• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: A S K Henshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chippenham & District Canine Society

Chippenham and District Canine Society

A delightful entry of toys today, with some super quality, especially in the Affenpinschers and pugs. I thank the committee for inviting me to judge and give sincere thanks to my ring stewards for maintaining the efficient ring.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


1st Guvercin, Mrs J Glebeheath Jellybean RBOB BP

A lovely profile; nice shape and well balanced. Pleasing head and expression, nice dark eye. Showed with that typical ‘cavalier character.’ Moved well. Delighted to award Toy Puppy Grp 4.

2nd Day, Mrs G Julchrisgor Just Angel

Tricky decision, two lovely youngsters. Another nicely headed specimen, good depth of chest and nice overall in profile, nicely angulated.

3rd Riis-White, Miss E & Ms I Tamyse Pretty in Pink


1st Hawkins, Miss K Lexody Shenanigans

A handsome Blenheim with a lovely head- expressive eyes. Good bite and depth of chest. Moved well with good lay of shoulder and hindquarters; held his topline will, lovely tail carriage. lovely and square in outline, pleased to award him Best of Breed.

2nd Day, Mrs G Julichrisgor Just Angel

As above.

3rd Guvercin, Mrs J, Amouage Fleur Imaginary Mario at Glebeheath


1st Hawkins, Miss K Lexody Shenanigans

Junior winner.

2nd Bennett, Mrs E. Rivalace Red Over Heels

3 yr. old ruby, pretty bitch, nicely put together, good depth of chest and nicely angled. Lovely in profile, moved well.


1st Bennett, Mrs E. Rivalace Red Over Heels

Previously 2nd in Limit.

2nd Cragg, Mrs E M Loranka’s High Class Lady with Aureus

Lovely Blenheim bitch, who is nicely built; compact and attractive. Lovely markings. Held her topline on the move, to which she did well. Typey character.



1st Mcevoy Mrs J. Ashiblack Pearly King

Wow, what a little superstar we have here! He just flirts with you! well-made and put together, the most beautifully balanced head, lovely dark eyes and portrays such a super temperament. One to watch for the future. Unlucky to meet the Papillion in the Group- RBOB, BP and Puppy Grp 2

2nd Pirrie & Mcevoy, Mrs S & Mrs J Guereza Suck It Up Buttercup.

Yet another quality baby, just unfortunate to meet 1 today. Nicely put together for her age, moved well and is well proportioned throughout. Another promising youngster!


1st Cary, Mrs L F. Carycares Dinky Diva

Aptly named! Very pretty lady, lovely shape, and balanced head properties; muzzle and dark eyes. Lovely ear placement to which are carried well. Moved well. Another one to watch.


1st Pirrie, Mrs SL Afterglow Affenagiggle with Riogaioch

The quality just keeps coming! A confident bitch, portraying all the qualities of a well-made specimen. Handled to perfection and moved soundly with typical gait.

2nd Cary, Mrs L F. The Dressmaker

And again, more quality features – I really was spoilt for choice. Very feminine head, well placed ears and overall, nicely built. Moves with confidence and style.

3rd Mcevoy & Pirrie Guereza Meet Joe Black


1st Pirrie & Mcevoy Mrs S, & Mrs J: Guereza Kinky Boots NAF

What an absolute stunner!! Took my eye immediately, a beautifully balanced lady, with a super feminine head, I was not disappointed upon going over her! Everything is where it should be, a true representation of the breed and oh what a mover! I knew from the moment I saw her that she would be afforded top honours and it was a pleasure to award her BOB and Toy Group 1. It was a delight to later find out that she was awarded her crown at UK Toy.

2nd Cary, Mrs L F. No Strings Attached at Carycares

So unlucky to meet 1 today! A well animated specimen with good bone and correct coat texture. Lovely movement and nicely proportioned.



