• Show Date: 26/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: A S K Henshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society

Wealdstone and Northolt Canine Society Open Show

Saturday 26th February 2022

Judge: Miss A SK Henshaw

My thanks to the hard-working committee for managing to put together a show in such challenging times, having faced several hurdles along the way. Overall, I had some top-quality dogs and I thank those exhibitors who took the time to travel to the new venue.

Chihuahua Smooth Coat


1st Murray, Mrs F Davixity Galore

A lovely puppy, lovely apple domed head, dark eye and pleasing ear set, a nice shape with good angulation. Moved with attitude. One to watch.


1st Murray, Mrs F Davixity Nijinsky

A very typey specimen; portraying a nicely rounded skull of good size, this young man moved with a brisk, easy action and looked a true showman- he has a lovely ear placement and pleasing expression. Nice overall picture with good angulation.

2nd Davidson Poston, Mrs J Davixity Bruhn Spinillons

Relation to the winner, another B&T similar attributes of 1st, good ear placement and size nice shape but lacked confidence, which was a shame; not expected from this handler.


Special Yearling

1st Hills, Mr & Misses C Sharhazlah Luvs a Dare Devil

An orange sable, pleasant foxy head portraying the sweetest of expressions, nicely shaped eye with beautiful pigmentation; fine bone with good feet. Moved freely with a level top line. A good typey Pomeranian.


1st Hills, Mr & Misses C Sharhazlah Son of a Devil

A lovely black male, with a well-defined stop and clean head, with dark eye; he does have a well set tail and nice ear set; fine boned with a good brisk drive on the move.

2nd Neasby, Mrs K Churchbank Just an Angel for Ulani JW

Neat ears, and good depth of brisket, complementing the correct front. – moving true to type, with dark eyes and nice length of head.


1st Hills, Mr & Misses C Sharhazlah’s Suave Devil

A lovely orange boy who is nicely put together, very well made, with good spring of rib and depth of chest. An exquisite expression, with sparkling dark eyes in addition to perfect pigment. He is short coupled; correctly angulated both front and rear moving true to type; a super compact package with clean, well laid shoulders A classic ‘Pomeranian’ in profile, which is finished by his nice tail set, which is abundantly coated- giving him a neat, classy finish. There is nothing not to like about this showman. Awarded best of breed.

2nd Neasby, Mrs K, Hawksflight Island Fox On Ulani

A well angulated specimen who has a lovely shape and quality head. Good topline and tail set; moved out with drive. A good size with a pleasing head and dark eye. Nice ring presence.


Special Yearling

1st Norbury, Ms V & Norbury, Mr M & Adams, Mr K: Heartbury Belacqua

Tough class, two quality dogs here. A well-proportioned and balanced young lady, portraying a nice length of neck and good angles both front and rear; short coupled and strong quarters. Pleased to award best of breed

2nd Norbury, Ms V & Norbury, Mr M & Adams, Mr K: Heartbury Northern Lights JW

An eye-catching young lady, very feminine with lots to like, clean flowing lines and well balanced throughout. Nicely angled, short in loin and moved well.


1st Brooksmith, Miss A: Nightgold Pipkin

Another pretty female, good length of neck and spring of rib, good angles throughout and well-placed shoulders.


1st Norbury, Ms V Toro Del Hierro Caleta at Heartbury (Imp Esp)

A 2-year-old bitch, black and white, pretty head, and expression, portraying good definition between skull and muzzle; adequate depth of chest and well angled.

AVNSC Gundog:


1st Beasley Mrs L: Wansleydale Mayflower – (English Setter)

A lovely puppy, with a delightful outline; admirable reach of neck into a level topline, moved well for age, will settle with time. Good size of second thigh.

2nd Watts, Miss K: Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh (Imp Ger) NAF (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

A very pretty lady, lovely head; good width of skull and expression, clean neck with good forehand. Stood soundly and moved effortlessly. Nicely placed ears.

3rd Dymond, Mr B Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle (GSP)

Res: Searles Oakmash Indian Dream Maker (Chesapeake Bay Ret)

Special Yearling:

1st Berendji, Mrs J, Mermillmar Miss Marguerite (Large Munsterlander)

A lovely specimen, nothing overdone here; pleasing expression, good depth of chest and spring of rib, moved well. Nicely balanced and put together.

