• Show Date: 24/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Yvonne Billows Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging this lovely breed for the first time, and my thanks go to the exhibitors for their quality entry and for the sporting way they accepted my decisions. I had some super dogs and bitches to judge and some very close decisions to make. A special thanks to my efficient steward who worked hard to keep the ring running smoothly.

BOB: MCCULLOUGH, Mrs M & MCCULLOUGH, Mr P Kimmax Kort in Action

DCC: MCCULLOUGH, Mrs M & MCCULLOUGH, Mr P Kimmax Kort in Action 

RDCC: DONNELLY, Mr & Mrs David Sh Ch Kimmax Knock Yourself Out JW Sh.CM

BCC: MCCULLOUGH, Mrs M & MCCULLOUGH, Mr P Sh Ch Kimmax Kindly Stand Black

RBCC: JOHNSTON, Mr Paul & JOHNSTON, Mrs Linda & JOHNSTON Glenquin Athena

BP: JENKINS, Mrs S L & WARNER, Mr Thomas Tickencote Teach Me Tonight For Gerstenfeld

BV: JENKINS, Mrs S L UK Ch Kimmax Koming Home At Gerstenfeld Sh.CM

BSpecBeg: SIMPSON, Mrs G Greendale Ash

PD (2 0) 1. DONNELLY, Mr & Mrs David Kimmax They Kall Me Mr Tibbs. Very promising 10 months old puppy dog with a well-proportioned masculine head and good furnishings. Strong bone throughout, and well-muscled overall for one so young. Strong neck and well-placed shoulders. Enough chest for his age and in proportion to the rest of his body. Strong thighs and rear pasterns enabling good driving action from rear which gave him great ring presence in this class. 2. AGNEW, Mrs Hayley & AGNEW, Mr Peter. Kimmax Fail to Kommunicate. I see he is the litter brother to first place, and he was shown in good coat and condition. Not quite the bone or confidence of 1. Gave his handler a bit of a hard time in the ring but he is still young, and time is on his side.

JD (0 0)

PGD (2 2)

LD (0 0)

OD (4 0) 1. MCCULLOUGH, Mrs M & MCCULLOUGH, Mr P Kimmax Kort in Action. Certainly caught my eye as I found him to be very powerfully built and so masculine in overall outlook with the desired texture to coat, strong bone and in super condition. Well balanced head with correct width and shape to skull. Ample facial furnishings, moderate stop, good colour to medium sized oval eyes and well-placed ears. Enough of a strong neck for his size and it was well set on to muscular sloping shoulders. Ribs deep and well sprung reaching back to his strong loin. Truly kept his eye-catching profile on the move where he enthusiastically covered the ground with his impressive driving hind action. Not surprising as he had great hindquarters with the desired strong well-muscled thighs and well-bent stifles. Was pleased to award him the DCC and BOB. 2. DONNELLY, Mr & Mrs David Sh Ch Kimmax Knock Yourself Out JW Sh.CM. Another truly masculine exhibit of quality with so much to like about him too. Strong bone and shown in excellent coat and condition. Well balanced head with required furnishings and lovely intelligent expression. Strong neck, good front and rear angulation and deep chest. He demonstrated smooth driving hind action as he went around the ring, covering plenty of ground. I just preferred the extra bit of power that the dog I placed first gave me on the move today. I was pleased to award him the RDCC. 3. OCONNOR, Mr Karl Karlejay Gump They Live In Yu (A.I).

VD (0 0)

SBD/B (1 0) 1. SIMPSON, Mrs G Greendale Ash. A young male of 19 months who likely needs a little more time to mature overall. Good skull to muzzle ratio, moderate stop and nice eye shape and colour. Perhaps just a few more furnishings on his head needed to set it off. He seemed to be a little bothered in the ring, but he moved ok when he settled into himself. Would prefer more strength and width to hindquarters and more substance throughout. BSpecBeg

PB (3 0) 1. JENKINS, Mrs S L & WARNER, Mr Thomas. Tickencote Teach Me Tonight For Gerstenfeld. Very feminine 7-month-old quality bitch, certainly the baby of the class and still has a lot more maturing to do, but oh my, she certainly knew how to move today. She has a delightful head of correct proportions and superb expression. Good front and rear angulation, already displaying her strong thighs. I found her eye-catching in body shape and substance both in her standing profile and on the move. Was pleased to award her BP. 2. STAMP, Miss B. Tynsil Just One Smile. 8 ½ months old, she was a very strong, happy mover and she covered the ground well. She was shown in good coat and condition. Pleasing front and rear angulation. Feminine head, with required length of muzzle to skull, and adequate face furnishings, would prefer a shade more stop to complete the picture, nevertheless a quality young lady. 3. KEARNS, Miss B. Rudishaw Waltzing Matilda.