1st While, Mrs C L. Velyurs De Offri Drakaris for Roxmarr (Imp Rus)

A lovely 9-month-old young man, very handsome black male, good depth of chest and nicely solid, moved well for one’s age. Lots of promise. BP

2nd Hickey, Ms M. Chanelkapug Preston

Very much a baby, lots of potential being the first show! Promising red sable. Just needs time.


1st Crothers Mrs L J. Hazem pugs Miss Lucy

A super feminine lady, through and through, a lovely head with a beautiful expression. Just screams ‘pug’ at you. well bodied and moved soundly. A superstar in the making.


1st While, Ms C L. Roxmarr Evening All

Another cracking example of what it is meant to be a ‘pug’ lovely pigment; square and compact – a real cobby body, just fits the breed standard – just loved him. Especially on the move. RBOB


1st Phelps, Ms C Roxmarr Augustus Bilohka

Very handsome male, lovely head, with nice pigmentation and wide nostrils, nicely coupled and good depth of chest. A lovely size too. Not too overdone; a true example of the breed. BOB and Grp 2

2nd Alexander, Mrs R A. Tangetoppens Easy to Say Treveth JW ShCM (Imp Nor).

Screams masculinity, with good overall substance and moved true to breed. Lovely open face and large dark eyes. Up to size for me. But all male!

3rd Crothers, Mrs J. Hazempugs Patsy Popper

Chihuahua Smooth Coat


1st Milton, Miss J. Gestavo Party Lines

What a cracking youngster! Lovely head and shape for age, slightly nervous as only his 2nd show, but had all the right attributes- one to watch for the future.

2nd Shapcott, Mr M. Gestavo Partying with Senecio

8month old, a nice puppy, with lots to like, moved well for age, lovely angulation, and well balanced, nice shape.


1st Grey, Mrs E. Shoopshoop Pop the Cork

11months, lovely shape and well-balanced body, an incredibly happy youngster. Portraying a nice spring of rib and level topline, which was held well on the move.


1st Grey, Mrs E. Shoopshoop Lady Zsa Zsa

Stood alone, pleasing profile, nice shape; good ear set and nice head, good length of muzzle. Nice tail carriage.


1st Milton, Mr D & Miss J. The Golden Boy De Casa Del Hermitano Gestavo (Imp Esp). BOB

What a real showman! Lovely size and well-proportioned throughout. Nice expression and well angulated throughout, moved with drive and is everything a chihuahua should be.

2nd Dodd, Mrs H. Jicara Heartbreaker Nikitos JW

This is a lovely fawn dog, very type-y head. Lovely ears and expression, level topline and good tail set. Moves well, the ground proved a little interesting from the rear today. Unlucky to meet winner today.

Chihuahua Long Coat


1st Skinner, Mrs A. Majerose Bobby’s Heart in Heaven NAF BP

A lovely shape, portraying good angulation for one so young. A very flashy youngster. Nice head and ear placement, moved well with good tail carriage.

2nd Skinner, Mrs A. Majerose Simply the Best NAF

Litter sister to winner, slightly longer but well-proportioned and well made. Lots to like.


1st Lewis, Mr A, Mrs P. Tyssul Celebration RBOB

Lovely in profile, well-made and balanced throughout. Nicely proportioned and angled. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Nice topline and pleasing expression.

2nd Lewis, Mr A, Mrs P. Tyssul Carat Gold

Litter mate to winner, nice coat and proportioned. Nice tail carriage and moved well. Good ear placement and forequarters.


1st Skinner, Mrs A. Tyssul Zafira at Majerose JW.

Moved well, nice overall profile and shape- good coat texture and nicely feathered. Nice tail carriage, nice spring of rib and pleasing expression.


1st Grey, Mrs E. Yorone Going for Gold. BOB

Caught my eye from entering the ring, and not a surprise to see who bred this little cracker- stunning head, housing lovely round eyes, moved exceptionally well lovely ears and used them well. Good length of neck and well-proportioned throughout. Held topline excellently on the move to which it was done with drive.

