• Show Date: 09/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Gilbert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Assoc. Premier Open Show

Sat 11 June

Golden Retrievers

Judge Carol A Gilbert

Puppy Dog 1

Mrs E Coad’s Tinklersroc Bon Bon

1. What a super puppy! Good head and eye, strong well boned youngster in full coat; Well made and totally balanced throughout and moved soundly accurately and with drive, very close up in the challenge, just not quite as settled as the winner, at his and his owners first ever show - also celebrating his birthday today - what a way to do it Res Best Dog, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show.

Junior Dog 0

Novice Dog 1

 1 . Mr Mrs and Miss Thomas’ Santandore Blonde Over Blue.

Good head and eye on this youngster but coat very much on the blow today Moves well.

Graduate Dog 3

1. Miss C Bawden’s Balsamina Beachcomber at Darthill JW

Lovely blonde boy with a kind head and eye, maturing nicely into his well made frame balanced outline with strong level topline held on the move and moving with drive. Best Dog and BOB

2. Miss M Chappell’s Creekside Royal Nuptials. Darker dog with a strong but pleasing head and good eye moved very well with plenty of drive.

3. Santandore Blonde Over Blue

Post Graduate Dog 1

1 Creekside Royal Nuptials

Limit Dog

1. Mrs & Miss Main’s Denmarella Mr Bright Skies over Gwyngala

Very exuberant young man thoroughly enjoying his day, which made it difficult to assess his movement but still showing plenty of drive. Well made body and strong topline, good head and eye and lovely rich gold coat.

Open Dog 2

1. Tinklersroc Bon Bon

2. Creekside Royal Nuptials

Puppy Bitch 0

Junior Bitch 1

1. Mr & Mrs Bennetts’ Creekside Durgan Duchess

Pretty 12 month old lady in good coat, Pleasing head and eye and moved well.

Novice Bitch 4 (2abs)

1. Mrs E Bond’s Trebell Tiddlywink

Pretty gold girl with good head and eye presenting a well balanced outline with strong topline, excellent turn of stifle and good tail carriage. Moved accurately but without enthusiasm.

2. Mrs S Gebhard’s Trebell Tamarind Truffle.

Rich gold bitch with a good topline and moving extremely well and with good drive but sadly carrying too much weight today.

Graduate Bitch 3 ( 1abs )

1. Mrs S Gebhard’s Calcarey Ragamuffin Rose.

Very attractive, mature lady in rich gold coat, with a firm topline, pleasing head and good eye who moved extremely well driving from well boned legs and covering her ground well . Best Bitch and Best Opposite sex.

2. Trebell Tiddlywink

Post Graduate Bitch 0

Limit Bitch 1 ( 1 Abs )

Open Bitch 2 ( 2 Abs )