• Show Date: 01/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern English Setter Society


1st MAY 2022

Judge: Anthony Allen

I would like to that the committee for the invitation and the exhibitors who attend, I really enjoyed my day out. I had some lovely top-class dogs to judge on the day.

After discussion with the show management, we agreed that the grass ring would be to slippy, but as we still preferred to be outside it was decided to have a ring on the car park area. Unfortunately, some of the dogs really didn’t like the surface and didn’t move as well as when I have seen them before.

To make some general observation, there were a number of light eyes creeping in, which can detract from that beautiful English Setter expression. Also, there were a few suspect mouths and some very gay tails, please be aware of these things as you breed on.

Veteran Dog

1st Sorbus Storm Rider

Lovely boy who defies his 7 years, stylish and clean in outline. Masculine head with a lovely eye and expression. Clean neck and shoulder line, decent lay back of shoulder and return of forearm. Stands on well boned legs and good depth to chest. Level topline, correct bend of stifle and rear angulation. He did enough on the move but didn’t have the fluidity of the youngsters in the challenge to go any further which was a shame.

Puppy Dog or Bitch

1st Wansleydale Maybee

What an exciting prospect this young man is, I thought he was a lovely typy puppy of 11 months. He has a masculine head of good proportions and a dark eye giving a soft and gentle expression. Good through the neck and shoulder and desired return of forearm. Ribs well back and correct depth to forechest. Has the right amount of substance throughout for his age. Once settled he put his well-made quarters to use with a free driving action. In the challenge he was very close to taking the top spot, but he was a little unsettled on the stack so had to take the runner up spot. Reserve Best Dog, Best Puppy Dog and later Best Puppy in Show, congratulations. He should have a bright future ahead of him.

Junior Dog

1st Tatterset Golden Sunrise

14-month orange boy who is pleasing in outline. Masculine in head, good reach of neck and well angulated front assembly, although I would like a little more return of upper arm. Stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Ribs well back and quarters developing well for his age. Movement was accurate but needs a little more forward extension to complete the picture.

Yearling Dog

1st Tatterset Golden Sunrise

Graduate Dog

1st Goldbrich Swashbuckler

Tri boy who won the class on his movement where he had the more accurate footfall. Pleasing in head, good through the neck and shoulders, presents a balanced picture with good height to length ratio. Decent front assembly, with a good lay back of shoulder. Good finish to the croup and quarters well-muscled.

2nd Valsett Starlite Sky Storm with Ferngate

Smart clean outline on this chap. Masculine in head, eyes need to darken to complete the picture. Good reach of neck, not quite the front assembly of the winner but enough lay-back. Needs to drop into his chest which he will do with age. Ribs well back and good finish to the croup. Movement was accurate but was untidy as he came towards me, but I think his handler was holding him back.

Post Grad Dog

1st Ravensett Giovanni

Very honest orange boy with a tidy outline. Masculine in head with a lovely kind expression. Clean reach of neck and well angulated front, depth to the forechest and ribs have a decent spring to them, firm through the loin. Quarters well developed with a moderate bend of stifle and good muscle tone. Good finish to the croup. Moved with an open side gait and excelled in the challenge to take Best Dog, congratulations.

Limit Dog

A tough class as some of the dogs I like on the stack just weren’t moving as they should today, and this reflected in the placings.

1st Dalreavoch Northern Caper

Dark blue boy who won the class on his movement. Pleasing in head, good through the neck and shoulders, presents a balanced picture with good height to length ratio. Good front assembly, finish to the croup and quarters well-muscled. Needs to get his head together on the stack as he lost his shape in the challenge.

2nd Wansleydale Dorian Grey JW

Thought this dog would be the class winner on my first look round but he just wasn’t flowing on the move, he kept hitching to one side and just didn’t have a fluid action. I am not sure if it was the ring surface that was bothering him, but he unfortunately he just wasn’t right today. Lovely typy tri boy. Pleasing in head and eye, lovely clean neck fitting well into shoulder line. Straight front and enough depth to forechest. Ribs well back and correct depth to forechest. Moderate quarters.

