• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society


16TH JULY 2022



1st Tenshilling To Sir With Love

A totally enchanting 7 mths bitch with the prettiest of heads. Her eyes looked right into my soul. She is beautifully balanced and graceful in outline, carries a firm straight topline and has a powerful back end. She moves with a smooth gait covering plenty of ground and a precise foot fall. Great tail. BPIB.

2nd Codnorhawk Brucie Bonus via Tzaziki TAF NAF

He is at that tall and rather gangly stage and gave his handler a hard time. The winner was deeper in brisket and had the cleaner front action but that said he has a handsome head with a lovely eye, big nostrils, a strong lengthy neck and clean shoulders.


1st. C. Brucie B via T. Repeat

Post Grad

1st Tenshilling Its My Party for Salmonmist JW

He has a terrific forehand with length and return of upper arm placing his legs well under his body and strong slightly sloping pasterns. He is clean and elegant over his neck and shoulders, has a good spring of rib, wide thighs and well developed second thighs. His topline was little too exaggerated for my preference. Moves with purpose and drive.

2nd Collholme Angelique

She has an appealing head with a very fetching expression and lovely thin leathers. The winner had more depth of chest but her ribs are well sprung and her quarters powerful and wide.

3rd Caithpoint Kora at Meadowpoint


1st Tenshilling Biscuits JW.

A very stylish dog who exudes breed type and is truly a series of graceful curves. He has a noble air about him and looks a picture of strength and endurance without any trace coarseness. He has a classic Pointer head with plenty of work in it, a clear stop and slight dish face. He has soft, wide nostrils that are perfect for air scenting. His expression is so soft and kind and his leathers are well set on and thin. His head fits neatly into his strong slightly arched neck that flows into his well laid shoulders. He presents a firm topline, has depth of brisket, muscular quarters and well turned stifles.

He strode out with good forward reach, driving from behind and lashing his tail. BOB.

2nd Tenshilling The Wanderer

I really liked this bitch and had a tough job choosing between her and the winner who I now see is her half brother. She is refined and elegant, has good oval bone, slightly sloping pasterns, plenty of heart and lung room and well spaced haunch bones. Whilst I preferred her shorter couplings I thought the winner had the edge in breadth of skull. She too moves with power and a clean front action. RBOB.

3rd Phlynnies Prince of Thieves JW

Christine Morgan