• Show Date: 27/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gundog Club Of North Wales

Gundog Club of North Wales

27th March 2022

Judge: Anthony Allen

German Shorthaired Pointer


1st Fayemm treacle Tart with Winterwell (AI)

What a smart lady she is, so well together for her young age. She has a super outline and balance. I really liked her head and expression. Neck into shoulders is excellent, leading into a super front assembly with the correct lay of shoulder. Standing on straight legs and correctly place elbows. Good depth of chest for her age, firm back. Quarters are well made, stifles well bent. She had a good action and covered the ground well. One I like a lot and if she continues growing in this vein, she should have a bright future ahead of her. Delighted to watch her later awarded Reserve Best in Show and then Best Puppy in Show. I will follow her career with interest.


1st Fayemm treacle Tart with Winterwell (AI)

2nd Balvenie Eye Candy

Another good one who was unlucky to meet the winner, Sixteen months old. Head of good shape with a kind eye to give a feminine expression. Neck is clean, shoulder lay back is good. Stands on well boned legs and neat feet, would have like her a little tighter in elbow. Body of good proportions and quarters well developed. Moved out well with plenty of drive.

3rd Kavacanne Bolt from the Blue

Post Graduate

1st Balvenie Eye Candy

2nd Taftazini Jenu Wynn

Good overall shape and outline. Head is pleasing with good proportions, would like her eyes to be a shade darker to enhance the expression. Neck clean leading into a decent front assembly. Well made in body, quarters well developed. Not as good as the winner on the move today, needs a little more drive to complete the picture.

3rd Karigame Nell Gwyn at Cwngiedd


1st Fayemm Sea the Stars

Last judged him just under a year ago and he has certainly developed and bodied up since then, maturing as he should with age. Head masculine with a good eye. I liked his neck into shoulders, which were correctly placed. Depth to chest and elbows well laid back. Stands on straight legs and neat feet. Good through the body, ribs well developed. Quarters well made with stifles well bent. Did enough on the move to take the class, footfall was accurate but just would have liked him a little tidier in the challenge.

2nd Balvenie Double Diamond

Well-made dog, good overall shape, for my tastes would have like a little more layback of shoulder. Head is well proportioned with eyes of a good colour, neck clean. Decent depth of chest on him and ribs well spung and back, good angulation behind. Not quite the topline of the winner, moved out well but needs a little more forward extension.

3rd Archerpoint One Vision

German Wirehaired Pointer


1st Kimmax They Call Me Mr Tibbs

Smart puppy, six months old and developing nicely. I see his dam is the postgraduate winner and his sire to the open winner. Head is well proportioned with a good overall shape, eyes. Good length of neck in to well set shoulders and decent return of upper arm. Standing on straight, well boned legs. Ribs are well back into a firm loin. Quarters well-proportioned with good angulation. Moved out well with a good profile action, needs to tighten up in front but will do that as he matures. Promising puppy with a lot to like about him. Best Puppy and delighted to hear he later was awarded Puppy Group 3, many congratulations.

2nd Kimmax Two Kan Play at Elagram (AI)

On my initial walk round I thought this young lady would be the winner but she wouldn’t play ball and kept roaching her topline on the stack. She has a pretty feminine head, good furnishings. Strong neck in wo well set shoulders, stands on good straight legs. Good depth to forechest, ribs well spring for her age. Moderate quarters. Moved well for a youngster.

3rd Kimmax Knot Kare Two Hoots


1st Kimmax Who Kares Wins

This three-year-old lady is the dam of the puppy winner and has past on her many positive virtues to her son. I liked her on the stack, clean in outline, she has a feminine head and expression with good furnishings. Decent lay-back of shoulders, stands on straight legs, ribs well sprung and firm in topline. Quarters well developed, stifles well bent. Good action on the move, would have liked a little more front extension.


1st Sh Ch Kimmax Knock Yourself Out

I note that this is one who has done well under me before but was with a different handler this time. Upstanding male who presents a balanced picture on the stack, he has good angles fore and aft, to me he excelled in breed type. Head is well proportioned with the correct amount of furnishings. Strong neck in to well set shoulders with a decent return of upper arm. Ribs well sprung into a firm loin. Quarters well made with stifles well bent and well-muscled. Harsh coat. Moved out well. Best of Breed.

2nd Kimmax Kindly Stand Black

Little to separate this young lady from the winner, again a super shape with excellent balance and overall proportions. Head of good shape, correct amount of furnishings, eyes a good colour to give a feminine expression. Strong in neck into a well assembled front, plenty of depth to her chest, ribs well sprung and back, loin firm, top line level. Quarters well made with a good bend of stifle. Coat harsh and of good texture. Moved well covering the ground, I was splitting hairs with the winner but just felt on the final run round Knock Yourself Out, had the better ground covering action.

3rd Kimmax Kort in Action