balanced body & square outline, needing to strengthen in her hindquarters

Graduate 2 

1 Burnett Sushe Too Cool To Fool 

Well grown masculine lad with a balanced head shape clean eyes & good skull, long strong neck into good shoulders, deep ribs & brisket, good bone & feet, clean outline, good tail set, good strong movement 2 Baily Boxken Roller Coaster At Highbend another masculine dog with good head shape expressive eyes, clean arched neck into good shoulders & deep brisket, shown in good coat & condition, strong hindquarters movement was good.

Open 3 

1 Richard Markinshel Pombear At Dajoxx BOB G3. 

 balanced throughout, clean head with good eye shape and colour muscular neck to good shoulders and topline, lovely bone on neat feet, strong topline, strong muscular hindquarters which he used well to move powerfully around the ring with good tailset, lovely to see him go G3.

2 Burnett / Kelly Lahaina Sushestime With Casemate JW SHCM RBOB lovely head, dark eyes good length of neck, deep bristket, strong bone on good legs & feet, he was well constructed throughout Strong topline, well made quarters, very sound on the move 3 Dawe/Bond Ewnybox The Cornish Issue

Leonberger Open 1 

1 Smith Dacfolke Odina BOB. 6 years bitch shown in dally good coat & condition, lovely head properties well padded cheeks & dark eyes & good scissor bite, straight well boned front limbs, good bone & strong pasterns, lovely topline, well angulated front & rear, strong quarters, well furnished straight tail she covering the ground well on the move

Bernese Mountain Dog Open 2 

1 Akehurst Kernow Lovng Pledge BOB strong dog of 4 years, good head with dark expressive eyes, good pigmentation, strong neck leading into well made shoulders and firm topline, deep brisket, lovely strong bone, mature body, muscular hindquarters, movement was steady and true

2 Paterson Amme'S Loving Pledge RBOB.    

Pleasing head dark eye, strong bone, firm topline, well ribbed body, good condition, not as positive on the move as one.

 Judge Colin Woodward