• Show Date: 06/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: ANDREA ADSHEAD Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Kent Canine Society

East Kent Canine Society Open Show

Sunday, 6th February 2022



Puppy (3/1)

1. Moore, Mrs S & Mr R, MORVAL SOTURI (AI) , 10 month eye catching black and white male , good head, neat pricked ears, well set. Correct bite, correct muzzle to skull ratio, masculine expression, good proportions with a profuse coat, excellent tail well feathered and carried correctly. Good bone, fabulous coat, excellent mover with plenty of reach and drive, one for the future. BP

2. Daley & Beaumont, Miss K & Miss F, TABANYARUU YOSMO ANNALA, almost 12 months bitch, a finer type to the male above, and not quite as mature. Would like a little more substance , she had very attractive markings, excellent ear carriage, nicely short coupled and moved ok. 

Postgraduate (8/3)

1. Beaumont & Mowatt, Mr D, Mrs J & Ms L, TABANYARUU UNELMA HANNELE, correct dentition, correct neat pricked ears, well set, good compact profile, balanced proportions, sufficient bone and substance, shown in good condition , moved well. RBOB

2.  Aristides-Pickard, Mrs M, SAMBREEZE MIKKI BEAR CUB, just a year old , attractive red and white boy, oval eyes , although a little too blue for the breed standard , they were striking against his colouring, as opposed to blending with coat colour. Well off for bone and substance, nice moderate angulation and a good mover. 


1. Jackson, Mr S, ELBERETH HUURREHUNTU , lovely young bitch, showing so many breed attributes, good proportions to head, well set and neat pricked ears , correct dentition, muzzle tapers correctly and balanced to complement length of skull, good stop not too strong, solid medium neck, neat oval feet, nice substance not overdone , compact profile , excellent spring of ribs enough to give plenty of heart and lung room , well angulated and hocks well let down, with good width behind, tail carriage and set was spot on, she was by far the best mover of the day. Pleased to see she was awarded G3 after her well deserved BOB. I expect she will make up like her mother.

2. Jackson, Mr P, CH TILKKUTURKIN HALLANTUOMA TO ELBERETH JW ShCM, Excellent bone, very similar comments apply as to her daughter above , again nicely short coupled, so strong in back and moved with drive. Slightly less substance overall than first, but so similar in profile and make. Her daughter is an improvement on this quality veteran bitch, as it should be. 


Puppy (6/4)

1. Matthews, Mr D & Mrs W, ESTERBON TIME WILL TELL , 8 month petite blue merle bitch, so full,of breed type, lovely profile , so well balanced and well proportioned, typical head with feminine but confident expression and ears set on well. Shoulders well laid back , correct length of rib onto short couplings, level topline onto sloping croup. Hocks well let down , with good width behind. A lot of dog in a small package, she carries herself well, shown in good condition, wearing an appealing coat of good lay and texture . She moved so well for such a youngster , happy to award her BP and see her go onto win PG1.

2. Barnett, Mrs S & Miss S, DIPPERSMOOR DAQUIRI, 7 month taller male, lovely head , neat feet, coat in excellent condition, a little longer cast than 1st, lovely temperament calm, but not in any way timid. Moved and handled well. 

Junior (2/1)

1. Straw, B, DUKESON LACED WITH MAGIC, although she stood alone in this class, one cannot miss what a cracking bitch this is , and I notice she is sired by the same dog as the BOB winner, just 15 months old, nice sable colour in good coat , lovely head piece, alert expression , excellent ears, she has very neat feet, tight and oval shape, on the stack she has a very pleasing profile, nicely short coupled, moderate angulation, enough substance and a nice mover , flowing effortlessly round the ring. RBOB 

Postgraduate 8/0)


2. Cheal, Mr J & Mrs M, CAROLELEN COMPOSER, very attractive young sable male, just two years old, correct head and expression, in lovely profuse coat, with attractive mane, and furnishings, a nice mover holding a level topline, another with good feet, sufficient bone and substance. 

Open (9/0)

1.  French, Mrs L S, LORAINIAN KINGS RANSOM AT LINDFERN, in profuse coat, excellent head and expression, alert tipped ears , with a thick mane, you really have to get your hands in to feel the quality of this boy, stood on good feet, elbows well under, correct ribbing onto a firm short loin, moderate angles for and aft, a true showman , fabulous mover. BOB and G4.

2.  Kennedy, Miss R, LITREN BLUE GAMBLE AT DONBELEY, mature bitch, feminine expression , ears set on well, shown in good coat, stands on neat oval feet, she was a very good mover and belied her age, nice substance and well angled fore and aft.


Open (1/0)

1. Monk, Mrs L & Mr J, MIZANI DIORBE OF VIENNA, mature 4 and a half year old brown bitch,, good broad head shape of correct proportions, excellent coat quality, correct curl, and undercoat with a good showing of guard hairs, solid in stature without coarseness, nicely balanced in profile, enough bone, steady flowing gait whilst on the move, with moderate angulation, good temperament, a nice typy bitch without exaggeration, who was well handled. BOB 


Puppy (3/1)

1. Kinton, Mr D & Mrs K A, KINAWAY DREAMS WITH FIRE (AI), just 9 months , this bitch has a lovely balanced head shape, dark oval eyes, good use of ears, nice width to front, stood on good feet, well muscled for age, nice angles with equal length and return of front assembly, strong medium neck leading onto well laid shoulders, good ribs well back, corresponding rear assembly, showing balance in profile, holds her topline at all times, and won the challenge for BOB on her type and free flowing movement. BP & BOB, PG4.

2.  Hawker, Mrs V, MOSHANTA MAGIC PENNY FOR TAYTINJA CNAF just 7 months , still a little raw, slightly finer than 1, beautiful head, excellent expression, lovely temperament, super couplings on which she really scores, with good rear angulation, just needs time to mature and develop. A lovely mover. Will be interesting to see how she grows on, a nice prospect. 

Junior (4/1)

1. DomotorI, Miss A, LUCKY FOR YOU WESLEY(IMP HUN), red/white male, 16 months, excellent front, with good width, strong pasterns, strong tight oval feet, well angled fore and aft, needs to still come on in ribs, would prefer a better ear carriage as this spoils his expression, holds a strong topline and was a good mover.


Postgraduate (7/4)

1. Ormond-Walshe, Miss, SHELTYSHAM SYMPHONY O’PSALM, b/w male , attractive head piece, dark oval eyes and excellent ears, good length of neck, nice straight front and stood on strong oval feet, fair lay of shoulder leading onto a level topline, short coupled, moved with drive to win this class and RBOB.

2. Angrier & Stacey, Mrs K & Mr D, Miss S, BILYARA DONATELLA DEI ROVI FIORITI (Imp ITA) very feminine young bitch, Excellent ears and expression, good head proportions, oval feet, would prefer a little more strength in pasterns, lovely shape in profile and was a very nice mover. The coat was a little soft, just needs time to develop and condition up.

Open (6/2)


2. Angier, Stacey, & Seghezzi, Mrs K, Mr D, Miss S & Ms L, AUS CH WYNNLAKE A DROP IN THE OCEAN (AI)(IMP AUS), 2 yr old b/w male, a shade short in muzzle , he has a good front and moderate angulation, a nice mover, holding a strong topline, he needs to still drop into his chest , which will come with maturity, his feet are somewhat rounder in shape than I’d prefer, but was shown in excellent hard condition, with tail a little proud at times, but handled well.   


Puppy (3/0)

1. Dabrowa, Mrs M, ZINA VOM ERMELAND, very typical head, strong but feminine, excellent bone, strong topline , lovely mover with a steady driving rear action, in excellent condition, ideal temperament, she is just so well made a really promising quality puppy. BP

2. Ede, Mrs K, KONATIAN SWEET ZANDER, beautiful head , with well set ears, not as strong in rear as 1st, but a nice mover and another lovely temperament,

Junior (1/0)

1.Dabrowa, Mrs M, DRAGO BOX-DOGS, 10 month male, wonderful temperament with a confident friendly expression, good masculine shaped head and ears set on well, he has good bone, strong feet and pasterns, excellent angles fore and aft, shown in hard condition, a fabulous mover liked him very much. Surely a bright future as he matures. 

Postgraduate (4/1)

1. Jones, Miss A M, DAKAMAR AMAZING JOURNEY (IMP USA), 2 year old male, oozes a sense of power and guarding instinct, strong feet, excellent bone, another with a lovely temperament, best front of the day with obvious prosternum and well made front assembly, shown in good hard condition, not the best ring for him, should do well on better ground and in a bigger ring size. RBOB

2. Dabrowa, Mrs M, DRAGO BOX-DOGS 

Open (3/0)

1. Milham, Mrs P, SHADOWSHACK’S MY GIRL , 4 yr old bitch, correct head shape, good width in front, good bone, not overdone, correct length of neck, nicely sprung ribs going well back, moderate rear angles, plenty of muscle tone, lovely mover with a free flowing efficient gait. Nicely balanced in profile and gives a sound overall appearance , a good honest bitch not exaggerated in any way. BOB

2. Dabrowa, Mrs M, DRAGO BOX-DOGS


Puppy (2/0)

1. Simpson, Mrs L, SIMBERGER SALATA DE ICRE , Well made bitch, excellent bone, ribs well sprung, in fabulous condition, lovely mover , strong feet, good temperament, nice angles , strong topline on the move, nice dark oval eyes, ears well placed. BP & RBOB

2. Williams, Mrs J & Mr N, NEXGEN BUT STILL I RISE , nice amount of bone and substance for her age, good in ribbing, correct moderate angulation fore and aft, nice short couplings giving strength to back, as she holds a level topline on the move, a nice mover , just needs to settle a little more in her stride, which will come with maturity I'm sure.

Postgraduate (1/0)

1. Osborne, Miss C, NEXGEN ALL EYES ON ME , 2 yr old bitch, nice expression and head proportions, dark brown eyes of oval shape, ears set on well, good width to skull, excellent angulation, strong feet, nice ribs, fabulous mover, holding a level topline, one to watch in the future. BOB


Puppy (3/2)

1. Hutchison & Mycroft, Mrs D & Mr P T, SUPETA’S BIG HUNK O’LOVE FOR DEBISON, 10 month male, shown in good hard condition, balanced head, with strong parallel planes, good muzzle, flat cheeks and lips close fitting, with correct dentition, excellent angles fore and aft, well off for bone, for his young age he is a powerful mover with a good driving gait. I was sorry for him that he stood alone , so well handled and a quality puppy. BP & RBOB 

Junior (3/2)

1. Hutchison & Mycroft, Mrs D & Mr P T, SUPETA’S BIG HUNK O’LOVE FOR DEBISON

Postgraduate (2/2)

Open (3/2)

1. Wright, Miss L, AMAZON AMERICAN GRAFFITI WITH SEALANDAIR, 5 yr old male, another with balanced head proportions, dark oval eyes, ears set on well , dropping close to head, good length of neck , correctly set on well laid shoulders, leading onto a level topline, nice spring of ribs, elbows well under body, good width in front and behind, shown in hard condition, a strong mover and a well deserved winner. BOB