2nd Skinner, Mrs A. Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd

Another lovely headed specimen, red and white; pleasing expression and portrayed a lovely profile- showed very well considering the sandy conditions – good length of neck and well balanced.



1st Fitzgerald, Mrs J. Cubadias I’m So Stunning BOB & BP

This is a lovely lad, well balanced throughout with good proportions. A nice head with dark eyes – making a for a pleasing expression. In good coat for his age, level topline with the required slight rise over the loin. Moved round the ring with flare,

Overall, a nice dog; one to watch. Grp 4

2nd Matthews, Mrs H. Chamwik Obsidian Gem

Another quality male, good size, nicely balanced with good angles throughout, nice hindquarters and turn of stifle. Moved soundly.

3rd Morris, Mr & Mrs W. Rothermere Ocean of Fire


1st Fitzgerald, Mrs J. Cubadias I’m So Stunning

As above

2nd Matthews, Mrs H. Chamwik Obsidian Gem

As above.


1st Morris, Mr & Mrs W. Rothermere I’m Maleficent RBOB

6yr old, stood alone – well balanced and proportioned throughout. Pleasing head and correct length of muzzle. Good coat texture.





1st Lovell, Miss A. Snowvilla Stark Primrose

Cream 15-month year old, pleasing head, nice shape, nicely placed ears. Good depth of chest moved well.


1st French, Mrs & Miss. Norvanik Treacle Tart RBOB

A nicely presented bitch, pretty head, with a lovely soft expression. Moved well solid in body, with good muscle


1st French, Mrs & Miss. Norvanik Happy Go Lucky BOB

Lovely head, classic ‘foxy’ expression. A lovely size, good depth of chest- nice dark eye, moved with drive.

2nd Lovell, Miss A. Shlarra Meet the Legend

Dark eyes and fine muzzle. Correct tail set. Moved briskly.

Miniature Pinscher


1st Wilson, Mrs J. Jaegerson Kiss ‘N’ Tell

A nicely sized specimen nicely balanced throughout and with good angulation, front, and rear. Level topline and moved with drive.


1st Wilson, Mrs J. Jaegerson Kiss ‘N’ tell BOB

Previous winner



1st Thatcher, B T & C. Kobanyal Phelyhes Odin with Devonia (Imp Hun) NAF TAF. BP

A lovely youngster, good proportions, nice overall profile- good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Moved with style.

2nd Whateley, Mr M & Mrs D. Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian

Another nicely sized youngster, with again a good shape and movement, a tricky decision between 1 and 2, both placings have equally lots to like.

3rd Mcardell, Mrs H. Lycklotte Gianluca at Phendelle


1st Thatcher, B T & C. Devonia’s Calabria

A well-presented, pretty bitch, with a well-proportioned head and correctly textured flocked coat. Moved beautifully around the ring, maintaining a nice level topline and good tail carriage.

2nd Mcardell, Mrs H Moorhey Abrielle at Phendelle NAF TAF

Pretty lady, well-made throughout, portraying a level topline when on the move. Preferred the movement of winner.


1st Whateley, Mr M & Mrs D. Belstown Beloved Amee at Arkadian BOB

Yet another lovely young lady, of super-size. Correct coat texture, pleasing head, and nice pigmentation. Well balanced throughout. Moved soundly. Just had the edge today.

2nd Towers, Mrs J Ocio Do Lusiadas with Enjanicka

Pretty bitch, good coat texture, and well-proportioned throughout, moved well. Unlucky to meet 1 today.


1st Towers, Mrs J. Enjanicka Evening Emerald RBOB

This lady oozes quality, the most beautiful of heads, exceptionally well balanced throughout, good width of skill, lovely action on the move and in immaculate condition. Overall, a lovely picture – pushed hard for BOB.