3rd Bumblecorn Ash of Tattay

Junior Bitch

1st Goldbirch Heart’s Desire

Really lovely tri bitch twelve and a half months with a lot of potential. On the move she excels, which is where she won this class. I liked her overall shape and style, very clean in outline, beautiful head piece on her with plenty of work, clean neck in to well set shoulder. Needs to fill out in body and drop into her front to complete the picture, she wis here she should be for her age. Quarters well developed. Needs to firm up in topline but I think that is an age thing. Very graceful on the move with a free-flowing action and super head carriage.

2nd Channa Golden Rose

Feminine with the right amount of substance. Lovely head and expression. Well-made throughout and with the right body proportions for her age. She wasn’t quite with it on the move today, but I could see a good side gait, just needs to tighten in front as she matures.

3rd Tattersett Dark Amber

Yearling Bitch

1st C. Golden Rose

2nd Tattersett Dark Amber

This 13-month-old young lady stood third in the junior class. I really liked but her head was not in the game today and she just didn’t get going on the move. In terms of development, she is where she should be for her age with a good overall shape and finish to her. Head pleasing, neck clean in to a decent lay-back of shoulder. Body proportions good for her age with balanced angles front and rear and super quarters.

Graduate Bitch

1st Tattersett Swiss Storm at Suthron

I really liked this two-year-old lady, I found her very elegant. A real typy bitch. Lovely head shape, well moulded and balanced, being critical I would like her eyes a shade darker. Clean reach of neck which fitted neatly into her well placed shoulders, good return of forearm, enough forechest and well ribbed back. Firm through the loin and had a correct topline. Super finish to the croup and tail set spot on. Quarters were well developed with a good bend of stifle. Stands on good legs and neat feet. On the move she had good footfall.

2nd Channa Golden Rose

3rd Tatterett Rainswept

Post Grad Bitch

1st Wansleydale Bedazzled at Caleydene

Tri lady who presents a pleasing outline. Pretty head and expression, good thought the neck and shoulder, and a good return of upper arm. Straight front, good depth to forechest, well bent stifles and lovely tail action on the move. Moved out well

2nd Rachdale Ribbons of Pearls

Two-year-old orange bitch who was giving a lot away in maturity to the winner. Decent outline on her, balance angles front and rear. Clean neck into shoulder and good through the rib and loin, quarters developing well. Would have just liked a little more substance and drive on the move.

Limit Bitch

1st Mariglen Xara at Monaysbridge

Feminine head with a good eye and expression. Good neck and lay of shoulder, depth to forechest and straight front. Ribs well back and sprung and correct length of loin. Developed quarters and good bend of stifle, firm correct topline which was held on the move. Not quite as fluid on the move in the challenge today.

Open Bitch

1st Sh Ch Goldbirch Wings of Desire

Stunning tri that I could have easily taken home with me, so clean and balanced in outline and she just flows. She has and the right amount of substance. Feminine head with a dark eye but she has a hint of mischief in her as she looks back at you. Good reach of neck which fits well into her correctly placed shoulders, balanced angles fore and aft and super body proportions. She moved so well gliding around the ring with accuracy of footfall and gracefully with an open side gait and I could not deny her Best Bitch and later Best in Show. Thank you for bringing her.

2nd Sh Ch Rachdale Elegance

Another top-class girl. Beautiful head and eye, clean reach of neck which led into well placed shoulders and desired return of upper arm. Depth to forechest and firm through the loin, stifles well bent and in super hard condition. She moves well covering the ground well and with an accurate footfall. Just didn’t quite have the verve of the winner so had to be content with the runner up spot. Reserve Best Bitch and then Reserve Best in Show.

3rd Mariglen Sweet Pea