2nd Watts, Miss K: Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh (Imp Ger) NAF (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

As previous class

Post Graduate:

1st Watts, Miss K Oakmarsh Freedom (Chesapeake Bay Ret)

A very tricky class, two lovely dogs here – but I fell in love with this delightful Chesapeake. What a character! Certainly, a dog that is fit for function and clearly could do a day’s work. Such a pretty head; nicely balanced. Nicely laid rib and strong loin. Nice deep brisket with a well-developed rear. In such great condition! Pleased to award best of breed

2nd Beasley, Mrs L: Wansleydale Amaretto (English Setter)

What a lovely English Setter, nicely angulated shoulders, and upper arm with elbows underneath her. Strong and well-muscled hindquarters. An elegant bitch with nice free movement; holding her head high on a muscular neck. It was a close call here.

3rd Searles, Mrs V & Searles, Mr C, Adormidera Apache Rose (Spanish Water Dog)


1st Watts, Miss K: Sh Ch Oakmarsh Chestnut (Chesapeake Bay Ret)

Attractive and well-proportioned displaying lots of nice qualities – lovely coat; good ear placement and nicely balanced rear; a nice overall shape, deep in brisket. Moved well.

Gundog Group

1st Metcalfe, Mrs & Mrs A: Baileydale Flo Milli (Labrador)

Wow, what a stunner, this youngster caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, 9mth old black young lady, just oozes femininity and what a delight to go over! Well-muscled through neck into well laid shoulders- good return of upper arm and good spring of rib. Lovely angles; and what a mover! True and powerful. Definitively one to watch as she matures.

2nd Dunsdon, Ms T Kingsheath Mayday at Seaspring (English Springer)

A difficult choice between 1 and 2. Another lovely youngster! Full of attitude and brimming with lots of quality features; lovely head and neck – substantial forequarters and fore chest with nicely sprung ribs. The softest of expressions. Another true move, with a good driving action. Another one to watch.

Gundog Puppy Grp

1st As Per Gundog Grp

2nd As Per Gundog Grp

Bernese Mountain Dog


1st Meakin, Mrs R C: Bernsego Suburban

a handsome young man, well made, with lovely angles throughout. Moved very well for his age, clean head, and lovely eyes. Good depth of chest.

Special Yearling

1st Meakin, Mrs R C: Salentum Terrae Balu (Imp Ita)

A very handsome chap, pleased to be here today! Nice expression and depth of chest; balanced and moved soundly.

Post Graduate

1st Meakin, Mrs R C: Salentum Terrae Amber (Imp Ita)

A well-balanced lady, sweet expression with well laid shoulders and good length of neck, portraying a nice height at the wither. Moved well. Best of Breed.

Open (4abs) All Absent

AV Import Utility


1st: Thornton & Lockheart Ms E & Ms E Antiqua Mystery Isaiah Randy (Imp Blr) TAF

Seven-month-old baby, lots to like with this youngster, good shape and nice head. Moved well for his age.

Special Yearling

1st Piper, Mrs C: Kamora Nagaul Del Zanjero

A lovely shape, with a pleasing head; correct angulation and moved soundly. Nice in profile. Good front.

2nd Chambers, Mrs J: Manzamas Fast and Furious Musique (Imp Swe)

A trendy, well-balanced Min Xolo, he appeals in outline, lovely masculine head and good proportions. Nice hind quarters with which he drives well.


1st Thornton & Griffiths, Mr & Mrs S Fawncrest Roly of Mexolo

This dog has a lovely outline and well balanced throughout, with well laid shoulder, and strong hindquarters. Pleasing head and expression. He does cover the ground well. Well ribbed and holding a good topline and tail set. Pleased to award him best of breed.


1st Thornton & Lockheart, Ms & Ms E: Sheldobchi Drummer Boy at Mexolo

Nice in profile, with excellent reach in neck and topline. He is well angulated with a gait that covers the ground well; pale skinned.

AV Pastoral NSC

Special Yearling

1st Birdsall, Miss C A: Beauvallon Realms of Glory (Old English Sheepdog).

What a body on this youngster, oozes femininity but equally, strong in type. Good broad muzzle, she has a nice square outline and well proportioned throughout. Well laid shoulder too.


1st Birdsall, Miss C A: Beauvallon Realms of Glory (Old English Sheepdog).