2nd Whateley, Mr M & Mrs D. Arkadian Marcus Maximus

A lovely shape, well-made throughout, pleasing depth of chest and spring of rib, good coat texture. Moved freely.

Coton De Tulear


1st Craik, Ms L. Mopseyscoton Bubbli Bunni

A lovely well-made youngster, with lots of promising attributes. A nice overall shape and pleasing head. Good angles throughout and moved well. BP

2nd Trickett, Mrs P. Cotontricks Peggy Sue

Very much a baby. Nice overall in profile, just needed a little more confidence- lots to like.


1st Scott, Mrs J. Mopseycoton Minti Minki

A moderately proportioned male with lovely pigmentation, a hard choice between 1 and 2. Correct bite; nicely boned fore and well- muscled hind quarters- held his tail well. Pleased to award RBoB and he later won the RBoB competition.

2nd Fry, Mrs C. Lazy Daze.

What an attractive young lady, unlucky to meet winner today! Very typey lovely head which is correctly proportioned. Correct ear set and the darkest of eye. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket. Beautifully presented.


1st Scott, Mrs J. Cotonkiss Conqueror

Very handsome young man, lovely head and expression, dark round eyes; with a nice straight muzzle. Medium length of neck, running in to well laid shoulders- suitably muscled hindquarters which aided in his smooth and free movement. BoB

2nd Trickett, Mrs P. Valeast Barney Rubble

A pleasing male, with lots to like, sound construction and well-proportioned throughout. Good angulation and moved well.

3rd Fry, Mrs C. Blosscoton Kuhsandruh



1st Orchard, Miss S, Panspaypn Natasha (Papillon)

A lovely baby well-made and coming together nicely. Lovely coat and proportioned moved soundly and made for a promising profile.

2nd Orchard, Miss S, Panspaypn Northern Lights (Papillon)

A very pretty bitch, litter sister to the winner, both have lots to like and are incredibly happy and content. Her sister was a tad more mature and balanced. Could easily swap places later on.

3rd Casey, Mrs J Melangel lovely Lexi for shamal


1st Orchard, Miss s, NightFire's be unique in style at Panspaypn (Imp Deu). (Papillon).

A very flashy, handsome Youngman; he catches your eye immediately. Well, put together and balanced, lovely expression and boy can he move! One to watch for the future. BAVNSC Toy, and Puppy Grp 1

2nd Jackson, Mrs M P. Appletor I’ll Tell the Bees

Difficult decision here, lovely in profile, good overall angles, and nicely proportioned throughout. Unlucky to meet winner today.


1st Sopagaite-Maksvytiene, Mrs A. Dolce Vita

A lovely dog, very pleasing in profile; good head and ear placement, very well angulated. Moved well.

2nd Dixon, Mr M J, Mrs K L & Miss F M, Lokeren Abba Bjorn

Lovely clean lines, nicely balanced throughout, nice depth of chest and spring of rib, moved with drive.


1st Dixon, Mr M J, Mrs K L & Miss F M, Witchstone who dares wins

Nice in profile, neat lines and angles, well laid shoulders and reach of neck. Pleasing ear placement and length of muzzle. RBOB

AV Import Toy


1st Casey, Mrs J Russiandream Ezra Elliott for Shamal

8months old, Russian Toy Terrier, nice in profile; very much a baby, pleasing head, nicely balanced and moved well for age.


1st Casey, Mrs J Russiandream Cody Flemming for Shamal

Again, another Russian Toy Terrier, nicely sized, pleasing ear set and featherings. Nice lay of shoulder moved well.

AV Toy


1st Featherfalls sweet kills for Pendralier

Lovely shape moved well and nicely proportioned. Appeared much happier in this class than the earlier breed class.

2nd Whateley, Mr M & Mrs D. Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian

As per breed class

3rd Majerose simply the best NAF


1st Jackson, Mrs M P. Appletor I’ll Tell the Bees

2nd Pendralier Sorceress

A heavily marked tri bitch, lovely outline, and shape; nicely proportioned. With pleasing expression. Nice and compact with good angles.

