• Show Date: 09/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Caroline Chambers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hampshire Gundog Society

Hampshire Gundog Society

Premier Open Show 9th April 2022

I would like to begin by thanking the committee of the Hampshire Gundog Society for the invitation to judge these lovely breeds today and for their hard work in providing a well-run show for all exhibitors. I was so fortunate in the quality of dogs that were entered. It was a real pleasure. Thank you also to all of the exhibitors that entered their dogs today for me to judge. I had a fabulous day.


Judge : Caroline Chambers (Hototo)

PD/B: (1/0) 1st BP/RBOB Mrs S D Loakes - Goldbirch Hearts Desire. At just under a year old this bitch was presented beautifully, in good correct coat. Very well balanced in appearance, good feminine head, super length of neck with a lovely arch of crest. Good front construction with good lay of shoulder. Nice spring of rib, well angulated hind quarters. Moved sound with energy whilst holding a good topline. SY: (0) PGD/B: (2/0) 1st Mrs S D Loakes – Goldbirch Mutiny. Another lovely bitch, very feminine in all aspects. Pretty, correct head, nice length of neck leading to a fabulous front construction, very well angulated with a good length of upper arm which allowed her to move with good reach. Well ribbed. Hocks well let down, good level tail set. Moved well with enthusiasm. 2nd Mrs S A Hoskin – Walshaw Watercolours. A lovely bitch again, slightly bigger than 1, Good head of good proportions, good length of neck, well-constructed throughout but slightly longer in loin than 1. Moved well and sound. OD/B (2/1) 1st BOB A handsome, mature dog of good substance and elegance. Well balanced, in full coat with substantial bone. Nicely angulated in front and hind, well sprung ribs, moved with ease.


Judge: Caroline Chambers (Hototo)

PD/B: 1st BP, RBOB Mr LE, Mr N &Mrs E Poynter- Hernwood Cooper King. A 10 moth old dog with a lovely outline for a young dog. Gorgeous head of correct size and development for his age. Front construction was good, well angulated. Good strong feet, well sprung ribs, super hind angulation and proportions. Moved well with enthusiasm and drive. 2nd Mr P, Mrs C A & Miss C Sandiford & Lewis – Hernwood Gin Fizz. Litter sister to 1st. A very appealing puppy with a good pretty feminine head. This bitch is also of good proportions and well balanced, a little less angulation to the front quarters than 1. Has excellent feet and good bone. Ribs well sprung and good hind quarters with a correct tail set and carriage. Moved well and balanced. SY D/B: (3/1) 1st /BOB, Mrs A, Ms T & Mrs E Phillips, Watkins & Miles Glenmaurangi Mandalorian JW. Wow! This dog owned the ring as soon as he walked in although he was giving his handler a hard time. A dog with substance throughout, in good coat and standing on excellent feet. Fabulous head with a good dark eye, good, clean lay of shoulder, well ribbed, well-constructed hind quarters which he used well on the move. This dog is definitely one to watch for the future. 2nd Mrs E M Ede – Burrought of Loch Leven at Glenarden Lovely dog, lighter in substance than 1. A good, pleasing head on a neck of good length. Front angles are good, nicely ribbed. Well angulated hind quarters with a good tail set. Moved well with ease. PG D/B: (2/0) 1st Mr R Nagaty- Marlbeck Maldini. Good head with correct ears and setting. Ribbing was good with a nice short loin. Adequate bone. Hocks well let down. Unfortunately, this dog did not move well for the runner as his handler couldn’t run with him. OD/B (1/1)


Judge: Caroline Chambers (Hototo)

PD/B (6/1) 1st BP Strudwick’s Burpham Lotties First Love. A lovely feminine bitch puppy 8.5 months with a pretty, pleasing head. Very nicely balanced in appearance with no excess in size, length, angulation or bone, just a nice sound puppy in good condition. Nice length of neck, nicely sprung rib, hind quarters of good proportions and nicely angulated. Moved well with balance. 2nd Murray’s Burpham Addicted To Love. Positions could easily change on another day as these 2 siblings are very alike. A good head with a pleasing eye. Well balanced again in appearance and not over done in any way. He stands on good strong feet with adequate bone. Well ribbed up. Moved well and true. SYD/B: 1st Bellamy’s Moontorn Better Half of Me.

A bitch with a good moulded head, good length of neck leading to a nicely laid shoulder. Nicely angulated behind, moved sound with good drive. PGD/B: (3/1) 1st RBOB Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Circus. A beautifully balanced, moderate dog of good proportions throughout. Good masculine head on a neck of good length leading well laid shoulders. Well ribbed with a lovely short loin. Hind quarters well angulated but not overdone. Moved well, enthusiastically but holding balance and top line. 2nd Slade’s Hightyne Fly Me To The Moon. Another lovely dog with a good moulded head and good eye shape and colour. Nice length of neck and good shoulder lay. Well sprung in rib but slightly longer in body than 1. Hind quarters well angulated. Moved well. OD/B (4/1) 1st BOB Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW. I loved this bitch, I have had the pleasure of judging her before and she still has what it takes. So well balanced with no exaggerations. She has a lovely feminine head on a good length of neck. Her shoulders are well laid and has good front angulations. Well ribbed up and a good short loin leading to well angulated hind quarters. This girl moved with balance, rhythm and ease. 2nd Bowen’s Clandrift Midnight Galaxy. I really like this bitch as well, bigger than 1 but still is very pleasing to the eye with balance throughout her construction and good strong bone. Good moulded skull with a good length of neck. Shoulders are well laid back. Well sprung in the rib. Moved well and true.