• Show Date: 22/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Of England Gundog Club


22ND MAY 2022

Judge Anthony Allen

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge BIS at South of England Gundog, it was a lovely well-run show. I was thrilled with the BIS line up, so many quality dogs were sent through from the breed rings, I really was spoilt for choice and I was splitting hairs for the final placings.

Best in Show was the English Setter Sh Ch Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM ShCEX, who just flowed around the ring, I could not deny her the top spot. For Reserve Best in Show I selected the Italian Spinone Affilato the Other Woman, absolutely super on the move demonstrating that very typical free action. I awarded Best in Show 3 to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sh Ch Arnac Bay Hebe, so typical of the breed and sound as a pound on the move. For Best in Show 4 it was the young Irish Water Spaniel Stanegate Hey It’s Bianca, a very typy bitch, who has the most lovely head and expression.

Best Puppy in Show was the Weimaraner Kalimor Dottie. I saw her as she walked in the ring and my opinion was confirmed as I got my hands on her, a top-class young lady, she really has all the essentials. If she carries on growing in this vein, I think she will have a bright future ahead of her. For Reserve Best Puppy in Show, I selected the smart Golden Retriever Marsabit Tinkerbell for Leititia, I loved her balance and proportions and super action on the move. Best Puppy in Show 3 was the Bracco Italiano Camelia Della Radura Von Lloydrose, who although very young really demonstrated that elastic gate I was looking for. Best Puppy in Show 4 the English Springer Spaniel Dexbenella Double Oh Seven who presented the most super shape on the stack.

Irish Red & White Setters


1st Sh Ch Taxus Golden Prince in Balbriggan JW

Stood alone but what a very smart boy, nearly seven and has everything in the right place. I was not surprised to see that he has his title. Well-made chap, super outline on the stack. Good overall balance with correct angles fore and aft. Pleasing in head with a good shape. Strong in neck which led into well placed shoulders. Good front assembly, firm in top line and strong through the loin. Well-made quarters with moderate bend of stifle. On the move he had accurate footfall both in profile and fore and aft. Best of Breed

German Wirehaired Pointers


This was a lovey class with three super ladies competing, who it transpired were mother and her two daughters. A close decision.

1st Glenquin Athena. BOB.

I thought this was a very smart bitch, three years old and has everything in the right place. Head well proportioned, with a dark eye that enhanced her feminine expression. Neck strong, into a good front assembly. Stands on good legs and feet. Body of balanced proportions with ribs well sprung. Level topline. Quarters well angulated, stifles well bent. Coat harsh and shown in really good condition. Of the three she had the best action on the move, with a good action fore and aft, and in profile. Really smart lady Best of Breed.

2nd Glenquin Enyo

Very similar in type and make up to the winner, a very typy bitch with a clean outline. Scores in outline and balance. Well-made body and super quarters, just a shade shorter in forearm and not as fluid on the move as her sister.

3rd Sh Ch / Bel Ch Canis Fortuna Harda

English Setters


1st Juldeane Prime Suspect (AI)

Masculine in head, good reach of neck and a decent front assembly although I would like a little more lay back of shoulder. Stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Ribs well back and quarters developing well. Movement was accurate but needs a little more forward extension to complete the picture.

2nd Goldbirch Mutiny

Orange girl who presents a pleasing outline. Refined head and expression, good through the neck and shoulder, and a good return of upper arm. Straight front, good depth to forechest, well bent stifles and lovely tail action on the move. Moved out well but preferred the head of the winner.


1st Sh Ch Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM ShCEX. BOB.

Stunning tri that I could have easily taken home with me, so clean and balanced in outline and she just flows. She has the right amount of substance. Feminine head with a dark eye but she has a hint of mischief in her as she looks back at you. Good reach of neck which fits well into her correctly placed shoulders, balanced angles fore and aft and super body proportions. A bit of a fidget on the stack but she moved so well gliding around the ring with accuracy of footfall and gracefully with an open side gait. I could not deny her Best of Breed and later Best in Show.

2nd Sorbus Dance the Night Away

Smart orange boy with a tidy outline. Masculine in head with a lovely kind expression. Clean reach of neck and decent amount of front angulation, good depth to the forechest and ribs have a decent spring to them, firm through the loin. Quarters well developed with a moderate bend of stifle and good muscle tone. Good finish to the croup. Moved out well, unlucky to meet the winner today. Reserve Best of Breed.

3rd Ravensett Golden Charm

Cocker Spaniels


1st Zakova Sundance Kyd at Sabaloo. BPIB.

Smart type of puppy, nine months old and everything is progressing in the right direction, good overall balance and pleasing outline. Masculine in head which has good proportions and overall balance. Neck fits cleanly into well set shoulders, decent return of forearm. Compact body of good proportions, ribs springing nicely, well-made quarters with well bent stifles. Moved out well, had the best action in the class and won Best Puppy on his movement.

2nd Stobytill Bootylicious

Another promising puppy, not as together as the winner, giving a lot away in maturity. I liked her feminine head and expression, very appealing. Decent front assembly on her, stands on good legs and feet. Body well proportioned and quarters well made, stifle well bent and hindquarters well rounded. Not as fluid on the move as the winner and didn’t hold her top-line as well which cost her the class.

