• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Loughborough & District Canine Society


O 4(3)

1. Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW. Nicely presented 4 year old bitch with feminine head and expression, good head proportions and kind eye, balanced throughout with good angulation, clean front with good feet, good depth of chest and well ribbed back, short loin, moved out freely covering ground with ease, BOB.


P 1(0)

1. Plominska/Kil’s Bestfrenchie Amnezja. Appealing young brindle bitch of 9 months, good ear-set and nicely balanced in head, cobby in body with good cut-up, very well muscled for one so young, moved freely with confidence and purpose, BOB & BP.

O 2(0)

1. Plominska/Kil’s Bestfrenchie Afrodyta. Another nicely balanced bitch of 2 years, expressive head with good ear-set and well shaped ears, lovely body shape with correct proportions, moved out freely.

2. Plominska/Kil’s D’Cameron Janoel. Pied male of nearly 3 years with sound temperament, masculine head with good eye, ribs well sprung, would have liked tighter feet and freer movement overall.


P 5(1)

1. Young/Parkes’ Potterzuri Chip Of The Old Block. Balanced yellow male of 10 months, masculine head with correct proportions, strong neck and well muscled shoulders, looked well standing and on the move, sound top-line, he moved out freely covering the ground well, BP.

2. Shirton’s Woolman Day Dream Believer. Another lovely male of 10 months, black and of nice type, well angulated all through, strong neck and a good shoulder placement, deep chest and well ribbed, he moved out freely with good reach and drive, just not as sound in top-line as 1st.

3. Young’s Potterzuri Wanda Vision.

J 5(2)

1. Shirton’s Woolman Carefree. Yellow bitch of 17 months with appealing head and feminine expression, straight front with good bone, soundly made all through, strong top- line which she carried well, well ribbed back and short loin, nicely angulated, she moved out freely and was beautifully presented.

2. Young’s Optimist Vision. Nicely balanced yellow dog of 16 months, masculine head and expression with good eye, straight front with good bone and feet, nicely balanced all through, held a good top-line both standing and moving, sound proportions, moved out well with a good, ground covering gait.

3. Young/Parkes’ Potterzuri Chip Of The Old Block.


PG 4(1)

1. Young’s Potterspiney Cazcabel. Soundly made yellow bitch of 22 months, very kind in head and expression, good eye and strong under-jaw, straight front with good bone and compact feet, liked her body proportions, strong, muscular neck and a good shoulder placement, held a sound top-line both moving and standing, well muscled in rear which she used to her advantage on the move, an easy mover in all directions and beautifully presented, BOB.

2. Young/Parkes’ Potterspiney Evie’s Dream. Nicely presented bitch of nearly 2 years ably shown to advantage by her young handler, kind head and eye, sound top-line, preferred the body proportions of my class winner but she was well muscled and showed some sound easy, profile movement.

3. Amberstope Bowmore Darkest.


1. Marley/Libbey’s Bellili’s D’Amore De Loin ShCM. 6 year old male with masculine head and keen expression, straight front, good body proportions and well let down chest, sound top-line and nicely presented, moved effortlessly in profile but would like him a little tidier going away.