• Show Date: 20/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

St Helens & District Canine Society


P 2(1)

1. Jones’ Llwyni State of Grace. 8 month old bitch with lovely expression and dark points, nicely constructed with good body proportions and lovely tail-set, would like to have seen her a little more settled on the move as I’m sure she is capable, presented and shown in immaculate condition, BP & PG2.

O 4(3)

1. Jones’ Glamglows Perfect Señorita of Llwyni. Lovely bitch of 20 months with very feminine head and expression, dark eye and excellent pigment, good angulation and correct body proportions, another presented in immaculate coat, lovely movement in all directions and beautiful temperament, BOB.


P 4(2)

1. Schuckardt’s Kutani Black Opal. Only just 6 months but full of confidence and attitude, lovely shape both standing and moving, in immaculate coat, nice head proportions and lovely dark eye, showed some promising movement when settled, BP.

2. Adam-Slomkowski’s Cococabana Lhamco Laco at Skylax (imp PL). 11 month old bitch where I preferred the head of my class winner, would like a little straighter in front but nice overall shape standing, moved ok when settled and beautifully presented.

J 1(0)

1. Adam-Slomkowski’s Kentwone Derek Jewel by Skylax. Male of nearly 14 months going through a coat change, head proportions ok and fair angulation, sound top-line with well muscled rear although would like to see more drive when moving, showed glimpses of good movement in profile. 

PG 2(0)

1. Schuckardt’s Elmichapel Walk In My Shoes at Frenchlands JW. Beautifully presented bitch of 3 years, appealing in head with lovely enquiring expression, good front with pleasing body proportions, good rib and strong, firm loin, well muscled rear, moved out well with confidence and attitude. 

2. Holgate’s Dancing Party at Swandown. 4 year old bitch where I preferred the front of my class winner, bite not ideal, sound body proportions with good top-line, also preferred the loin of 1, moved out ok but wasn’t happy with the floor and the loud noise surrounding the ring.

O 3(2)

1. Schuckardt’s Timazinti’s Peppermint at Frenchlands JW ShCM ShCEx. Nicely presented 6½ year old male with masculine head, dark eye and good mouth, nicely angulated in front and rear with good body proportions, pleasing tail-set and carriage, sound well muscled rear, moved out very well, my BOB and later pleased to see him awarded G1.

2. Holgate’s Pipaleen Starlight Warrior. Attractive male of 4 years with good head proportions and lovely expression with dark eye, would have liked a better placed front and a little more length of rib but good body proportions with sound top-line, moved out ok.


P 2(0)

1. Dalmas/Bayliss’ Tianshan Storming Norman. Nicely presented young male of 9 months, good head proportions with correct pigment in roof of mouth and tongue, nicely proportioned with correct top-line, broad chest and strong loin, good tail-set, he moved out freely, nails could be shortened, BOB & BP.

2. Pardon’s Waybroad Dancing Briar. 7 month bitch with good body proportions when standing, preferred the head and better pigmentation of my class winner, presented in fit condition but handler did not show this young bitch to the best advantage. 

PG 1(0)

1. Pardon’s Waybroad Dancing Briar.

O 2(1)

1. Pardon’s Waybroad Dancing Briar.


P 4(0)

1. Thompson’s Parloueve Who’s That Girl. Liked this young bitch of nearly a year old, feminine head with good mouth, medium muzzle and lovely expression, good body proportions and nicely angulated front, carried her tail well when moving, presented in immaculate condition, BP.

2. Harford’s Tuyet Forever Bonnnie. 10 month old bitch who was presented in lovely condition, appealing in head with soft expression, sound body proportions and good top-line, she moved out freely with confidence.

3. Lynch’s Oldcharm I Need To Know.

J 1(0)

1. Bishop/Moran/Prouve’s Castafiore Titania. 11 month old bitch with feminine head and dark eye, would like better angulation but she carried a good top-line and was well muscled, moved out ok and presented in good coat.

PG 3(0)

1. Hughes’ Andor Jubilee Queen. Lovely 3 year old bitch with appealing head and dark kind eye, liked her body proportions, good angulation front and rear and sound top-line, good feet, moved out well with an air of attitude.

2. Harford’s Mennimoonz Little Mole. 2½ year old bitch, just lacking in confidence today, good head proportions but would have liked a better eye, good neck and satisfactory angulation, sound top-line and well muscled, when she settled she showed some glimpses of sound movement. 

