• Show Date: 24/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Elizabeth Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & Fylde Bulldog Club


FRIDAY 24th JUNE 2022


I would firstly like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge this Open Show. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, and my stewards organised the ring exceptionally. I had an entry of 56 dogs with 37 being present on the day. Overall the quality of the exhibits was very good. There were a couple with tighter tails than I would have liked but from a health point of view this breed has improved greatly in overall health, confirmation and soundness. My only disappointment was in the lack of width of jaw in many exhibits.

CLASS 1 - MINOR PUPPY DOG (3,0 absent)

1. Bragger – Prideofbully Magic Mike

7 month old. W/R. Lovely flat skull with dark eyes. Good ears and placement. Nice reach of neck. Lovely front, brisket and neat feet. Good tail and set. Very nice topline. Moved well. BPD.

2. Rodgers – Belushi One In Ten

7 month old. Red. Flat skull but slightly more work than one. Good ears and placement. Correct shoulders leading to well boned forelegs. Good topline, tail and set. Moved well.

CLASS 2 - PUPPY DOG (3, 1 absent)

1. Rodgers – Belushi Singer Man

7 month old. W/R. Flat skull with clear, dark eyes. Dark nose and good nostrils. U-shaped jaw. Good front to neat feet. Good topline and tuck up. Nice tail and set. Moved okay.

2. Allen – Boltonbully Darth Vader

9 month old. R/W. Heavier in head than one. Preferred jaw on one. Very good bone to forelegs. Longer in body than one. Good topline leading to nice tail and set. Moved well.

CLASS 3 - JUNIOR DOG (6, 2 absent)

1. Squires and Fowler – Kadreya Galantis

12 month old. Red. Lovely head with flat skull and thin ears. U-shaped wide jaw. Good brisket and well boned forelegs. Nice topline which was held on the move. Longer length of tail. Moved very well and pushed for top honours. RBD.

2. Briddon – Miristar Rocyn Rebel

14 month old. W/R. Lovely flat skull and correct ears. Clear dark eyes. Very good brisket leading to well boned forelegs. Nice topline, held on the move. Pushed first place hard in this class.

CLASS 4 – POST GRADUATE DOG (4, 2abs, 1W/d)

1. Rodgers – Ruakuri The Protector

2 years old. R/W. One I have liked from ringside. Lovely head with flat skull and good ears. Dark clear eyes. Dark black nose. Good U-shape and width of jaw. Correct shoulders leading to deep brisket and square front. Nice topline and tuck up.

CLASS 5 – LIMIT DOG (5, 1absent)

1. Reynolds – D’Or Wood San Valero at Gratiabull

Very masculine looking. Flat skull with light wrinkle. Neat ears, well placed. Clear, dark, round eyes. Dark nose with good nostrils. Lovely jaw and upsweep. Very good brisket, bone to forelegs and neat tight feet. Good rib. Nice topline, held well on the move. Movement very good both coming and going, walked his width. Handled and presented very well. Delighted to award him BD and BIS.

2. Paul – Blondello Captain Canada

Flat skull with neat ears and clear, round eyes. Good nostrils and placement. Nice brisket, forechest and good bone to forelegs. Moved okay.

CLASS 6 - OPEN DOG (5, 2absent)

1. Bragger – Prideofbully Night Fury.

W/R. Fine wrinkle to head. Nice ears and placement. Good nostrils. Wide jaw. Good brisket and square front. Good tail and set. Moved good and kept topline on move.

2. George – Avaword King George

W/R. Flat skull. Heavier in the head than first. Good jaw. Good brisket and square front. Good tail and set. Moved good, keeping topline on the move.


CLASS 8 - MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3, 0absent)

1. Rodgers – Belushi Silent Witness

This little girl caught my eye the minute she stepped into the ring. 7 month old. Red Brindle and White. Lovely head with fine wrinkle and flat skull. Good stop. Dark nose with good open nostrils. Nice jaw. Shoulders well placed. Forelegs well boned leading to tight feet. Good rib, tuck up and top line. Very good tail and set. Moved really well for a baby. I hope she has a bright future ahead. Delighted to award her BPB and BPIS.

2. Reynolds – La Chata Nieves At Gratiabull NAF TAF

7 month old. White. Quite a cheeky character. Nice head with clear dark eyes. Good nostrils. Moved well.

CLASS 9 – PUPPY BITCH (4, 2absent)

1. Hurton & Ferguson – Dame Ruby

R/W. Flat skull with good clear dark eyes. Nice thin ears. Dark well placed nose. Lovely true U-shape to jaw. Good brisket. Nice topline with good tail. Moved ok, walked her width.

2. Dean – Boltonbully Snow White Bullmarina

White. Flat skull with good eye placement. Had more work in the head than first. Lovely tail and set.

CLASS 10 – JUNIOR BITCH (7, 2absent)

1. Bannister – Andlare Ifs and Buts

14 months. White. Lovely head with flat skull and light wrinkle. Dark eyes. Very good open nostrils. Nice brisket and forechest with good bone to forelegs. Square front. Neat tight feet. Lovely topline held well on the move. RBB.

2. Poulton – Avaword Temptress At Ballesmar

15 months. R/W. Heavier in head than first. Good nostrils. Nice front with plenty of bone and tight feet. Good barrel of rib. Would have preferred more tail. Moved well.


1. Stoneman – Avaword Cherry

R/W. Flat skull with fine wrinkle. Dark eyes. Good nostrils. Very nice brisket, forechest and bone to forelegs. Good tuck up, topline and tail set. Very good on the move.

2. Watkins – Chayo Melody of Life

R/W. Nice head with good open nostrils. Good brisket and bone to forelegs. Good topline, tail and set.

CLASS 12 - LIMIT BITCH (5, 2absent)

1. Watson – Sandars Miss Agnes

21 months. White. Lovely flat skull with correct stop. Thin ears correctly placed. Dark round eyes. Lovely jaw and upsweep. Nice square front with excellent brisket and bone to forelegs leading to tight feet. Correct topline and tuck up. Lovely tail and set. Moved freely around the ring. Delighted to award BB, RBIS and BOS.

2. Bannister – Andlare Skally Wagg

14 months. White & Red Brindle. Flat skull with dark round eyes. Good nostrils. Well off for brisket and bone. Preferred topline of first. Good tail and set. Moved well.

CLASS 13 – OPEN BITCH (4, 2absent)

1. George – Avaword Yoko

R/W. Flat skull with dark eyes. Thin ears well placed. Great open nostrils. Lovely forechest, topline and tuck up. Good barrel of rib. Moved well.

2. Paul – Blondello Captain Marvel

White. Excitable girl. Flat skull. Good jaw and upsweep. Moved very well. Pushed first place hard.