• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrew Gullick Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham & District Fox Terrier Club

Birmingham & District Fox Terrier Club

20th March 2022

Judge Andrew Gullick

I would firstly like to thank the officers & committee of the Birmingham & District Fox Terrier Club for this invitation to judge at your club show. The atmosphere felt so very warm & friendly upon arrival. I was spoilt for choice in Smooths with some excellent dogs to go over, coats and presentation in Smooths was excellent across the board, as was temperaments, a sparse entry in Wires in comparison but was grateful for those who had made the effort to prepare theirs for me to judge.

Smooth Fox Terrier

V D or B 4/1

1st BROOKES Ch ZETAMAZ GERARD DEPARDIEU JW Sh.CM ShCEx. B/W. A worthy Ch I can appreciate his qualities, Very balanced overall, lovely chiselled head, correct bite, Long sloping shoulders, tight arched feet, good on the move BV

2nd GRANT & HEMMINGS Ch Zlatan I.De La Rosa B/W Another typey dog, of good size with strong bone slightly heavier overall than 1, of good overall quality, to be critical front could be straighter but on the whole moved well, I can appreciate his qualities.

3rd PARSONS & BLUFF Tamedale Ceaser on Wistowhill

Puppy D 1/0

1st BROOKES Zetamaz I’m Your Man. Quality B/W strong & well boned, standing over ground with a short back, head developing well with correct bite & keen dark eye, deep chest into a strong loin, really good on the move when settled but still a youngster, I look forward to seeing this one develop as he possess a lot of quality RBD BPIB BPIS

Junior D 1/0

1st ARUSTAMYAN Chipstead Puzzle of Lorecon B/T/W I liked his head proportions, I would prefer a little more layback in shoulder, good bone with correct strong jaw & correct bite, strong topline & short backed covering ground, arched feet, moved & showed well.

PGD 1/0

1st BROOKES Zetamaz Kiowa Lone Wolf B/T/W enough bone for size, pleasing head, correct arched feet, like his overall shape, I would prefer neater tucked in elbows which could be seen at times in front movement moved well when viewed from behind & on the go around

LD 1/0

1st MARSTONS Tamedale President from Chipstead T/W Overall Type was heavier all around, pleasing head would prefer a little more under the eye, correct bite, angles in front & rear were balanced with each other. That said I would prefer a little more layback in front & more second thigh thus giving more reach & drive on the move. Showed & presented well

OD 3/1

1st WILBERG Ch Kanix Quintus T/W my star of the day, this dog oozed quality when he entered the ring, excellent head & expression with neat ears. Correct strong jaw with good bite. He is balanced all around, clean strong neck into long sloping shoulders with a short strong backline, well angulated in the rear which he used to advantage at all times when in the ring, tail carried correctly, abundant dense coat, presented in tip top condition & handled excellently BD Best Smooth & BIS

2nd BROOKES Zetamaz Carbon Copy B/T/W Not quite the bone of 1 and was hard pushed today, in his own right is very good quality wise, on the move not quite as clean as 1, of very good type with excellent coat, would prefer a little more bend of stifle.

Puppy B 3/0

1st GRIFFITHS Yoxella Well In Touch B/W/T young feminine bitch very balanced overall, good bone, liked her head and expression and eye colour, correct bite, deep rib good on the move BPB RBB

2nd KETTLE Foxindean Radio Ga Ga B/T/W not the size of my winner today but overall well balanced, raw, I would prefer a little more bone, good coat showed well today

3rd MARSTONS Chipstead Snowflake

Junior B 2/1

1st GOODLEY Eastfox Eloise T/W feminine bitch with a nice head and expression and dark eye, enough fill under the eye, OK for size, tidy on the move

PGB 1/0

1st GOODLEY Eastfox Evangeline T/W another feminine bitch, quite balanced, pleasing head eye and expression with correct bite, would prefer a little more depth in chest, quite sound moving good bone and dense coat showed well

OB 4/1

1st KETTLE Foxindean Future Legend T/W best condition in bitches, liked her head and expression, could be a little erratic with her ears at times, correct dense coat, very good on the move covering ground 7 was a lovely picture standing aswell BB RBOB

2nd BROOKES Zetamaz Crystal Rainbow All White feminine bitch of good quality, not as clean today in front as my winner, I liked her head an expression with correct bite & neat ears, overall showed very well, would prefer a little more bend in stifle & drive from behind.

3rd GOODLEY Glendraterra Glad Rags

Wire Fox Terrier

LD 1/0

1st DODDS Mcleanwyre Royal Rascal B/T/W masculine dog, I liked his size and type, pleasing head and expression, his eye could be a shade darker, good ear, correct bone, long sloping shoulder, firm back line, dense wiry coat, sound on the move driving from the rear. BD BOB RBIS

PGB 1/0

1st DIPPLE Marvidyne Ellie May B/T/W I liked her feminine size and type standing, keen eye could be a shade darker, okay shoulder, not putting her all in today on the move I would prefer a little more animation, good bone. dense coat, presented well. BB