3. Harford’s Mennimoonz Beatle Juice.

O 3(1)

1. Davies’ Bowcara Be My Guest JW. Really liked this handsome male of 3½ years old, of lovely quality, gorgeous head and expression, good front and nicely angulated all through, liked his body proportions and sound top-line, well muscled rear and good tail-set, he moved out well with confidence and attitude, turned out in the most immaculate of coats, BOB.

2. Harford’s Tuyet Elvis Wonder Of You at Mennimoonz. Another nice male of 5 years with expressive head, correct mouth and good muzzle, good feet and body proportions, nice tail-set and carriage, good angulation, just preferred the overall front of my winner, moved out well with confidence. 


P 3(1)

1. Kingaby’s Draigafon Army of One. 9 month old bitch with good head and kind expression, nicely angulated all through although would prefer a better outline overall, presented in profuse coat, good tail-set and carriage, she moved out ok, BP.

2. Holgate’s Layoli Midnight Gold at Pipaleen. 9 month old bitch where I preferred the head of my class winner, felt overall proportions were better with this bitch but not as well angulated as my class winner, good tail-set and carriage, she moved out well in profile. 

J 1(0)

1. Price/Leese/Barron’s Araki Santa Barbara. Loved this young bitch of 16 months, balanced head with lovely enquiring expression, very feminine with strong jaw and good bite, lovely angulation with good body proportions and sound, strong top-line, good tail-set and carriage, well muscled throughout, she moved out beautifully, in excellent, well prepared coat, BOB & G4. 

PG 1(0)

1. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Dazzled Storm JW. 19 month old bitch with balanced head proportions, good muzzle and kind eye, looked well in profile, nicely angulated front and rear with good muscle, strong top-line and good tail carriage, presented in excellent condition.

O 3(1)

1. Price/Leese/Barron’s Araki Brass Barabass. Nice male of 5 years presented in lovely coat, good head and body proportions, he looked well in outline both standing and moving, moved out with an easy, free stride and shown in immaculate condition.

2. Fenton’s Layoli Path Finding Magic. Well presented dog of 2½ years with kind, expressive head, good body proportions, sound top-line and well muscled, just felt he was carrying a little too much weight today which affected his overall balance on the move. 


J 4(1)

1. Schoneville’s Balvenie Eye Candy. Beautifully balanced bitch of 15 months with kind head and feminine expression, good eye and strong muzzle, correct body proportions and good depth of chest, well ribbed back and strong loin, nicely angulated, she moved out freely in all directions.

2. Brown’s Montalba Mister Teatime. Another nicely presented example of this breed, nearly 15 months and full of promise, handsome, expressive head with lovely eye, strong muzzle and another with correct body proportions and bone, moved out well with ease and presented in immaculate condition.

3. Wetton/Morris’ Kavacanne Bolt From The Blue.

PG 1(0)
1. Brudenell-Pryke’s Puddledub Pilis. 2 year old bitch with kind expression, felt she was a little wide in front and when moving, close behind, angulation ok but also felt a little long in back, moved out ok and was presented in clean, well muscled condition.

O 4(1)

1. Sielski’s Orchidstar Bolts Of Speed. Very handsome male of nearly 2 years, masculine head and gentle expression with strong muzzle and kind eye, nicely angulated front and rear with good depth of chest and well ribbed back, short, strong loin and correct body proportions, strong back, well muscled all through, this dog moved out effortlessly covering ground with ease, beautifully presented, my BOB & G1.

2. Schoneville’s Balvenie Double Diamond JW. Another beautifully presented male with masculine head, strong muzzle and good eye, nicely angulated all through with good body proportions, well muscled rear, he moved out well with good reach and drive.

3. Brown’s Newlands Pass to Montalba ShCM.


PG 1(0)

1. Donnelly’s Kimmax Who Kares Wins JW. Nicely presented bitch of good quality and substance, strong but feminine head with lovely enquiring expression, good depth of chest and sound body proportions, moved out well and showed some lovely movement in profile, well muscled and shown in good coat.

O 4(1)

1. McCullough’s Kimmax Kort In Action. 18 month old male, strongly made throughout with masculine, expressive head, strong muzzle, well proportioned with good bone, good depth of chest and well ribbed, short loin, well muscled rear, he moved out freely with good ground covering gait, presented in lovely condition, BOB & G3.

