• Show Date: 03/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society

English Setters

Puppy (3,0) 1st Loakes Goldbirch Hearts Desire, super well put together puppy, nothing overdone, moderate all through. Excellent head & expression, balanced angles, super movement for age, BP 2nd Morgans Quensha’s Sky Full Of Stars, 6mth old raw baby, good head, well bodied up, excellent top line, moved well once settled. 3rd Horne Pewterspeare Porter. 

Junior (1,0) Dennis Mariglen Unwrapped, Beautiful head & eye, lean, with good stop, oval shape, moderate neck, well placed shoulders, nice bone, neat feet, well ribbed back, moderate rear, moved well, using well set on tail. 

Post Grad ( 4,0) Loakes Goldbirch Mutiny, this was find of the day, nothing overdone with this bitch, everything flowed from nose to tail, moved so well with purpose, orange bitch, beautiful head with good eye, moderate all through, excellent top line, with lovely driving movement, BOB 2nd Phenset Firestorm, young nearly 2years old, lots to like, he is of good type, nice head, deep brisket, short in loin, balanced dog, good top line, not so positive as 1 behind.

Open (2,0) Bryant , Bryant & Hollis, Silvamoon Storm Trooper for Plenset JW, really pleasing head, lean, oval in skull, correct eye, ears well set on, long neck. Moderate angles, showing fore-chest, deep brisket, balanced rear, moved ok RBOB. 2nd Watts Walshaw BrushStrokes stronger headed dog, moderate body, well ribbed up, not a settled on the move, good feet. 


Puppy (1,0) 1st Stilgoe Glenariff Mojito, super 6mth old puppy, lots to like, super shape, excellent balanced angles, nice head, moved correctly for one so young, positive and straight. 

Junior (7,1) 1st Philo Telnshilling It’s My Party For Salmonmist , just my type of dog, lovely head, kind in expression, stop well defined, long muscular neck, well placed shoulders, deep in brisket, arched loin, balance angles, plenty of curves to this dog , moved so well. RBOB 2nd Collins Collholme Angelique, slighter finer bitch, lots to like, pleasing head, good eye, good neck in to shoulders. Neat feet, moved ok.3rd Ram Jilony Brown  

Post Grad (7,3) 1st Webb Tenshilling The Wanderer, See litter sister to winner of Junior, lots of same remarks, beautiful head, balanced all through, moved well once settled. 2nd Brooksmith Nightgold Pipkin, slighter finer, good head, stop, occiput, long neck, curvy shape, nice angles, moved well. 3rd Oliver Olivesong Kiss Chase.

Open (11,4) What a cracking class, 1st Layton Joneva Born to Thrill, stunning dog, shouts pointer at you from any angle, super head, well set on ears, lovely expression, long neck, well placed shoulder, excellent return, showing fore chest, deep in brisket, arched loin, super rear, with some width, excellent topline & tail set, movement was a joy, happy to taken him home. BOB 2nd Oliver & Stilgoe Teisgol Love Is In The Air, another super dog, slightly strong in skull for me, but pleasing head shaped, balanced, deep brisket, moved well, considered for RBOB


Puppy Dog (5,1) Haines Leighsham Tullamore, most balanced dog in the class, broad in skull with good stop, dark eye, muscular neck, well placed shoulders, short coupled, good rear angles, moved nice, with level top line. BP 2nd Wellington Ambersun With Hearts Of Oak, real baby of the class, pleasing head, balanced, slightly longer in body, moved well on excellent feet. 3rd Ward Mitchel He Who Laughs Last. 

Junior Dog (7,2) 1st Pounds-Longhurst Mossburn Galloping Major, well chiselled head, dark nose, good length to neck, nice laid shoulder, balanced rear angles, deep brisket, short coupled, good movement, nice tail set. 2nd Perkovic Lady Sue DIY (IMP HRV) LIked this dog, appealing head, dark eye, good neck, balanced, well bent stifles, not as settled on move. 3rd Clunie Warrentor Bold As Brass

Yearling Dog ( 8, 3) 1st Pounds-Longhurst Mossburn Galloping Major - Repeat Junior. 2nd Perkovic Lady Sue DIY ( Imp HRV) Repeat Junior. 3rd Riley Wylloh Lost In Translation. 

Post Grad Dog (3,2) 1st Wallington Wynrita School Daze, good head, like more stop, moderate neck, balanced dog, deep in brisket, good 2nd thigh, level top line, moved ok. 

Open ( 4,2) Loverlock Putjade Peaky Blinder At Lovissa, Beautiful head dog, Well chiselled, good stop, correct eye, ears well set on, good length neck, super balanced angles , fore chest, deep brisket, nice bone, cat like feet, moved well, BD & agreement of Co Judge BOB 2nd Collis Merimoor Outlander At Dorwinion, nice headed dog, nice length neck, shoulder ok, short in body, well let down stifles, ok top line. 

Claire Lewis