• Show Date: 20/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Goodswen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

St Helens & District Canine Society

St Helens and District Canine Society

Open show, Sunday 20th February 2022.

Sutton Leisure centre, St Helens, Merseyside.

Dalmatian Critiques.

Judge: Mr Colin Goodswen (Alphadal)

I would firstly like to thank the committee for the invite to judge at this wonderfully run show. A huge thank you also to my two lovely stewards Dianne and Jan who helped me so much and ran the ring very efficiently. Finally many thanks to all the Exhibitors for entering their beautiful dogs under me, I hope they all enjoyed their day as much as I did. All exhibits had the correct bite and all presented exceptional temperaments.

Puppy D/B (3 entries, 2 absentees)

1st Wallington's Ailsadot Astral Lyra, 10 month old black spotted bitch with lovely dark pigmentation and pretty expression. She was full of beans today, loving every minute, but certainly not phased at all. Lovely feminine head and nice long neck down to well defined withers. Good level top line which she carried well on the move. Nice angulation front and rear with good bend of stifle and tight cat feet. Nice rythmic movement when she settled. Best Puppy in breed.

Junior D/B (5 entries, 2 absentees)

1st Foster's Perdita's Tomorrowland, 12 month old black spotted feminine bitch, shown today in lovely condition. Well balanced with correct angles fwd and aft. Well decorated and overall presents a lovely outline. Very attentive and well handled, she stood out in the ring today and didn't disappoint on the move either, as she powered around the limited space in the ring. Very happy to award my Best of Breed and delighted to see her impress with Utility Group 2.

2nd McAloone's Perditas the Echo Project, 12 month old black spotted male. Another with lovely dark pigment, good length of neck and nice topline to correct tailset. Moderate angles fwd and rear. Nice tight feet. Moved well but could have done with a larger ring to be able to show his true length of stride.

3rd Wallington's Ailsadot Astral Lyra.

Post Graduate D/B (3 entries, 0 absentees)

1st Alcock's Kayjule Amber Lady at Dalspartan, 20 month old liver spotted bitch. Such a lovely feminine expression on this sweet girl. Good length of neck down to well defined withers, nice front and good depth of chest. Moderate angulation fwd and aft giving a balanced outline. She displayed a smooth rythmic action on the move. She closely challenged my BOB today.

2nd Burke's Hafwenna Painted Black, 2.5 year old black spotted male. Nicely decorated with dense 'blue/black' spotting. Very attentive to his handler today, nice angles front and rear, moved well.

3rd Farrell's Kayjule Black Onyx.

Open D/B (3 entries, 2 absentees)

1st Burke's Hafwenna Painted Black.

Boston Terrier Critiques.

Judge: Mr Colin Goodswen (Alphadal)

Puppy D/B (6 entries, 5 absentees)

1st Bumford's Davebos I Feel Love, 8 month old bitch. This friendly and alert girl was up for showing today. Nice and compact, well balanced and very attentive. Lovely square head and skull, short muzzle with correct bite. Good length neck, well set into shoulders. Nice angles throughout. Demanded attention when on the move, Happy to award Best Puppy in Breed.

Junior D/B (3 entries, 3 absentees)

Post Graduate D/B (3 entries, 2 absentees) 

1st Pellowe's Bospeltz Earth Angel. 19 month old bitch. Such a smart young lady. Correct colour and in very good condition. Classic head, skull,and muzzle with a beautiful expression. Nice forechest and perfectly angled fore and aft. Well muscled and good depth of chest. Her movement today was graceful and rythmic. Delighted to award her BOB.

Open D/B (3 entries, 3 absentees)

Japanese Shiba Inu Critiques.

Judge: Mr Colin Goodswen (Alphadal)

Puppy D/B (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st Roskell's Afterglow Kiki, 6 month old red coloured bitch. Well bodied, with great angles fore and aft. Lovely arched neck to well developed, high withers. Nice tail set on high. Slightly bouncy on the move, but when settled, moved perfectly. Delighted to award Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Broadhurst's Hokkaido Lady in Red. 6 month old bitch of slighter build than 1st. Good angles front and rear, lovely temperament with nice steady movement.

Junior D/B (1 entry, 0 absent)

1st Behan's Tiblha She'ra Queen of Shiba, 14 month red bitch, well angled. Very inquisitive, friendly and attentive to her handler, nice steady movement.

Post Graduate D/B (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st Borecka's Tomomichi Go Toraniwa at Camea, 21 month old male in lovely condition today. Nice tight feet with well knuckled toes. Goo well developed forechest and nice long upper thighs to rear. Good tailset. Moved with purpose and drive.

2nd Broadhurst's Yukiyama No Kitsune Tsuki Go at Kintoki (IMP NLD), 2 year old black and tan male of correct length to height ratio. Very keen and alert. Nice straight muzzle, with correct bite. Pleasant profile, well presented. Moved with ease.

3rd Sloane's Indaklu Keltic Druid.

Open D/B (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st Hope-Cliffe & Hope-Ellershaw's Shimaru Escape to the Stars at Galvikki (IMP RUS), 2.5 year old male, perfect height to length ratio, nice forechest and deep chest with good spring of rib. Lovely angles fore and aft. Fantastic condition today and demanded my attention as soon as he entered the ring. Moved with lovely rhythmic action. Very happy to award BOB.