• Show Date: 21/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Catherine Gill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheshire Agricultural Society

Royal Cheshire Show

 Open Show

 22nd June 2022


Judge Cathy Gill (Jocagil)

Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge at this prestigious County Show A small but quality entry. Many thanks to my excellent stewards

Puppy (1, 1 absent)

Junior (0,0absent

Post Graduate (2, 0 absent) Two lovely dogs and a difficult decision

1st and RBOB Davies Valeska V D Turfhoeve am Cartrefyspin (imp NLD) Orange and White bitch just turned 2 . Very feminine Correct divergent headplanes with pronounced occiput, eyes of a good colour,ears correct length giving a typical spinone expression neck slightly long but well laid shoulders and correct front angulation with pronounced sternum Slightly longer than 2 but with correct topline Hindquarters moderately angulated with good width of second thigh which helped to move out well Coat of a lovely deep orange and white , good texture and typical thick skin

2 Handleys Gellini Shepherds Moon pushed 1 hard , 2 and half year old White and Orange male , masculine outlook and still maturing. Presents a good square outline Head of correct proportions with divergent headplanes and pronounced occiput Would prefer a slightly darker eye Strong neck into well laid shoulders , excellent forechest and pronounced sternum Good topline and minimal tuck up . Coat of correct texture and typical thick skin Just felt the bitch had the edge on rear movement

Limit (3,2 absent )

1st BOB Bennets Testaverde Irma Capece JW 3 Years old Brown Roan bitch of top quality . Her movement was a delight to watch , the correct pounding spinone trot She presented a lovely square outline, typical topline and minimal tuck up . Beautiful head and expression with correct headplanes , pronounced occiput , eyes of correct colour Short neck in to a good front assembly and pronounced sternum Correct moderate angulation with well muscled and developed second thigh which was demonstrated in her excellent movement Coat of a good colour and texture . Delighted to see she went Group 3 – well deserved

Open (0,0)

Cathy Gill (Jocagil)