• Show Date: 15/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Sunderland & District Canine Society

Thank you to the hard working committee of Sunderland who put on a lovely Premier open show at this popular venue. I was the replacement judge and thank all exhibitors for accepting my placings with good grace, I was pleased to see so much quality making some hair-splitting decisions.



1. Thurm’s Sh.Ch.Valger Odette JW (German Shorthaired Pointer). Absolutely sound and totally balanced at 10½ years, a credit to her breeding. Lovely expressive head, clean, straight front with correct bone, lovely angulation front and rear with sound, well muscled top-line, an extremely fit bitch who moved out with easy reach and drive. 

2. Hall’s Kenquince Pisona of Cynami ShCM (Rhodesian Ridgeback). Nicely presented bitch of 7 years, balanced skull with intelligent expression, straight front and good feet, nicely angulated front and rear with sound body proportions, moved out freely.

3. Smith’s Flyenpyg Snout Like It VW (Retriever (Labrador)).



1. Gerhold’s Navilis Vinai Vivaldi (imp UKR) NAF (Retriever (Golden)). Beautifully presented male of just 8 months, masculine, kind expression with dark eye and good pigment, very well balanced all through with correct body proportions, good bone and compact feet, very free on the move with an easy, ground covering gait, presented in excellent coat.

2. Willcock’s Newill Keep Toot (Italian Greyhound). Eye catching male of just 6½ months, lovely bright eyes and very expressive, straight legs and long shoulders, good rib and correct arch over loin, correct action on the move and of lovely, sound temperament. 

3. Thompson’s Prizelands Fondant Fancy (Spanish Water Dog).



1. Willcock’s Newill Keep Toot (Italian Greyhound). 2nd in MP Stakes.

2. Maskell/Rayner’s Enjager Harmony with Brownbank (Weimaraner). 9 month old bitch gave a lovely outline standing, keen expressive head, straight front with correct bone and compact feet, good depth of chest, correct shape of rib, she was well angulated and held a sound top-line, moved out with a free, easy gait.

3. Lamb’s Dolpetro Dotty (Dalmatian). 



1. Macfale’s Hespa Masseto of Africaner (AI) (Rhodesian Ridgeback). Beautifully presented male of just 12 months, strong and masculine head with keen expression, lovely straight front and well angulated front and rear, correct substance and bone with good body proportions, well let down chest and well sprung rib, moved out freely with good reach and drive.

2. Bell’s Tolberg Eostre (Dachshund (MSH)). Loved this bitch of just 13 months, lovely head with good eye and pigment, very expressive, lovely proportions and sound top-line, she moved out well with confidence and purpose, a little disadvantaged by the long grass but a pleasure to watch on the move, beautifully shown and presented.

3. Cox’s Cushatlaw Athena (German Shorthaired Pointer).



1. Rogerson’s Kessem Lest We Forget (Whippet). Well presented 18 month old bitch, lean head and alert expression, lovely eye, straight front with correct bone, stood well in outline, deep well let down chest and correct rib, moved out freely, fit and well muscled.

2. Gerhold’s Navilis Novveau Veno (imp UKR) (Retriever (Golden)). Beautifully presented male of 20 months, masculine head with endearing expression, lovely eye and strong jaw, well proportioned skull, good length of neck and well muscled shoulders, correct body proportions and sound top-line, well balanced all through, he moved out with easy reach and drive.

3. Kanoo’s Nibrass Queen Ethelflaeda JW (Borzoi). 



1. Rogerson/Dalgarno’s Silkridge Ohno Reason (Whippet). A beautifully presented male of 2½ years old, lovely head and alert expression, clean, straight front with good bone and feet, stood well in outline with long, well muscled neck and well laid back shoulders, good tuck up, moved out well with a free gait and was shown in well muscled, fit condition.

2. Bird/Caden’s Hawksflight Paparazzzi at Domberg (BSD (Groenendael)). Well presented male of nearly 4 years, head of good proportions, dark eye and enquiring expression, well set ears which he used well, well muscled neck and strong top-line, correct body proportions, a good outline standing, free, brisk movement and in good coat.

3. Drady’s Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko (Dachshund (MLH)).  



1. Thurm’s Dappledale First Date at Bryburn (German Shorthaired Pointer). Loved this well balanced bitch of 2 years, very expressive in head with lovely eye and correct skull, pleasing body proportions with well let down chest and correct rib, straight front with good bone and feet, moved out well with a free and easy, ground covering gait, presented in well muscled and very fit condition.

2. Blowers’ Fowington Lar To Dar at Deadaway (Pointer). Beautifully presented Pointer 2½ year old bitch who appealed for her overall balance and graceful appearance, kind, expressive head with lovely eye, nicely arched neck with well muscled shoulders and correct, strong top-line, well muscled and angulated in rear which showed in her drive as she moved out, excellent ground covering gait. 

3. Drady’s Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko (Dachshund (MLH).



1. Rogerson’s Ch. Nosregor Willme Surprise (German Spitz Klein). Confident, alert young man of nearly 3 years, full of character, keen and lively expression, correct body proportions, neck and shoulders, lovely square outline, good tail-set and carriage, effortless on the move and presented in lovely coat of excellent condition.

2. Holmes’ Ch. Lisjovia Estevez JW ShCM ShCEx (Pyrenean Mountain Dog). Lovely male of 5½ years, masculine head with kind expression and good eye, nicely angulated in front and rear with clean, straight front and good bone, well let down chest and correct body proportions, sound, well maintained top-line, just looked a little tired on the move today. 



1. Thomson’s Tibbiestars Moulin Rouge (Tibetan Spaniel). Nicely balanced 6 year old bitch with feminine head and expression, good neck into well laid shoulders, sound in top-line moving and standing, good feet, nice tail-set and carriage, she moved out well with a free gait, presented in good coat.

2. Taylor’s Billkenstar Amazing Story (Tibetan Terrier). A very lively young lady of 10 months who gave her handler a hard time today, feminine head and expression, strong, muscular neck with well laid shoulders, looked well in outline and showed some promising movement in profile, juvenile coat of excellent condition. 

3. Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW (Retriever (Labrador)).



1. Arkley’s Domburg On My Mind (BSD (Tervueren)). Nicely constructed 2½ year old male presented in quality coat, masculine, intelligent expression with well set ears, well muscled neck and good shoulder assembly, nice body proportions and good rib, straight front with good feet, he moved out freely covering the ground well. 

2. Smith’s Exelby Hellebore of Flyenpyg. (Retriever (Labrador)). Nicely balanced bitch of 2½ years who looked well both standing and moving, feminine, expressive head with kind eye, good neck and well angulated front, good body proportions and correct shape to rib, short, well muscled loin, moved out well. 

3. Horton’s Flyenpyg Shut Ya Pie Hole (Retriever (Labrador)).



I really enjoyed this Brace class today, all exhibits were turned out in excellent condition and moved exceptionally well together, it was one of those classes where I wish I had more place cards to award.

1. Birrell’s (Border Terrier). A lovely duo of Borders who didn’t put a foot wrong, they were in unison with their handler in all directions and looked the perfect match!

2. Cumberland (Dachshund Miniature Smooth Haired). Another duo of this breed who moved out very well and were a real pleasure to watch, so together, they looked lovely! 

3. Dalgarnd’s (Basset Griffon Vendéen Petit).