• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birtley & District Canine Society


PG 3(0)

1. Hudson’s Diamond Daisy’s Queen. Smartly presented 16 month old bitch turned out in well muscled and fit condition, pleasing head and expression with dark eye, good muzzle and bite, good bone, she stood well in outline carrying just the right amount of weight, covered ground well and nicely angulated all through, BOB & G3.

2. Gray’s Alot Of Hot Commotion at Rizzlebox. Promising youngster of 15 months where I would like to see a little more body, nice head and tight dark eye, good feet and bone, presented well with good outline, very unsettled on the move.

3. Roulston’s Ivy Jewel Reminds Me Of You. BPIB & PG3.

O 1(0)

1. Gray’s Rizzlebox Smoking Hot Stuff. 4 year old bitch presented well, feminine balanced head with dark eye and kind expression, nicely angulated with good bone, sound top-line and well muscled throughout, another who was erratic on the move.


O 1(0)

1. McLellan’s Ch. Jutlanders Bat Out Of Hell to Anadain (imp DNK). 3 year old fawn bitch who oozes confidence and breed type, feminine head and expression with dark eye and balanced skull, lovely depth of chest and strongly made all through without coarseness, beautifully angulated front and rear, well muscled and fit, she covered the ground with the least effort and was presented in immaculate condition, BOB, G1 and pleased to see her later awarded BIS.


PG 3(0)

1. Horsman/Horsman-Phoenix’s Snow Legend Zenith of Fame Nordicwinds (imp RUS). Nicely presented young male of 9 months, expressive head and good ears, lovely eye, good muzzle and balanced skull, straight front and good feet, nicely balanced on the move with lovely effortless reach and drive, shown in immaculate coat, BP, PG1.

2. Brandenberg/Smith’s Chayo It’s Kurt for Taronakits. Preferred the head qualities on 1 but nonetheless a very masculine boy of 12 months who looked well standing and moving, strongly made head with good ear-set, nicely angulated with good bone, he moved out well covering the ground with ease, presented in good quality, excellent coat.

3. Sutherland’s Dreamwolves Hocus Pocus.

O 1(0)

1. Horsman/Horsman-Phoenix’s Nordicwinds Greatest Showman. Male of 15 months, strongly made with appealing head and expression, dark eye, good ear-set and strong muzzle, well angulated all through with good top-line, he moved out well with steady reach and drive, another shown in immaculate coat, BOB & G2.


O 1(0)

1. McFarlane’s Micador Will I Am (Portuguese Water Dog). 4 year old male who was nicely presented, strong head with good strength in muzzle and a kind, dark eye, looked well on the stand and was very well muscled all through but untidy on the move, BAVNSC.






P 4(1)

1. Horsman/Horsman-Phoenix’s Snow Legend Zenith of Fame Nordicwinds (imp RUS) (Alaskan Malamute).

2. Russell’s Zentaur Fizzical Damage (Newfoundland). Promising young male of 8 months, nicely constructed all through, appealing head qualities with lovely dark eye, strong muzzle, well muscled neck leading into a good shoulder placement, sound body proportions, moved out well and presented in good coat for his age.

3. Copeland’s Kernow Dollar Promises at Maxjabar (Bernese Mountain Dog).

PG 5(3)

1. Brandenberg/Smith’s Chayo It’s Kurt for Taronakits (Alaskan Malamute).

2. Gray’s Alot Of Hot Commotion at Rizzlebox (Boxer).

O 3(1)

1. Gray’s Rizzlebox Smoking Hot Stuff (Boxer).

2. Aibrean Drops of Jupiter (Dogue De Bordeaux). 2 year old bitch with some nice qualities, feminine head and enquiring expression, sound enough in front with good depth to chest, sound body proportions, she moved out well showing some good movement in profile, presented in well muscled condition.