• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chippenham & District Canine Society


3RD APRIL 2022



1st Lasagesse Californication. ETT. What a little beauty. So pretty and confident and with an air of elegance about her. Fine boned with a super topline.

2nd Ritchie’s Saraband Dancing Queen at Slapestones. WSS. A good example of the breed but lacking some confidence. That said, the more classes she went in the better she got. She ended up being much more relaxed and moving with style and precision.


1st Packway New Yor New York. Deerhound. Lovely rough coat, good size and shape with an attractive and balanced head. Such an easy mover covering the ground well.

2nd Tynefox La Visa Loca. Smooth Fox. I loved this one but she didn’t have the front movement of the winner.

3rd Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. SCW.


1st Witchstone Mine’s a Double at Lasagesse. ETT. What a cracking mover; the best in the class. Terrific colour and markings and I loved his ears.

2nd Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter at Crumbledor. Sussex. She is so balanced and happy on the move.

3rd Thistlebee Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls ShCM ShCEX VW. SCW.


1st Cooleela As Sweet As You Are. BPIB. And very sweet she is too. Square outline with good front angulation. Balanced head, strong neck, level back, very clean in profile. Moved well.

2nd Chativore Concept. Oh so naughty but oh so pretty. She has decent ribbing and moved well once her handler had her under control. I hope they both enjoyed the handling lesson.


1st Claramand Blu Delight for Dromacre. BOB. A great example of the breed, square with big ribs, strong topline and a big bum. Square muzzle, distinct stop, low set ears. Fabulous mover showing a clean pair of heels going away and a lively tail action. Group 3.

Post Grad

1st Cassom Sun Dreaming over Colmeir. Has good angulation front and back, well muscled quarters and correct tail set. A tad heavy in skull for my taste but has a lovely eye and gentle expression. Couldn’t match the junior in movement.


1st Coolela Cressida. She carries her head and tail so well on the move and is very merry indeed. Excellent ribbing, level back and short loin.



1st Navilis Vivat Vivaldi (Imp Ukraine) NAF TAf. BPIB and BOB. What a happy chap! I loved his head with its dark eyes and pigment. Clean in back skull, strong neck fits cleanly into his well laid shoulders, level back, plenty of substance and strong wide quarters. He has that lovely rolling puppy body, strong bone and in the challenge he out moved them all. Great depth to his coat.


1st Gold Totem Ma Belle (Imp Rus). Pretty head and melting expression, dark eye, broad skull and correct ear set. Deep chest, strong thighs and tail set on level with her back. Stylish mover.

2nd Treeveville Coastguard. Handsome head with a soft expression. Moved well but not as tight in front as the winner.

Post Grad

1st Navilis Nouveau Venue (Imp Ukraine). Very impressive on the stack presenting a picture of balance and power. Plenty of dog in front, well ribbed up, short strong loin and wide powerful quarters. Nicely chiselled head, strong muzzle and kind eye. In good coat with plenty of undercoat. In the challenge he didn’t have the hind movement of the puppy.

2nd Garline Love So Deep. A lovely bitch, so pretty. Moved OK. Well handled.

3rd Beaupippin Careyburn Linn


1st Stormford Honeusuckly ShCM. At 9 ½ years old she was looking rather matronly but still carried a firm topline. She has a lovely benign expression, is well ribbed back and has a good tail set. Moved a bit close in front and behind.

2nd Beaupippin Dusky Lilac. 7 ½ years old with a good head and skull, strong neck and clean shoulders. She too was weaving and crossing.


Post Grad

1st Calvdale Pure Theatre and 2nd Calvdale Ever Thus. Quality littermates with strength in body and good leg length. Today I felt the bitch was a tad more compact than her brother and had the better front movement therefore making her BPIB. Beautiful heads on both with deep square muzzles. Lovely almond shaped eyes with kind expressions and good length and width to their ears. Great feet on both. Puppy Group 3.


1st Calvdale Scaramouch Jones. BOB. He presents a striking outline on the stack and maintains his racy outlook on the move. His head is so handsome with the kindliest expression, strong muzzle and jaw and long low set ears. Straight front, excellent length of upper arm and well laid shoulders. He stands on good feet and has typical ESS movement. So very well presented. Group 2.



1st Kalimor Nancy at Robricci. BPIB. BOB. This 7 mth old bitch oozes quality and breed type. Every bit of her flows into the next; no lumps, bumps are corners. She is a picture of high breeding and has that noble look about her that says ‘Who’s second?’. I loved her aristocratic head with its moderate stop and slight median line. Her blue-grey eyes have such an eager expression and her long ears frame her head beautifully. She has terrific leg to length ratio, depth in brisket and moderate tuck up. She has well turned stifles and is well muscled throughout. Her movement is fluid with a precise foot fall and long stride. She is just lovely and I could not resist her for Group 4, Puppy Group 1 and BPIS.

