• Show Date: 13/08/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Sedgefield & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Sedgefield & District Agricultural Society


Golden Retriever

Puppy (6,1abs)

Such a shame we had to stop part way through judging the class due to traffic delays. I moved all of the puppies again and my decision had to take in this final moving.

1st Sloan Palmonas Glitterball. Pale cream bitch of 9 months with the most femnine head and expression, good length to muzzle and plenty of backskull. Loved her balanced ratios, clean neck and shoulder and strong topline. Moved out cleanly every time showing great footfall. BP and delighted to hear she took PG1

2nd Ellis Tenfield Sparkling Sunrise. Mature youngster with a pleasing head and eye. Standing I was very taken with her as she showed lovely balance on strong legs and feet. Unsettled on the move with change of handler so not as tidy in rear action. I was very disappointed with the poor sportsmanship of the owner refusing to bring her into the junior class.

3rd Bell Hoaaloha Ahyoka

Junior (9, 5 abs 1 wd)

1st James Tsarmont Starlet 13 month bitch with a very pretty feminine in head with dark eyes, lovely width of skull and great pigmentation. Clean and balanced in angulation, just a little coltish in appearance at the moment but so sound and true on the move

2nd Keay & Youngson Treeveville Coastguard (AI). Upstanding male, all masculine in head with good width of skull and a powerful neck. Plenty of bone and substance and lots of drive on the move but he was a little bit too proud of his tail today.

3rd Curley & McPherson Sanichia Steamy Windows

PGrad (8, 6 abs 1 wd)

1st James Tsarmont Starlet (Repeat)

Open (8, 6 abs)

1st Ewart Beaupippin Dusky Lilac. Classy mature bitch of a lovely golden colour. Good length to muzzle with a soft expression from a well shaped eye. Flowed beautifully through the neck and shoulder with a deep well sprung rib. Broad stifles gave a strong driving movement and lovely profile action BOB and I hear Group 2 as well congratulations

2nd James Tsarmont Starlet


Open (2, 1 abs)

1st Chandler Chanangel Jo Sugden JW 16 month dog with a beautiful rich red and pearly white coat. Attractive, balanced head with a kind eye and correct ear .Of good size with a deep chest and firm over the loins giving a correct topline,In lovely muscular condition he moved freely and easily covering the ring well. BOB


Grad (1)

1st White & Keith Codnorhawk Dolly Daydream 9 month L/W bitch of good size. Plenty of foreface and a soft well shaped eye, strong through the neck and shoulder with plenty of depth, for me she was a little too heavy but strode out well on strong legs and feet. BP

Open (1)

1st Barker & Hart-Simm Ragus Let’s Get Moving to Flinthill. Mature B/W dog with a masculine slightly dished head. Well set on ear, good reach of neck which flowed into his topline, plenty of rib underneath. .Driving movement on clean boned legs with a lashing tail BOB


Junior (1)

1st Chandler Elazlan Tribal Craft. 7 month B/W dog and a joy to go over with a delightfully charming personality. Super head and eye, giving that gorgeous soft expression, with the promise of chiseling and fluting, lovely arched neck flowed into well set shoulders, cracking topline for a youngster. Well shaped rear with plenty of muscle, he showed a true action on the move, just a little playful at times. BP and later PG2

Open (1)

1st Calvert Calvdale Ever Thus JW. Eye catching mature L/W dog with a classic outline. Fabulous head, masculine but not coarse in any way, fairly broad, slightly rounded skull with stop. Lovely almond shaped eyes of a dark enough colour, giving the most kind expression with correct chiseling. Beautifully proportioned throughout with a strong topline leading to well muscled quarters giving driving movement BOB and delighted to hear he took the Gundog Group


Open (4, 2abs)

1st Grant-Shaw Coedhelyg It’s Cold Outside. Pretty bitch, a little overwhelmed to start with but I managed to get over her. Feminine wedge shaped head with a bright eye and well set ear. A little light in body at the moment but has lots of promise, she showed a clean true movement with plenty of spring in her step. BOB

2nd Brand Coedhelyg Jingle All The Way. Litter brother to 1st and masculine where she is feminine. Typey head with bright eye and correct width to skull. Strong level back and good depth of chest. He really did not settle on the move being far to interested in what had been on the ground

Carol Moore (Gadhelic)