• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Charlotte McNamara Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Pennine & Scottish French Bulldog Association

Pennine & Scottish French Bulldog Association Open Show

16th September 2022

Charlotte McNamara

PD 1St Kingrock Midnight Picnic. A puppy with wow factor. Good size, dark eye, open nostril, quality head. Overall outline both shapely and balanced. Good bone and substance, well bodied with good depth, tail present, strong hindquarters. Moved with confidence. I expect a very promising future BPD,BD, BPIS, BIS.

2nd Raglenary Tucker Bear. A different type of Frenchie, shorter brindle dog with a pleasing head. Also moved in balance and with confidence.

JD 1St Xandene All That’s Magic. Substantial fawn dog with tail present creating an overall pleasing outline. An excellent mover.

2nd Yvontrae Spencer Tracey. Shorter and smaller brindle dog with good ear shape and carriage creating pleasing head.

PGD 1st Rozeldogue Knew it Was You Xandene. A good sized substantial dog with good length of loin not too short. Nice expression with open nostril.

2nd Franstelgo’s Let Em Ride. Well bodied fawn dog with a pleasing head, overall standing larger than first.

LD 1st Gizjo Sting Like A Bee. A really balanced quality brindle dog. Overall balanced pleasing outline with tail present. Well bodied. Moved well and true to the breed. RBD.

2nd Quizizz Masuria Miracle at Katakia (Imp). Dark brindle with dark eye and lovely expression. Shorter, smaller dog than 1st.

VD 1st Ch. Xentique Pandamonium for Baclaudi JW. So pleasing to see a quality pied dog at such a good age, still showing with confidence typical of the breed. Well balanced overall with pleasing outline and tail present, a classy dog still worthy of praise. BVIS

2nd Facta Non Verba. Fawn Pied dog nice size, still well bodied and showing a Frenchie at a good age still competing with confidence.

SOPD as 2nd in VD

SPOBD As 2nd in PD

MPB 1st Katakia’s Light The Way. A promising pied puppy bitch, a good outline and length in loin with tail present, not too short but still well bodied and creating the right impression. Feminine head well-proportioned with quality. Worthy of her placing in a strong class.

2nd Kenzduo Vogue at Boretza. A smaller, shorter brindle bitch with a very pleasing feminine head of good quality.

PB 1st Leyenda Masquerade. A mature well bodied brindle bitch for her age. Quality head with dark eye, open nostril. Good size and length creating the correct outline with tail present. More finished than 2nd on the day. BPB.

2nd as 1st in MPB.

JB 1st Gizyjo Honey Bee. A really well muscled fawn girl of good balance and size. Used her ears well and showed beautifully.

2nd Chloe Skarby Venue at Katakia (Imp). A brindle bitch with a nice dark head and overall very balanced. I preferred outline and shape of first.

YB 1st Ashstaff Secret Whisper For Baclaudi. A really striking dark brindle bitch. Beautiful feminine head with piercing dark eye and used her ears continually to her advantage. Moved with purpose, well-bodied, good muscle tone. Not too short, tail present. Push hard for BIS, BB.

2nd Zimblistic Ice Ice Lady. A nice well-constructed fawn bitch, for me 1st had extra striking quality on the day.

PGB 1st Leyenda Whizzbang Tiga. Brindle bitch with very feminine pleasing head, well-bodied with good substance.

2nd Marchmanor Hot or Wot. A well-constructed fawn bitch, with balance overall.

LB 1st Casemates Soprano. Substantial well-muscled fawn bitch with a lot of character true to the breed. Good size and length with tail present.

2nd Marchmanor Pandemonium. Well-constructed brindle bitch, who moved to her advantage.

VB 1st Chalfs Miss Kiki at Tytorro. Really lovely to see this well-made 10.5 year old Pied Bitch, still showing with enthusiasm. Balanced and healthy overall.

2nd Boremlyn Heart of Glass at Zilnor. Another healthy veteran, pleasing to see moving well on the day.

SOPB 1st Xandene Could It Be Magic for Myntie. Lovely fawn pied bitch of pleasing overall proportions, not too short, well-muscled with nice tail. Moved really well using ears really well to give character to her expression.

SOFB 1st You Never Know Daniello. A sound fawn bitch of good substance in excellent condition.

SOBB 1st Cargray Diamonds and Pearls. Well-bodied brindle bitch of good size, moved soundly.

2nd Mardy Marjorie avec Kimevan(Imp).