• Show Date: 19/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Eastwood Kennel Association

EASTWOOD KA Labs and Weimaraners

19TH APRIL 2022



1st Floki The Jester in Linjor. Chunky puppy looking every inch the strongly built and short coupled dog that he should be. Balanced head planes, broad skull, powerful jaw and good depth and width of muzzle. Strong neck, clean shoulders, level back, great tail. Moved well enough to take the class. BPIB & Gundog Puppy Group 1.

2nd Berlan First in Line at Sandylands. Just six months old so clearly giving a lot away. She took everything in her stride and enjoyed herself immensely. Very pretty head and moved well.

3rd Potterzuri Wanda Vision


1st Flyenpyg Shut Ya Pie Hole. Strongly built, plenty of depth, good forehand, big ribs and thick tail at base. Gleaming black coat with depth of undercoat. Best mover in the class with excellent tail carriage.

2nd Jaybec Winter Wispa. Pretty head with a lovely dark eye and pigmentation, great turn of stifle and good Otter tail.

3rd Winnellands Vanilla Sky

Sp Yearling

1st Optimist Vision. Pleasing head with kind expression, plenty of width to muzzle, broad skull and well set on ears. Strong neck, wide chest, good ribbing and tail set. Used tail well on the move and covers plenty of ground. RBOB.

2nd F. Shut Ya P.H.

3rd J. Winter W

Post Grad

1st Kimbajak Jackpot. Well balanced throughout with an attractive head and appealing expression. Clean back skull, powerful neck. Great front action and another who used her tail well and held her shape on the move

2nd F. Shut Ya P.H.

3rd Flyenpyg Snazzy Sniffer


1st Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW. Love his big nose and wide nostrils. Deep chest, big ribs, and strong quarters. Moved with purpose holding his topline. BOB.

2nd Trendlewood Day Dreaming. Flowing outline, typical head but eye a bit light for my preference.

3rd Potterspiney Killian



1st Ansona Dream Big. He is so impressive on the stack presenting a picture of power, strength and balance together with an air of elegance. He is long in back with good spring of rib carried well back. His topline is firm and level and he is excellent over the croup. Good forehand, depth of brisket and a moderate bend of stifle. Good muscle tone too. His head is so very handsome, moderately long and with a slight stop. His ears are hight set and long. He moves on an easy stride and I forgave his tendency to pull slightly to the side. BPIB & BOB.

2nd Sabsky Svratka. A very attractive puppy with a noble and well chiselled head. She has quite a racy look to her. Moves well but rather proud of her tail.

3rd Britmans Aria


1st A. Dream Big

2nd S. Szratka


1st Kalimor Amazing Grace at Vansant. This beautifully headed bitch is very well constructed, is long in back and moderate behind. She has flowing lines, a reachy neck and moves with great reach and drive. On the move she didn’t hold her topline as well as the puppy but she has great reach and drive. I loved her colour. RBOB.

2nd Weipowa Denton at Britmans. Substantial dog stands on well boned legs and firm feet. Quite proud of his tail.

Christine Morgan