2. Donnelly’s Beechillawn Oooh Betty. Nicely made bitch of 5½ years with kind, expressive head. Well angulated throughout with good body proportions, good depth of chest and well ribbed, moved out well with good reach and drive but not quite as balanced on the move today as my class winner. 

3. McCullough’s Kimmax Kindly Stand Black.


O 2(1)

1. Davies’ Barbamor Starting On Monday. (Barbet). It was lovely to be able to get my hands on this 2½ year old bitch with such a lovely temperament, kind head and expression, strong neck with good front, level back, nicely balanced and constructed with good depth of chest and correct body proportions, moved out with ease, she was a pleasure to assess and always nice to see a very waggy tail!


P 5(1)

1. Bannister’s Ta An Neifinn at Banysun. Best AVNSC (P). (Spaniel (Irish Water). Beautiful bitch of 8 months, presented in immaculate condition, rich coat in beautiful condition, lovely feminine and expressive head with strong muzzle and good eye, strong neck leading into a sound front with excellent angulation throughout, strong top-line, she moved out with good reach and drive covering ground well, loved her! BAVNSC (P).

2. Glover’s Almondsbury In The Night at Mickcals. (Spaniel (American Cocker). 7 month old bitch turned out in the most immaculate of condition, feminine and expressive head, nicely angulated with good body proportions and well muscled, just needs to settle on the move to improve her overall performance. 

3. Langley’s Nelbekio High Hopes. (Lagotto Romagnolo).  

J 6(1)

1. Moore’s Brent Oyster Bay. (Spaniel (Welsh Springer). Nicely presented 14 month old bitch with feminine and expressive head, kind eye and good strength in muzzle, good bone, nicely angulated front and rear with good depth and length of rib, short, strong loin, good feet, moved out freely.

2. Elders’ Enryb Skye Blue. (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla). 16 month old bitch presented in lovely coat and condition, lovely feminine head and expression, straight front and beautifully angulated with correct bone, good depth and length of rib with short, strong loin, when settled she showed some very promising and sound movement.

3. Littlemore’s Inostricani Bell Ragazzo via Krismoor. (Italian Spinone).

PG 5(0)

1. Philipson’s Menstonia Meteor. (Spaniel (Welsh Springer). Lovely male of nearly 4 years, kind head with good eye and strong muzzle, strong neck leading into a good front assembly, nicely proportioned with good bone, moved out well covering ground with ease.

2. Weaver’s Dappleline Chance for Anniezu. (Pointer). Handsome 2 year old dog presented in fit and well muscled condition, good head, strong neck and well angulated front, good body proportions and depth of rib, good feet, moved out well.

3. Nelson’s Solipse Gelato Noce Di Cocco. (Lagotto Romagnolo).  

O 4(1)

1. Mason’s Morgan Van Freebreeze (imp NLD). (Pointer) 3 year old bitch, full of quality, feminine head and expression, strong well muscled neck leading into a good front assembly, straight front and good bone, good depth of chest and well ribbed back, short loin, presented in excellent, well toned condition, she moved out with ease covering the ground well. Best AVNSC.

2. Glover’s Nasailleen Roosevelt at Mickcals JW. Spaniel (American Cocker). Well presented male of 3½ years with appealing head and expression, nicely angulated with good body proportions, good rib and nice short loin, moved out well, in gleaming condition.  

3. Nelson’s Mizani Dioro over Savio. (Lagotto Romagnolo).  


V 12(7)

1. Sielski’s Orchidstar Xtra O’Live JW. (German Shorthaired Pointer). Nicely put together bitch of just 7 years, expressive and feminine head, nicely angulated front and rear with good depth of chest, well ribbed, in well muscled condition, she moved out well with good ground covering gait).

2. Nelson’s Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio ShCM. (Lagotto Romagnolo). Veteran of nearly 11 years in excellent condition, lovely head and enquiring expression, straight front and good angulation, nice body proportions and good bone, lovely coat, moved out very soundly and looking extremely fit and well.

3. Smith’s Flyenpyg Snout Like It. (Retriever (Labrador)).

GUNDOG GROUP: GSP, Pointer, GWP, Retriever (Golden)

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP: IWS, Retriever (Golden)

Cath Moffat (Judge)