• Show Date: 30/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Caroline Chambers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/07/2022

South Yorkshire Hound Society

South Yorkshire Hound Society Open Show

Saturday 30th July 2022

Judge: Caroline Chambers (Hototo)

What a day! Firstly, I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge at this show. It was my first time at this show and venue. It was pleasant, friendly & extremely well organised. The committee looked after everyone, including me, so well, Thank you.

My other thanks go to my stewards for the day, well organised again, helpful and very friendly.

I was overwhelmed with my entry too, thank you to all the exhibitors that entered. I had some stunning dogs to judge, making many classes very difficult, however, I was very pleased with my final BOB, RBOB and BP winners. The crown was my Standard Smooth BOB and BP going BIS and BPIS. Congratulations.

Dachshund (Long-Haired).

PD/B: 3/1 1st BP/RBOB Vincent’s, Gainscroft Dashing Dudley – A stunning 11mth male, Shaded Red puppy, he stole the ring when he came in, showing grace and presence. This pup has a stunning masculine hound head with a lovely dark, correct shape eye. He has correct length of neck leading to a well laid shoulder, fabulous front & rear angles creating the two correct triangles. Good body length & depth with good length of rib. The movement on this pup shows how well he is made, super reach & drive, holding his top line throughout. 2nd Reid’s Cavallibrook Final Legacy at Maudaxi. Another quality Shaded Red dog puppy at 7.5 mnths. A very pleasing masculine hound head with a dark correct shape eye, Good length of neck, well laid shoulder, well developed pro sternum & correct angles in front. Well ribbed with good length of keel. Well angulated in the rear. Moved well and will definitely be a contender once he matures. PGD/B: 5/1 1st Fossett’s Brysdax Skyfall – A lovely feminine bitch with a super hound shaped head, dark eye of correct shape. This bitch is of lovely size & weight, is in good coat and stands on lovely tight feet. She has a super front construction of correct angles which match her rear quarters. She has super length of rib with a nice short loin. On the move, she moved well, driving well from the rear, moving parallel and holding her top line. 2nd Wedge’s Dolan Johnny Be Good. A very impressive looking male, coated in a deep Shaded Red in lovely condition. Another super masculine but pleasing hound head with dark eye colour of correct shape, good length of neck & well laid shoulders. Good pro sternum and angles front & rear. Nice level top line. Moved well but not quite as free as 1. 3rd Vincent’s Metadale Monica At Gainscroft OD/B 1st BOB Fossett’s Brysdax Mamma Mia. I couldn’t take my eyes off this bitch, a B&T girl of lovely size, weight & shape shown & presented in stunning coat. This bitch has such a pretty, feminine hound head with the most pleasing of eyes which were of dark colour & good shape. Good length of neck giving this girl elegance & style, leading to well laid shoulders & front assembly. Her ribbing is of excellent length with a short loin. Hind angles good with super return of stifle. Movement on this girl was lovely, graceful, elegant showing good reach & drive whilst holding her lovely top line. Very pleased to award her BOB. 2nd Paskin’s Cedavoch It’s Taboo at Kindeace. A strong contender to 1, A dog with a good masculine hound shaped head, well developed shoulder and front assembly, good strong feet. Well ribbed but shorter in rib than 1, hind angles good with good return of stifle. Moved out well and very sound. 3rd Kindeace Texas Ranger

Dachshund (Mini Long-Haired)

