• Show Date: 01/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

Irish Setters 

Puppy (4,1) 1st Halls Glennara Cherry Cola - 9mth old quality racy bitch, excellent breed type. Beautiful headpiece, brown eyes with unshelled eye shape, good skull, showing brow, lovely arched neck in to well place shoulders, good return, chest deep, well ribbed up, short in loin, hind quarters well bent, short in hock, excellent topline & tail set, stacked & on the move, movement was free & flowing . BOB / BP & PG2. 

2nd Corless Swiftlark Illustrious - An appealing puppy full of breed type, good head shape, dark eyes, reasonable neck, shoulders okay, chest deep, good length of rib, straight legs & matching rear angles, beautiful coat coming, good top line & moved well - just not the reach and drive off one. 3rd Needs Covarney It Takes Time 

Junior (3,2) 1st Corless Swiftlark Invincible - Litter brother to 2nd in puppy, lots of similar comments, naughty puppy, very handsome up standing male. Shoulders okay, well ribbed up short in loin, balance rear angles to front, good top line, move well once settled & not given the handle a hard time enjoying himself!!! 

Graduate (3,2) 1st Corless Swiftlark Illustrious- 2nd in puppy.  

Post Grad (1,1) 

Limit (2,2) 

Open (2,0) 1st Corless Swiftlark First Knight - Appealing in overall shape, good head, nice unshelled almond eyes which nice & dark, showing low set ears, well defined occipital protuberance, reasonable neck, good front angles, deep chest, plenty of lung room , nice small feet, good top line, balance rear angles, moved well in profile & on the up and down. RBOB 

2nd Weir Kerrimere Irresistable - Different in type to 1, oval skull, low ears, arched neck, well laid shoulders, deep in brisket, good turn of stifle , tail set ok, moved ok. 

Claire Lewis