• Show Date: 04/09/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: charlotte dalgarno Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Hound Club

South Eastern Hound Club 

Sunday 4th September 2022 

Judge: Charlotte Dalgarno 

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen


Moulding’s, Nykarth Touch Of Class. 7 month Grizzle bitch. Lovely shaped little hound. Good head, dark oval eye. Square muzzle with enough under jaw. Nice thin leathers set low of good length. Slightly domed skull leading into a good neck and shoulder placement. Good length of ribbing and short loin. Good length to height ratio. Nicely angulated rear with short hocks, good length of tail. Lovely harsh jacket. I really liked this little puppy, just a shame she wasn’t so cooperative on the move but when settled she moved well. RBOB & BPIB

Bishop’s, Jamar Miss Skylar. 7 month tri bitch. Wasn’t as well proportioned as 1, much shorter all over. Good dark eye. Thin leathers. Good depth of chest. Short ribbing and short loin. Short hocks and tail. Harsh coat. Moved with enthusiasm. 

Post Graduate

Moore’s, Afterglow Dough Ble Impact. 5 year old Grizzle dog. Well proportioned dog. Nice head, square muzzle with enough under jaw. Eyes oval but a little light in colour. Ears set low of good length. Nice amount of forechest, nicely assembled front and good lay of shoulder. Good length of ribbing with a short loin. Well angulated rear with nice short hocks. Short tail and a good harsh coat. Moved well with good reach and drive. BOB

Bishop’s, Jamar Ina The Countessa. 3 year old bitch. Good expression, square muzzle, slightly domed skull. Good length of neck, well angulated front assemble. Good length of ribbing and short loin. Harsh coat. Move well coming and going. 


1) Moulding’s Nykarth Perfect Moment. 4 year old grizzle bitch. Another well proportioned little bitch. With good shape. Lovely petit expression, square muzzle, dark oval eye. Slight dome to skull, good neck into well laid shoulders. Well sprung ribs, nice short loin. Short tail and a good harsh coat. Would prefer slight more angulation on the rear. And unfortunately wasn’t very enthusiastic on the move.