2nd Mabanika A Team. Masculine head, long back and well developed chest. Wide quarters used to power him round the ring.

3rd Enjager Harmony with Brownbank.


1st Sh Ch Kalimor Accolade to Raystans JW. He is striking in outline and powerfully built. Plenty of dog in front, deep brisket, well ribbed back and has plenty of bone and substance. His head is balanced and has a slight median line, high set and long ears.

2nd Robricci Aramais. A younger dog that I liked very much. He is a very nice type with depth in brisket and a wide chest. Moves on an easy stride.

AVNSC Gundog


1st S. Dancing Queen at S. WSS.


1st Bonapartist Pickpocket (Brittany). This breed is not for everyone as they don’t have balanced front and rear angles and have longer legs than depth of chest but this dog is certainly for me. He is square and cobby and a very fine example of the breed indeed. He has moderate front angulation, a deep chest, well rounded ribs, slightly sloping topline and moderate bend of stifle. His head has parallel lines and his muzzle length ideally proportioned to his rounded skull. His eyes are somewhat oval and correctly set slightly obliquely. He moves on a short brisk stride maintaining his topline. I love him! BAVNSC and Group 1.

2nd Incorrect name in catalogue. Bracco. Fabulous girl with a deep chest and strong neck. Was crabbing on the move.

3rd Ir Ch & VDH Ch Braccorians Junowhat at Kelevra. Bracco.


1st Brittany. Bonapartist Pickpocket.

2nd ESS. Calvdale Scaramouch Jones.

3rd Cocker. Claramand Blu Delight for Dromacre

4th Weimaraner. Kalimor Nancy at Robricci.


1st Weimaraner. Kalimor Nancy at Robricci.

2nd Labrador Stormrose Simply Heaven. Full of type with great balance and good leg to depth ratio.

3rd ESS. Calvdale Pure Theatre.

4th GSP Cushatlaw Athena. Harsh coat, good depth and stands over plenty of ground.



1st S. Dancing Queen at S. WSS.

2nd M. A Team. Weimaraner

3rd Rhythm Lacey. Lab.

Post Grad

1st Chanangel Joe Sugden. WSS. Handsome and divine head with the kindest expression. He has a strong taught body with good ribs and depth. His colour is truly rich red and white. Excellently presented and sound mover.

2nd G. Love So D. Goldie.

3rd C. Sun Dreaming over C. Cocker


1st G. Lily Luna P at C. Sussex

2nd. B. Dusky Lilac. Goldie.


1st Stormrose Golden Fortune. Lab. Strong, powerful and upstanding. Moved very well.

2nd S. Honeysuckly. Goldie

3rd Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist. Irish Setter.


1ST Birrell’s Border Terriers. Very well matched pair, moved and stood as one.

2nd Thomas’ Basenjis. An elegant and very smart pair.

3rd Mini Smooth Dachies


1st Boshanti Zhazha. TT. Carries a beautiful coat and moved well.

2nd Zvezdny Alliance Genie in a Bottle. Basenji. Clean outline, strong neck.

3rd Ruebedu Ace of Spades. Dalmation.


1st Echolynn Polyphonic. Sheltie. Utterly delightful with great ears.

2nd C. Joe Sugden. WSS.

3rd Emeron Apliu Sienis of Alchez. Shih Tzu.

Post Grad

1st Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko. Mini Long Dachie. Very appealing with great keel and a soft expression.

2nd Forestbrook Jon Snow. Afghan. A good example with great angulation.

3rd E. Apliu S of A. Shih Tzu.


1st E. Apliu S of A. Shih Tzu. Sturdily built showing a clean pair of heels going away.

2nd Ristine Emerald. Sheltie. Well balanced and a lovely expression,

3rd Glockens Raise the Stakes. Mini Schnauzer


Great Dane Ch Jutlanders Bat Out of Hell to Anadain (Imp DNK) beautiful fawn Great Dane bitch of substance and quality. Parallel head planes, soft expression, plenty of depth strong level topline and strides out well.

RES BIS. Mini S/H Dachie Collidach Hot Springs at Teckeltown. Deep chest, good ribs, well placed shoulders. Very pretty head.


Weimaraner Kalimor Nancy at Robricci.

RBPIS Stineval Lambert. Border. Cracking pup of great type. Moved very well.


Sheltie Carmeva Caymen ShCM. Fabulous double coat, such a gentle expression.

RBVIS. Rhodesian Ridgeback Kenquince Pisonia of Cynami ShCM. Handsome and upstanding with a dignified outlook.

Christine Morgan