Previous winner


1st Dodd, Mr R & Mrs D Ch Taneills Bloomin Primrose (Swedish Vallhund)

A lovely bitch, well proportioned, typey bitch, strong bone and pleasing head, lovely size and well laid shoulders, nicely muscled loin and moved with ease a striking colour. Please to award Best AVNSC

AV Import Pastoral


1st Halliday, Mr A & YU Dr C: Pascale Enzotica (Picardy Sheepdog)

My first experience of judging these and I was not disappointed, he was well presented. Such a gentle young man, lovely expression, and head. He is well made and portrays an excellent level topline. Moved well and a super shape. Nicely angulated. Pleased to award him Best AV & Grp 1

Pastoral Group

1st Halliday, Mr A & YU Dr C: Pascale Enzotica

2nd Hawker, Mrs V Moshanta Magic Penny for Taytinja (Border Collie)

A stunning young lady, with such a beautiful head and expression, very well coupled and balanced throughout, well laid shoulders and in the neatest of conditions today. Her movement is heavenly, effortless and true.

Pastoral Puppy Group

1st Hawker, Mrs V Moshanta Magic Penny for Taytinja

2nd Challinor, Mrs M & Challinor, Mr M: Shanlimore Marvin (Pyrenean Mountain Dog)

A lovely dog in overall profile, promising career ahead, well-made forequarters and lay of shoulder, nice head and angles, still very much a baby, but one to watch.

3rd Dodd, Mr R & Mrs D Ch Taneills Bloomin Primrose (Swedish Vallhund)

AV NSC Working


1st Smith, Miss L: Oakholme Imperial Wizard (Portuguese Water Dog)

What a showman, just screams ‘look at me’ very clean lines and looked nice in outline. Excellent angulation – a joy to go over. Nice head shape with a beautiful expression. Strong topline and proud mover. Handled to perfection. Best of Breed.

2nd Dickenson, Mr & Mrs I: Kalaslane Demyan (Ikc) Sh.cm (Russian Black Terrier)

A lovely sized RBT, strong head and nice dark, expressive eye. Good proportions throughout and outline. Nicely angled and moved with ease and drive. The complete package.

Working Group

1st Simms, Wwp18 Arcticskies Artful Dodger at Spiritmist JW (Siberian Huskey)

Lovely proportions, just screams ‘sibe’ to me. Presented in good condition- a real showman too. Moved effortlessly and was pleasant to watch. Nicely proportioned throughout.

2nd Webb, Mrs H: Barracechi Never on Sunday. (Newfoundland)

A lovely dog, with a really strong masculine head, well laid shoulders, and wow what a nice mover – simply glided round it! One certainty to watch with interest.

Working Puppy Group

1st Miller, Ms S Ausrie’s Moscow Rule (Rottweiler)

What a puppy! He immediately caught my eye -very handsome, a lovely overall frame and outline. Lovely angles and just powered round the ring.

2nd Wheeler, Mrs V Olibetay Bella Rose at Hipkins (Boxer)

A lovely puppy, nice head and shape, good angles and topline. Unfortunate to meet the winner today. Moved well,

Junior Handling

Interesting to see how the standard of handling has changed over the years; youngsters are keen to string their dogs up which restricts the ability of natural free flowing movement, it was also disappointing to see that they are not paying attention to where the judges’ feet are. The standard of attire has also changed somewhat, and it is disappointing to see.

6 – 11 years

1st Hollie O’Reilly (NSDTR)

I have seen this handler ringside, she has a good rapport with her dog, and was constantly aware of where I was so not to come in between me and her dog. Her pattern work was neat, and she answered all the questions correctly.

2nd Dillon Penn (Dalmation)

A smart young handler; unfortunately pipped at the post due to coming in between me and his dog. He had a good rapport with his dog and constantly talked to it – which is nice to see. Just needs a little tuition in the basics and could easily swap.

12 – 16 years

1st Izzy King (Akita)

A very smart handler answered all questions correctly and her pattern work was neat. She was fully aware of where I was at all times,

2nd Morgan Taite Shoosmith (Standard Poodle)

Close call here, unfortunately, Morgan was not aware of where I was on serval occasions, coming between me and her dog. She did answer all questions correctly and her pattern work was neat, just a little bit of an awareness and things could have been different.