3rd Lewis, Mr A, Mrs P. Tyssul Carat Gold


1st Belstown Beloved Amee at Arkadian

A nice bitch, correct coat texture- she has a lovely head and well-balanced body, well-muscled hind quarters and moderate turn in stifle. Moved soundly.

2nd Chennelchis Milky Way

A nice cream young man with good depth of brisket. Well, angulated with nice level topline which he held on to the move. The venue got the best of him today.

3rd Cotonkiss Perfect Storm


1st Hugapug Nutcracker Treveth JW SHCM

I have judged this handsome male before; he is compact and square, atypical of the breed in outline. Neat ears, which are set well. Moved with drive and soundly.

2nd Marney Jay Tiny Timothy

A nicely presented dog, nice in profile, lots to like – pleasing rounded skull, nice expressive eye. Well, set ears and nicely ribbed. Moved soundly- a testament to his powerful hind quarters.

3rd Lorenka’s High Class Lady with Aureus

Toy Group

1st Pirrie & Mcevoy Mrs S, & Mrs J: Guereza Kinky Boots NAF (Affenpinscher)

2nd Phelps, Ms C Roxmarr Augustus Bilohka (Pug)

3rd Milton, Mr D & Miss J. The Golden Boy De Casa Del Hermitano Gestavo (Imp Esp). (Chihuahua Smooth Coat).

Res: Fitzgerald, Mrs J. Cubadias I’m So Stunning (Havanese)

Toy Puppy Group

1st Orchard, Miss S, NightFire's be unique in style at Panspaypn (Imp Deu). (Papillon).

2nd Mcevoy Mrs J. Ashiblack Pearly King – Affenpinscher.

3rd While, Mrs C L. Velyurs De Offri Drakaris for Roxmarr (Imp Rus) – Pug

Res: Guvercin, Mrs J Glebeheath Jellybean (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

RBOB Competition

1st Scott, Mrs J. Mopseycoton Minti Minki

Junior Handling

6 – 11 years

So many handling judges place great emphasis on asking handlers to showcase complex pattern work, when, a basic triangle is all you need to show handling ability.

1st Kian Whitelock

A smart young handler with lots of potential. Answered all questions correctly and his pattern work was neat. Showed a good rapport with his dog.

2nd Darcy Harwood

Close call between these two handlers; pattern work was ok; just requires a little bit more attention to detail, Darcy was unable to answer the questions asked (how many teeth) so needs to do a little bit of revision on that.

3rd Harriet Burford

Junior Handling

12-16 years

The older handling class never fails to amaze me, emphasis is placed on apparel and less on communication with their dog. It is not a fashion show and handlers really need to consider their clothing choices to best show off their dog.

1st Phoebe Toublic

Very smart handler, another close call; lovely, neat patterns and answered all questions confidently. Paid attention to where I was at all times and maintained a good rapport with her dog. Just had the edge over the 2nd

2nd Calleigh Hird

Another smart handler- again, nice, neat patterns and good rapport with her dog – could have paid slightly more attention to where I was, but none the less; she made decent work of what was asked of her.

Adult Handling

17 - 39 years

1st Sophie Zbilut

A well- presented, quiet handler, nice pattern work and was always aware of her dog, a worthy winner. – best overall handler.

2nd Katie Dixon

3rd Olivia Ellis

Adult Handing

40 Years and over

1st Trish Hatfield

Very well presented, smart handler, nothing over done here- which is nice to see. Neat pattern work showed the dog to its best. Was always fully aware of my feet. Answered all questions confidently.

2nd Patricia Franklin

A good handler that presented her dog well. Nice patterns and showed lots of encouragement. Made lightwork of handling such a big dog. Just needs to be more aware of where my feet are.

3rd Janet Rice