3rd Griffial Love Rescue Me


1st Brackenjack Bit of Allsorts at Beckaby

Very feminine bitch of good overall type, head is beautiful with a lovely eye and expression. Neck clean, well laid shoulders, I would like a tad more upper arm. Body well made, ribs well sprung and good topline. Quarters well developed with stifles well bent. Moved soundly, needs a little more forward extension to complete the picture.

2nd Esqueen Following Star at Babtonkelpie (Imp Pol)

Just 12 months and giving a lot away in maturity to the winner. Held a decent shape on the stack, head well developed, not quite as clean in neck and shoulder as the winner. Decent front assembly, good lay back, stands on well boned legs and good feet. Ribs well spring and short loin. Quarters good, good bend of stifle. Accurate footfall but didn’t hold her topline on the move today.


1st Annilann Miss Magic Star at Beckaby

A very typy bitch who has a lot to like about her, head feminine with a lovely kind expressive eye. Clean in neck, good lay back of shoulder, a tad short in forearm. Stands on well boned legs and super feet. Ribs well spring and firm in loin. Enough quarters. Good action on the move, just not quite as fluid at the winner in the open class today.

2nd Stobytill We’re Gonna Rock

Another typy one; young dog with a lot to like about him, he is a bit narrow at the moment and needs to fill out his frame which he should do as he matures. He has a good head piece, masculine expression and plenty of work. Clean in neck into a good front assembly, well boned legs. Body of good proportions and quarters well angulated, super bend of stifle. Lost his shape on the stack at the end, good on the move.

3rd Rozamie Black Pearl


A challenging class, a couple that I liked on the stack would not play ball on the move, I think that they found the floor difficult.

1st Stobytill After the Storm. BOB.

Smart boy with a good overall shape and outline, in super condition and presented superbly. He has a lovely masculine head and expression, clean in neck into a well assembled front. Good depth to chest and stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Good compact body, ribs well sprung. Quarters well developed with a good bend of stifle. Scored on movement in the class with a good action and held his shape and topline. Pleased to award him Best of Breed.

2nd Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby JW. RBOB

Did very well under me as a puppy and was pleased to see him here as the finished article. Lovely clean shape on him, would have just liked a little bit more of him all through. His head is of balanced proportions, clean neck, shoulder well laid back, depth to chest. Compact in body and good in topline. Decent quarters on him, stifles well bent. Never got going on the move today, just wasn’t as fluid at the winner and that cost him the class.

3rd Molkara Faustus at Brimbeck

Spaniel (Clumber)


1st Abbyford Lady Merry of Ivale. BP. RBOB.

A lovely baby of eight months, just finding her way in the show ring and needs a little more confidence. At this age she has everything in the right place and is developing very nicely. Good overall shape on her and very well balanced. Head developing nicely, good through the neck in to well set shoulders. Legs straight and well boned. Body well proportioned, good through the ribs and loin. Quarters developing nicely with stifles well bent. Had a good action on her, once she finds her feet she will do well.


1st Anbrook Don’t Stop Me Now at Harrifield. BOB.

I thought this two-year-old young man was very smart. Typical head and expression, masculine and in proportion, not overdone in any way. Strong through the neck which led into correctly placed shoulders, correct angles fore and aft. Standing on well boned legs. Body developing well for his age, ribs springing nicely and good through the loin. Quarters developing well. Held his top line throughout. Delighted to award him Best of Breed.

Special Veteran 7-9 Years

1st Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire at Tolisty JW ShCM ShCEX VW. Best Special Veteran.

Old favourite of mine who has done well under me on a number of occasions, great to see him as a veteran and that he has kept his shape and outline. Classic head piece of correct shape and definition, lovely dark eye. Strong through the neck which led on to a super angulated front, shoulders well set and standing on good legs and neat feet. Good depth to the body, ribs well sprung and loin muscular. Level in top line. Quarters well-made and muscled, stifles well bent. Very impressive action in profile and fore and aft. Correct tail carriage on the move. Coat good. Took the top spot over a super WSS who I liked very much.

2nd Sh Ch Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM

A very elegant bitch who has also done well under me before. Lovely head shape with the right amount of work to give a beautiful feminine expression. Super neck in to well set shoulders, correct return of upper arm to give good front angulation. Ribs well sprung and a muscular loin. Quarters have balanced angles and are well developed with stifles well bent. Just carrying a shade too much weight and not quite the verve of the winner but lovely to see her again.

3rd Rojoys Chase the Dream JW ShCM

Special Veteran 10+ Years

Some lovely golden oldies in this class, it was a pleasure to judge, thank you for bringing them.

1st Molkara Vuvuzela ShCM

What a lovely lady she is, totally belies her 11 (nearly 12 years) and in fabulous condition, a real credit to her owner. She has the most beautiful head, with melting expression, moderate neck into well set shoulders, firm topline, well ribbed, stands super tight feet. Moved around the ring with drive and put some of the youngsters to shame with her positive movement. Shown in excellent coat condition, she is an absolute credit to her owner.

2nd Aymsbury Akaysha

Another 11-year-old showing the youngsters how to do it. She has a super outline on the stack and still has the most super topline. Her head is attractive, she has a kind eye and a lovely feminine expression. Clean neck in to well set boulders, stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Body of good proportions and super quarters. Really enjoying her day out, another that is a real credit to her owner.

3rd Fanshon Lawdy Miss Clawdy Taffi (Imp Nld)