• Show Date: 02/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christina Chapman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Many thanks to EMSBT Club for this very kind invitation, the exhibitors for their entries and my stewards for all their help. Lots of youngsters here today throughout the classes and although they obviously need more time to finish what is already there was nice quality throughout. Heads were in proportion for age, as was muscle & movement. A lot of promising young ones, bodes well for the future. Temperaments & presentation was A1 all through and the ringside sportsmanship made for a great atmosphere


Minor Puppy

1. Hammond Hammystaff Love Bomb

Pie with good overall shape and topline for age. Head, eye & ears all good. Already has good thigh muscle & on the move was very positive for such a baby

2. Millers Skyland Eruption

Lovely baby close up to 1 so similar remarks apply. Another with pleasing shape & topline, head coming well with dark eyes. On the move just not quite as settled as 1 but positive nonetheless

3. Rolands Bilrosestaff She's The One


1. Thompson Alport Dark Queen Best Puppy Bitch

Head is well proportioned for age, good eye and short muzzle, broad skull and good ear set. Well bodied & movement, once again, was positive for a youngster. Shows promise

2. McFadyen Niatona Call Me Karen

Another good head & well filled cheeks & lovely eye. Well bodied, good thighs & nice topline. On the move looks good but just not as settled in the rear as 1 today could change places on another day.

3. Sandford Fairlenium Iron Queen


1. Noonan & Bunt Skyestaff Fall Into Line

15mths, liked her head, dark eye & ear set. Good topline, muscle & bone for age and on the move can already see drive & reach. Obviously more to come but everything is just right for her age

2. Lewis Karjaydan Great Nemesis

Red/wh similar in head to 1 with good eye and pigment. Nice topline, well bodied & balanced for age. Very positive on the move just not yet the reach & drive to match 1

3. Hands & Freeman Skyestaff She Conquered


S. Fall Into Line repeat from Junior


1 Martinez Days of Stafford Turns Me On at Bullbrothers RBB

Red with good head proportions, well filled cheeks, good eye. Well muscled with good thigh & loin. Angulation balanced & on the move has drive, reach & good profile stride

2. Ellis Gogo Dancer at Elistaff

Another red very similar to 1 so same remarks apply. Head just not yet as finished. Moved very well & very well handled

3. Hands Skyestaff Dressed to Impress

Post Graduate

1. John Wanstaff Double Valentine

2yrs with well proportioned head, good round dark eyes & well set ears. Very well muscled especially on the thighs & loin. Good topline & angulation is balanced so movement is powerful yet seems easy, with drive and reach

2. Bassford-Lane TNT Edition Quaesitem at Jojadane (Imp)

Nce red with another gppf mizzle to skull ratio, well muscled with good bone. Level topline & angulation balanced so moves with reach drive just not quite as much as 1 today but they could also change places on another day

3. Prutton Jasamarch Ditsy Diva


1. John Catrin's Little Lady at Llanstaff

Brindle & white with good head, broad skull & well filled cheeks. Strong neck into good level topline. Well muscled on thigh and loin. Good bone & balanced angulation so on the move looked easy with drive, reach & good profile stride

2. Wilson Nikkylestaff Bobby's Girl for Northstaff

Smaller cast than 1 but similar good points/ Head, eye & ears all good. Nicely bodied & balanced angulation just could not quite match 1 on the move today

Open 4 quality bitches here with small margins of separation

1.. Karlsson Lackyle Banrion Uasal at Jewelstaff Best Bitch

3yr with well proportioned head, good round dark eye. Good level topline, well muscled thighs & loin. Angulation is balanced so on the move she reaches out & has drive & good profile stride too.

2. Hunter Pure Relentless Delilah (Imp)

Close up to 1 in so many aspects could easily change places. Good head, eye & ears. Well bodied and balanced angulation. Moved with ease, reach & drive just a slight preference for the profile action of 2 today

3. Robinson, Robinson -Cox & Cox Ch. Grudha Nordic Star (Imp)


1. Robinson, Robinson -Cox & Cox Studstaff Sugar & Spice of Hamason

7ys young R/wh with lovely muscle throughout & good bone. Nice depth to chest with good ribs. Level topline & balanced angulation so movement is good all round. Lovely head, well filled cheeks, breadth to skull & round dark eye & lovely expression.

                                     Christina Chapman ... Judge