PD/B: 2/1 1st BP Birdsworth’s Ambyth New Kid In Town. A 7mth, Shaded Red bitch puppy. A puppy that was a little overawed by show ring but held it together well, giving the handler a bit of a hard time on the move. She has a lovely dark shade of Red, sleek coat. Her head is of good shape and has good teeth with correct scissor bite. A well-developed pro sternum and good length of keel. She stands on good, round feet. She struggled to move in the long grass due to her being so young, I am sure she will get the hang of it soon. PGD/B: 9/4 1st RBOB Carey’s, Honeysuckle Scent To Me Via Debbiejay. I just loved this Bitch, I had written in my notes “gorgeous”. Very eye catching with her Cream colour & superb dark eyes, dark pigment & lovely pretty hound head. Shown in good coat & of correct weight. Very well constructed both front & rear with hocks well let down. She has a good length of rib with a short loin. On the move she moved with grace & purpose, reaching & driving out well whilst holding her lovely top line. 2nd Mason’s Crownlake’s Queen Bee JW. Another lovely bitch who was a strong contender. Shown in a lovely B&T coat, she is of correct size & weight, has a very pretty head of correct shape with a lovely dark eye. Good front assembly with correct angles front & rear. Good length of rib, short loin leading to a good strong hind quarter. Good return of stifle, hocks well let down. Stands on good feet. Moved with an athletic gait whilst holding on to her top line. 3rd Shutt’s Starlight Angel of Donnadoon OD/B: 7/2 1st BOB Yates, Lyndarlea Just Brian of Irisdax. A stunning Black & Cream, male who is well coated & mature. He has a stunning masculine conical hound shaped head with a lovely kind, dark eye of correct almond shape. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder with good angulation in front. Good length of rib with a substantial length of keel. Hind quarters are well angulated. On the move he was athletic, balanced & yet moved with purpose & drive whilst holding a stable correct top line. 2nd Mason’s Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckeltown. Another lovely Shaded Red bitch in a good coat & well presented. Little between 1 & 2 . She has a super hound shaped head with dark, correctly shaped, kind eye & expression. She has superb front construction giving correct angles. She is very slightly longer in body than 1 but is still well balanced throughout. Movement was straight & sound holding her top line throughout. 3rd Talbot’s, Irisdax Star Alistair Robin.

Standard Smooth-Haired Dachshund

PD/B: 1/0 1st BOB, BP. Paterson’s Cwmdarhian The Mistress. This 10mth B&T bitch puppy has the most adorable, exquisite head & expression. Her head is of correct shape & size with the most appealing dark eyes. She has a good length of neck leading to a well laid shoulder placement. Her front angles are correct with a well-developed pro sternum. She is well ribbed both in depth & length with a short loin. She has good return of stifle from well angulated rear quarters. Movement on this girl was effortless, moving freely & true. I am honoured to say this girl went BIS and BPIS. PGD/B 1/0 1st RBOB. Allen’s Zoraden Jemima Puddle Duck. A pretty B & T bitch who was well presented. A bitch of good size & shape with a well-developed pro sternum. Front angles were all good as are the hind quarters. Moved out well holding a level top line drove well but not as well as 1

Mini Smooth-Haired Dachshund

PD/B: 4/2 1st Kent’s, Lokmadi Oh What A Circus. A very pretty 7mth B&T bitch puppy with a correct shaped head & super dark eye. She has a good length of neck with well laid shoulders. Her pro sternum is very well developed. Well ribbed leading to a well angulated rear quarter. Moved well. 2nd Downie’s Marvale Kingfisher. A very young 6mths old Red male puppy, he has a super classic shape head with a kind almond shaped dark eye. Good length of neck leading to a well laid shoulder, good front assembly with a well-developed pro sternum. Good level top line. Moved well, however 1 has a stronger hind movement. PGD/B: 7/3 1st BP. Kent’s Lokmadi Glorious Twelfth. A super 10.5 mth B&T bitch puppy who is quite mature. This puppy is so well balanced, she has a very pretty correct shape head a dark eye. She has a good length of neck and well laid shoulder. Good hind angles which gave her her excellent drive. She maintained a good top line throughout. 2nd Mason’s Collidach Hot Springs at Teckeltown. Another fabulous Brindle bitch with a stunning correct head & super pretty dark eyes. This bitch has a good length of neck, well laid shoulders & front construction. Her top line is good as is her underline (not often seen this in this variety today). She moved out well holding her top line, however her hind action was not as strong as 1 today. 3rd Hutchings & Price’s, Collidach Splish Splash OD/B: 9/1 1st BOB Kent’s, Lokmadi With A Dragon Tattoo. A stunning Red Brindle bitch with a gorgeous shape hound head, very pleasing dark eye colour with almond shape. She has a good length of neck, well laid shoulder placement, accurate front angles, good pro sternum, good shaped crook & a good length of keel. Hind quarter angulation was correct and well let down hocks. Moved athletically & soundly fore & aft whilst holding top line. 2nd RBOB Fossett’s Lokmadi Peggy Sue for Brysdax. I judged & awarded this Shaded Red bitch as a puppy & I am pleased to place her highly as an adult. She fought hard for a 1st & BOB. She has such a beautiful head, eye & expression. Well balanced throughout with good angles front & rear. She has a good pro sternum, good length of keel & good length of rib which gives this girl a good underline to match her level topline. Moved with athleticism, eagerness & drive. 3rd Russell’s Foxearth Tiger Roll.

