• Show Date: 09/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Beth Pilkington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Heywood & Radcliffe Canine Society


I would like to thank the brilliant committee, my wonderful steward but more significantly the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge such a beautiful breed. I was amazed by the entry both the numbers and the quality.

 P 5 (1 abs): 1. Riding-Smith’s Cobyco Cream Soda; A stunning puppy bitch, so well put together for 9 months, she looks at you with a gentle expression & bright eyes, has a lovely deep chest, strong pasterns and well-muscled thighs, holds stunning curvy top-line shown off well on the move, she come towards you with a true front action, I would have liked a little less weight on her, and the bitch wasn’t handled to her full potential but couldn’t deny her quality (BP). 2. Disley’s Falconcrag Take A Look; A beautiful eye-catching puppy, very showy & caught my eye as soon as she strutted into the ring. Has a good amount of muscle for such a young puppy showing off her well defined outline & elegance on the move. The puppy has not at this stage got the correct complete scissor bite, but this may change as she develops, also not the forechest of 1 but again this can be forgiven in a puppy, and it should develop with maturity. 3. Wilkinson’s Silkridge Saffron.

 J 6 (2 abs): 1. Williams’s Eryri Popkins; This bitch has a well-defined jaw, a lovely slope from the top of the head to stop. She has an amazing typical top line that caught my eye instantly, a defined tuck and great length of rib. She has a long, elegant stride showing a strong back end carried by the strong thigh muscle, would have liked a bit of a bit more development in forechest but all together a well-balanced bitch. 2. 1st in puppy. 3. Wilkinson’s Silkridge Saffron. 

 PG 3: 1. Lister & Swarbrick’s Edenwhip High Cup Nick; I loved this bitch straight away with her complete shape which is stunning & so typical, gorgeous alert eyes looked at me from her pretty feminine head, colour has never been a bother for me, but I adore the markings of white against the darker fawn, elegant but strong neck, well placed shoulders leading onto a curvy topline, her fit condition showed as she moved out on a good sound stride. 2. William’s Eryri Celtic Dream; Another pretty bitch, attractive head with good jaw definition and a beautiful ear that were well placed, does not have the neck or rib length of the first but has a lovely curvy topline with the typical slope and lovely tuck to compliment this, well-muscled throughout, she didn’t have the longest stride but was very efficient and elegant moving around the ring. 3. Watson’s Stoneroll Love In Motion

 O 7: 1. Wilkinson’s Citycroft Starfall JW; She was my clear winner as soon as she came into the ring, she had the wow factor and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her, throughout the whole class she stood out for me with her perfect balance and shape, beautiful head and expression, well defined muscles on back, shoulders and thighs, then she set off on the move and she has a beautiful long stride never putting a foot wrong, I was certainly happy to give this bitch best of breed and when I watched her get 2nd in the hound group I was very proud. 2. Brown’s Collooney Why Eye Man At Tamelden; This dog had a beautiful typical head with a lovely slope at the stop creating a gentle expression, I adored the angles on this dog when he was stood, has well-placed shoulders, holds a typical topline stood & moving, he was sound on the move but didn’t seem as confident as he could be but echoey venues are not the most comfortable environment for any dog, not a flashy boy but had all the right features & very typical of the breed. 3. Storey and Read’s Siam Princess.