• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adrian Dornford-Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wickford Basildon & District Canine Society

Spanish Water Dogs – Adrian Dornford-Smith (FiveNinePlus)

Thanks to Wickford, Basildon & District Canine Society for the appointment to judge and organising a lovely show. The ring was freshly mown grass and weather was very sunny and hot. I was pleased that all the dogs had good temperaments and pandered to my preference to examine their feet. All exhibited good webbing and strong pads. All the handling was kind and sympathetic and the exhibits well represented the diversity of the breed.

Class 71 - Puppy

1st & B.P., Donaldson’s Prizelands Frosted Fancy. A delightful young, cream and white puppy bitch. Well shaped head with nice dark pigment on nose and eyelids, giving an expressive face. Correct neck and shoulders. Correct, just off square body length, hopefully her legs will keep pace with her body as she grows. Nice low hocks and already well muscled thighs. A little shy when examining her hindquarters, but got there. A worthy winner.

1 absent.

Class 72 – Junior

No entries

Class 73 – Graduate

1st and B.O.B., Spencer’s Valentisimo’s Has To Be. Sturdy brown bob tailed dog with good ring presence. Strong head with broad flat skull. Roomy well sprung rib cage. Nice level back. Perhaps could have had slightly more rear angulation however moved beautifully with good powerful drive. A real shame that his coat was over long and to my eye sculpted. Apart from this, a lovely example of the breed.

2nd and R.B.O.B., Hall’s Prizelands Bella Bon Nita. Feminine yet bustly brown and white long tailed bitch. Nice to watch moving, due to obvious bond with the handler. Kind face. Correct level back. Good spring of rib. Good balanced angulation front and rear, would have liked more length of leg. Nicely webbed feet with sturdy pads. Coat long, but unsculpted, with lovely woolly feel. A lovely bitch to go over.

3rd Searles’ Adormidera Apache Rose At Cravessa. Feminine brown bitch. Nice head with sweet expressive face. Correct level back, a little close behind and would have liked a little more strength and angulation in the hindquarters. Good empathetic handling.

1 absent.

Class 74 – Open

1st Abraham’s Adormidera Ziggy Star Dust. Black long tailed dog. Noble, correct head with expressive eyes. Feet well webbed with good pads. Correct angulation front and rear giving purposeful and athletic gait. Nicely presented coat, would benefit from being slightly longer to show off its curl. A sound and good example of the breed.

2nd Donaldson’s Zorrazo Alter Bridge At Prizelands. Brown and white dog. Correct head, with flat skull. Correct muzzle proportion. Good forechest. Would prefer lightly less rise of back to the croup.

3rd Spencer’s Conbrio Box Of Delights. Brown and white bitch. Correct head and neck. Good level back and tail set. Would have like to see a little deeper chest with more spring of rib. Moved briskly and soundly.