• Show Date: 06/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alison Scutcher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry & District Gundog Society

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Puppy (7,1abs)

1st & BP Strevens Tollisty You Can’t Decline

Headed a super class of quality babies. Loved his wedge-shaped head with correct ear set and intelligent expression. Good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders. Excelled in front angulation Good bone, lovely neat feet, well developed rear, in super coat and on the move he showed good reach & drive with correct footfall. Overall a complete picture of quality and balance.

2nd Dorrell Tollisty Moet En Chandon

From the same litter as the winner and many of the same remarks apply. Another lovely puppy from any angle, I particularly liked his head & expression. Well made throughout but Just needs to firm up on the move

3rd Smith’s Tollisty Couldn’t Careless

Junior (5)

1st & BOB Antead’s Riverwatcher Koda

Super young lady who screams quality, absolutely loved her head which was so typical in shape & proportion. Flowed through her neck, shoulders & topline, good spring to rib and depth to elbow, strong in loin, in super coat, strong well-muscled rear. A complete picture of quality & balance both standing and on the move where she had super reach and drive.

2nd Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Dancer

Lots to like about this young lady but was lacking coat on the day. Liked her wedge shaped head, good neck, strong firm toplines, well-muscled rear, moved well.

3rd Trueman Cretshengan Lake Itasca

Post Graduate (5,2abs)

1st Trickett’s Cyfyre’s Spellbreaker at Tollpepper (Imp Can)

Liked this girl for her overall strength & balance. Nice wedged shape head with intelligent expression, strong neck , super front angulation, nice shape in profile, good rear angles, lovely bone, neat feet, good spring of rib, and excellent body proportions. Moved well with good tail carriage

2nd Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Dancer

3rd Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Harbour

Open (7)

This really was a super class and is no exageration that some equally good dogs went without a card.

1st Wrights Camusmor Crown Royal

Such a moderate, honest dog and so lovely to go over, correct wedged shape head with such an intelligent and kind expression. So well made, with good reach of neck, good spring of rib, firm topline, well-muscled quarters. He really was at one with his handler and he really did move well to win this very good class.

2nd Newson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave JW

Another lovely example of the breed and pushed the winner hard but I just prefer the head. Impressive in profile and another quality dog who is well made and moved effortlessly round the ring.

3rd Elkin’s Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC