• Show Date: 09/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hampshire Gundog Society


9TH APRIL 2022


MP (4)

1st Kelbadora Dream of Dreams with Toddrosa. Beautifully balanced with good bone and substance. Holds a level topline, good depth and angulation, neat feet. Her head is lovely with expressive dark eyes and good pigment. Shown in good condition and moves positively carrying her gently wagging tail level with her back.

2nd Jasmindene Sea of Stars. Doesn’t have the movement of the winner but nevertheless a quality exhibit. Pleasing head, enough neck, clean in backskull and has a good coat with undercoat.

3rd Jasmindene Sea of Diamonds

P (10)

1st Alibren Aldaniti at Tannadice. BPIB. Presents a balanced picture of strength and power. Excellent angulation with plenty of dog in front. Deep ribs, wide quarters with nothing overdone. I loved his head with its benign expression. Moves on an easy long stride with excellent tail carriage.

2nd K. Dream of Dreams with T.

3rd Tonara Moon Walk

J (5)

1st A. Aldaniti at T.

2nd Seruilia Shining Star. Feminine head and expression with lovely dark eye and pigment. Powerful muzzle with a lovely big nose. Ample reach of neck, good lay back of shoulder, return and length of upper arm. Has depth and plenty of rib. Perfectly balanced with good bone and carries a level topline. In lovely coat and condition. The more she moved the better she got.

3rd Warrentor Second to None

Y (6).

1st S. Shining Star.

2nd Laurenley Jasmine. Balanced and short coupled with wide quarters. Pretty head with kind expression. Didn’t have the hind movement of the winner.

3rd Sunnyoak Silver Sand

UG (7, 1 abs)

1st A. Aldaniti at T.

2nd S. Shining Star.

3rd Mossburn Galloping Major

Grad (10, 1 abs)

1st S. Shining Star.

2nd Rumwood Three times a Lady. Lovely type. Well made with good angles fore and aft. Nice head but preferred depth of muzzle on the winner. Tail well set on, well muscled quarters.

3rd Pandreft Quite a Melody

PG (4)

1st S. Shining Star.

2nd Warrentor Bold as Brass JW. A tad strong in skull for me but what a happy chap he is! He certainly has the temperament of a Goldie. He has plenty of heart and lung toom and carries a gleaming golden coat.

3rd Stradcot Coconut Ice

Limit (6, 1 abs). A good class with depth of quality and plenty of choice.

1st Rosinante Morwenna. RBOB. Such a pretty head with dark eyes and pigment, broad skull but still very refined. Plenty of dog in front and good leg length. Short coupled, level topline with correct tail set. Lovely big bum and ever wagging tail. Moved on a long stride with plenty of drive.

2nd S. Shining Star.

3rd Alibren Eccles at Tannadice

Op B (6, 1 abs)

1st Toddrosa Oasis Charm JW. BOB. Beautifully balanced with a good outline showing symmetry and style. Presented in fabulous coat and condition she has strong bone and plenty of substance with front legs well under her body. Good forehand, long neck with elegant arch, moderate rear angulation, good second thigh development and stands on neat cat like feet. On the move she is a picture of power and stamina. All this topped off with a beautifully feminine head and the kindest expression. BIS 3.

2nd S. Shining Star

3rd Warrentor Caipirinha JW


Sp Veteran 7-9 Years

1st Stedigan All in Good Time for Merrem Rl1EX ShCM VW. BVIS. It is no secret that I am an admirer of this WSS. I gave him the last points for his Veteran Warrant last year and am proud that I did so. He is strong and workmanlike and full of breed type. His movement is smooth and strong showing a clean pair of heels. BVIS.

2nd Bellatarr North by Northwest ShCM. A handsome and upstanding Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla whose type is unmistakable. He has the bone and substance required of this breed, a harsh wire jacket and sound driving movement.

3rd Heathclare Que Sera Sera. Irish Setter.

Sp Vet 10yrs+

1st Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lyjansen. Lab. Masculine head and expression, good balance and leg length, very good mover.

2nd Pipeaway Satin Fire with Symitry. Pointer. So feminine with a melting expression. Deep body and carries a correct topline.

3rd Cobhay Dahlia VW. ESS.

Field Trial

1st Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanash. GSP. A close call between these two with the winner having the better head. Both are in fit condition and well muscled.

2nd Ismeya Saint Isaac. Hung. Viz.

Sp. Working

1st Ch Forester’s Xclusive Edition of Darkmoor at Marlbeck (Imp Deu). Gordon Setter. Both have lovely heads and the Chessie has a terrific coat but wasn’t as settled as the winner today.

2nd Arnac Bay Ibis.


Riverbrue Wonderwall at Hernwood. Irish Setter. Racy, balanced and full of quality says it all really. So handsome, fabulously made and presented in excellent coat and condition. Stylish mover and handled to perfection.

RBIS. Stanegate Stage Debut (AI). IWS. She presents a stunning outline, has a beautiful head, big ribs and moves freely with a good roll.

BIS 3. Toddrosa Oasis Charm. Ret. Golden.

BIS 4. Lizallwood Mr Bojangles. Ret. Curly. In excellent coat and condition, strong and upstanding. Powerful gait.


Trimere Turn Back Time. ESS. Utterly delightful. Full of quality with the best of heads and great front movement. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

RBPIS. Burpham Lotties First Love. FCR. She has a lovely expression and is definitely bright and active.

BPIS 3. Macarica Fair and Square. Spin. And square she is. Robust and strongly built with a typical topline.

BPIS 4. Abbyford Lady Merry of Ivale. Clumber. What a little sweetheart. Beautiful head and great body properties.

Christine Morgan