JB (2 0) 1. GEARY, Mr Robert & GEARY, Mrs Amanda. Germanus Stands Out A Mile. A really nice 14-month-old bitch of quality and of good size with pleasing proportions overall. She presented a delightful profile both standing and throughout her very sound movement. Lovely balanced head with great definition and furnishings. Enough neck and well-placed shoulders supported by good front angulation, decent depth to chest, well-made body and strong well-muscled hindquarters. 2.TURNBULL, Mrs E & TURNBULL, Mr Graham & TURNBULL. Kimmax Two Kan Play at Elagram (AI). Another youngster not long out of puppy. At 14-months-old, she had strong bone, enough substance to her body and shown in good coat and condition. Correct proportions to head with impressive furnishings. Likely still has to work towards her finished overall body shape. Today I found her to not have quite the front angulation of the first, and she seemed a little unsettled on the move.

PGB (3 1) 1. JENKINS, Mrs S L & WARNER, Mr Thomas. Glenquin Artemis For Gerstenfeld (AU4) Smart quality bitch presenting a very pleasing picture both standing and on the move. Good proportions to head and has a gentle feminine & intelligent expression with enough furnishings to properly show it off. Desired front angulation, straight forelegs and deep chest. Firm back with deep well sprung ribs. Strong well-developed hindquarters giving a smooth driving hind action. 2. JOHNSTON, Mr Paul & JOHNSTON, Mrs Linda & JOHNSTON, Miss Nicola. Glenquin Enyo. Another lovely bitch of quality, litter sister to the first I believe and for me such a close decision between them both with so many of the same qualities in each of them. Loved her movement too and she really covered the ground well. On another day they may well change places.

LB (6 1) 1. O’BRIEN, Mr Alan & O’BRIEN, Mrs Debbie. Luchanalilly Cute Coral of Caldewriver. What a fabulous quality bitch who pushed hard today for top honours. So much to like about this exhibit, from her well-proportioned head, lovely eye and expression down her strong neck into impressive shoulders. Deep well-sprung ribs, excellent front and rear angulation with well-muscled thighs that she used to her advantage. Was so at one with the pace of her handler on the move, a delight to watch and she covered the ring with a smooth strong action. She has lovely balance and a very smart outline. 2. PINKERTON, Miss S. Bareve Burra Burra Lake. Another quality bitch, with impressive strong hindquarters which she used well. A lot of the same positive points here too, including lovely proportions to her head with dark eye colour and intelligent expression. A strong neck and well-placed shoulders with good depth of chest and ribs well back. A little more of her than the one standing first today. 3. OCONNOR, Mr Karl Karlejay Gump Circle Of Life (A.I).

OB (3 0) 1. MCCULLOUGH, Mrs M & MCCULLOUGH, Mr P Sh Ch Kimmax Kindly Stand Black.

2. JOHNSTON, Mr Paul & JOHNSTON, Mrs Linda & JOHNSTON, Miss Nicola. Glenquin Athena. 

Such a close decision in this class with two beautifully feminine, top-quality bitches with the most delightful well-proportioned and nicely furnished heads and gorgeous expressions. Strong neck and shoulders on both, great front and rear angulation too, firm backs, deep chests and strong bone throughout. Lovely to watch both on the move with their similar smooth and powerful driving action. I was really splitting hairs over these two, and today I felt that the one I placed first really commanded the ring with her ‘look at me attitude’ and showed herself off just that little bit more than the second. BCC and RBCC awarded to first and second in this class respectively. 3. JOHNSTON, Mr Paul & JOHNSTON, Mrs Linda & JOHNSTON, & JOHNSTON, Miss Nicola. Bel Sh Ch Canis Fortuna Harda (Imp Pol)

VB (1 0) 1. JENKINS, Mrs S L. UK Ch Kimmax Koming Home At Gerstenfeld Sh.CM. 8 years old and still every inch a quality example of the breed. She oozes both femininity and power and was shown in fabulous condition. Lovely head of correct proportions and complimenting furnishings, correct eye colour giving such a gentle expression. Strong clean neck into well placed shoulders, she has a firm back and desired angulation front and rear. She moved out well, showing such good driving action. She was at one with her handler and did everything asked of her. Best Veteran.