Dachshund (Wire-Haired)

PD/B: 0/0. PGD/B: 5/2 A very strong class of good quality dogs. 1st RBOB Moore’s Derochaise Black Cherry Cloudside. At just 12 months, this B&T bitch is showing huge potential. She has a pretty, feminine head with a dark almond shaped eye with a kind expression. She has a fabulous front construction with good upper arm length that gave her good reach on the move. She has good keel & rib length giving her a pleasing top & under line. Hind angles are good with well let down hocks. On the move she is effortless, covering the ground with excellent reach & drive. 2nd Smith’s Salixian Russian Caravan. A very handsome, Wild Boar dog. He has lovely head shape & expression with a kind dark eye. Presented in a fabulous wire jacket. He has good strong bone. His ribbing is good as is his keel length. The top line on this dog is fabulous with correct & elegant hind quarters with good angles. On the move he is sound & true, driving well throughout. A close call between 1 & 2 but has shorter upper arm than 1 therefore less reach on the move. 3rd Eldred’s Derdledash Naughty Neptune JW. OD/B: 4/1 1st BOB Hutchings, CH Collidach Brooke Ling. Super quality dogs in this class, a difficult decision, however, this Red bitch is just fabulous. She has a typical Wire Dachshund head shape with extremely dark pigment & eyes to compliment her colouring, giving a soft, kind expression. Her neck length is good, leading to well laid shoulders & a fabulous front assembly with correct length of shoulder to upper arm. She is well ribbed giving her a short loin. Her hind quarters are beautifully angulated with well let down hocks. This bitch really excels on the move, her reach is outstanding with the hind quarters driving her along. Her top line held throughout. 2nd Smith’s, Salixian En Rouge. Yet again another superb mature Red male. This boy has matured beautifully. Shown in a harsh, dark red wire jacket. He has a super shape of head & eye with good dark pigment. He has good length of neck. His ribbing is of good length & depth, giving him a good length of keel & a short loin. He has good hind angles with hocks well let down. On the move he is effortless in his gait, he drives very well from behind holding a good top line although not the reach as 1. 3rd Coverley’s, Aventine Amarela

Dachshund (Min Wire-Haired)

PGD/B: 4/0 1st BP RBOB Dance’s, Emem Solar Power. 10.5mth Wild Boar Male puppy with the most gorgeous head & expression. Presented in good harsh wire coat. He has a good length of neck, leading to well laid shoulders. He is well ribbed with good keel. Hind angulation is good. He moved with vigour & purpose whilst holding a good top line. 2nd Clements, Springdac Hip Hop. A Wild Boar bitch at only 6mths. She again, has a lovely head & expression, with kind dark eyes. Good length of neck, good front assembly & angles. Hind quarters are well angulated which gave him good drive on the move. Solid top line throughout. 3rd Stephenson’s Bothlyn Sweet Missy At Wistex PGD/B: 0/0 OD/B: 3/2 1st BOB Dance’s Emem Letty Bee Sunshine. This is an extremely pretty Wild Boar Bitch. She has eyes & expression to die for. She is beautifully balanced throughout with an excellent wire jacket. Both front & rear assembly match, good length of rib and has a fabulous top line. She moved with vigour & purpose, her hind quarters powering her along. Fabulous.

Judge Caroline Chambers (Hototo)