• Show Date: 13/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Yvonne Billows Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

It was an honour and a great privilege to judge Lagotto Romagnolo at Crufts 2022 and I’d like to say a huge thank you to the exhibitors from home and overseas for giving me the opportunity to go over their dogs, and for the sporting way they accepted my decisions. I had some super dogs and bitches to judge and very close decisions to make. I felt that my Best of Breed represented the Lagotto well, and really seemed to make a good impression on Clare Balding’s sofa thereby putting a lovely spotlight on the breed. A special thanks to my two very efficient & fabulous stewards who worked so hard to keep the ring running smoothly and certainly looked after me well.

BOB Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio ShCM (Miss J Nelson)

BD Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio ShCM (Miss J Nelson)

RBD Bransbubble St Francis (Mrs H L Wardle-Spenceley)

BB Arcticbreeze Outbraker (Mrs L Mort)

RBB Swiss Sh Ch/Cro Ch/Slo Ch Lavinia Fontana (Ms F Leporati)

BP Kantrace Blueberry Hill (Imp Cro) NAF TAF (Mr D & Mrs S & Mrs S & Mr P Clayton & Crummy & Zdunic & Booth)

BV Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio ShCM (Miss J Nelson)

VD (4 0) 1. Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio ShCM (Miss J Nelson) Impressive mature male of rustic appearance who belies his age and excelled today with his smooth and tireless movement looking particularly smart showing off an impressive side gait. His masculine head with correct head proportions from nose to skull and his well-shaped eyes showed lovely expression. Slightly arched short powerful neck into the required moderately well laid shoulders. He has impressive straight forequarters, well developed chest to close fitting elbows and straight topline falling slightly from withers to croup. Short, wide and strong loin, powerful well-developed hindquarters with good width behind. Good texture to his coat which followed his overall impressive bodyline. He presented a super picture of a square and sturdily built quality dog and I was very pleased to award him BV, BD and BOB. 2. Gaesten Just Jago at Joydon (Mr D H Lightfoot). Another well-made dog of super quality showing a clean outline and great muscle tone all through. In good coat and condition and was well presented. He covered the ground freely showing off his strong hindquarters and level topline. Good depth to his chest and correct bone throughout. Just didn’t have the pizazz of 1 today . 3. Yduns Blue's Kenzo (Imp Dnk) (Ms S J Westmoreland)

MPD (1 0) 1. Kantrace Blueberry Hill (Imp Cro) NAF TAF (Mr D & Mrs S & Mrs S & Mr P Clayton & Crummy & Zdunic & Booth) Oh my - what a gorgeous quality puppy, almost 9 months old and I consider he is going to have a bright future. Good shape and pleasing proportions to head, well set eyes with a very attentive expression. Is extremely smart and sturdily built, presenting a square outline with good oval bone. He was full of the joys of spring going around the ring and ably demonstrated free movement with plenty of drive. He was well presented and had pleasing natural coat texture. Certainly one to watch and I was very happy to award him BPiB

PD (0 0)

JD (7 0) 1. Bransbubble On A Whim (Mrs H L Wardle-Spenceley). Very smart 14-month-old dog of good size presenting a strong robust presence with a great head of correct proportions and a lovely gentle expression. Good shape to bone and his overall body shape was pleasing. This included his slightly arched muscular neck, good straight front, moderately laid shoulders and compact strong body. He covered the ground freely on the move and demonstrated good width behind when using his powerful hindquarters. 2. Truffalusa November Moon from Mizani (Mrs L Ferguson)16-month-old dog of fabulous quality, close-up to the 1st in my decision in this class. Had all the body attributes of one but just stood a little taller, whilst still presenting a lovely square outline. Good overall shape, in great coat and condition with super head proportions and correct ear set. The first just had the edge on movement today but I have no doubt that they could change places at another time. 3. Bransbubble High Neb (Ms D & Mrs B Hamlyn-Sharp & Hamlyn)

PGD (5 0) 1. Bransbubble St Francis (Mrs H L Wardle-Spenceley) What a handsome young man this was, not overdone in any way and he impressed me greatly. Correct proportions to his masculine head and powerful short neck into well placed shoulders. Lovely straight tight front and well-developed chest. Straight top line with good width to loin. Gently sloping muscular croup and correct tail set. Really showed himself off well with his free and easy movement and stylish side-gate. Was very pleased to award him RBD. 2. Arcticbreeze Turbulence at Allsong (Mr S A & Mrs B L Whittick) Another top quality sturdily built masculine dog, with great outline and well balanced throughout. Lovely head and expression and was in super coat and condition and well presented. Well-developed chest and powerful hindquarters which enabled him to cover the ground in a free and easy manner with plenty of drive. 3. Arcticbreeze On The Podium for Atkaluna (Miss S & Mr A O'Sullivan & Wiggins)

LD (7 0) 1. Mikette Mario Millionaire at Zakro (Mrs L J Adamo) A difficult decision for me in this class as there was lots to like about both mature exhibits standing first and second. Both of lovely quality and in great coat and condition. Well-proportioned heads on both, with good sturdy outlines. The hindquarters on both exhibits did their job well with powerful well-developed muscles evident in their driving action. The one I placed first just had that extra drive today resulting in a tad smoother movement. 2. Dario Della Caveja (Mrs L Ferguson) 3. Gaesten Top Tinker (Mr K J & Mrs S C Tollerfield)

OD (5 0) 1. Rozebottel's Porthos (Imp Nld) (Mr J, Miss L & Miss K Gilder, Blunden & Van Gemert) Mature male of super quality. Balanced and in proportion throughout. Is of good size with masculine head and gentle, intelligent expression. Short muscular neck into moderately well laid shoulders and a compact, strong body. He held his straight topline whilst he moved freely around the ring using his powerful hindquarters showing plenty of drive. Was presented in lovely coat and condition and a very nice exhibit indeed - not overdone in any way. 2. Mizani Diorbe of Slovakia at Dumdiddly ShCM (Ms P McAllister). One I have judged before, and he did not disappoint. Was a lovely dog to go over presenting everything as one would like to find. Similar size to the first and has very much the same quality attributes. Today I just preferred the extra definition in the first’s hindquarters. 3. Mizani Dioro over Savio (Miss J Nelson)

SWGD (0 0)

GCDS (5 0) 1. Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio ShCM (Miss J Nelson) 2. Gaesten Top Tinker (Mr K J & Mrs S C Tollerfield) Another I have judged before, and he has since matured somewhat. Has a good masculine head and lovely eye colour and placement. He has a well-developed chest and desired slight tuck up. Beautifully presented with a coat of good texture and condition. 3. Emmroche Dazzler (Mrs J & Mrs E-J Middleton & Laroche)

VB (4 0) 1. Gaesten Lucky Luna (Mrs C Snowdon). Petite feminine bitch coming up to her ninth birthday and looking very well on it. Petite but still of sturdy appearance, she has a lovely head and delightful expression and is well put together, but perhaps a shade off square for me. Was a happy free mover and at one with her handler. 2. Fullforge Floral Dancer (Miss V & Mr J Williams & Carless). Larger than the first, and perhaps a tad longer so not so square. A little unsure at times on the move but once she got into her stride and settled down, she moved ok. Presented and handled well. 3. Yduns Blue's Mellis Full Forge (Imp Dnk) (Ms S J Westmoreland)

MPB (3 0) 1. Nelbekio High Jak (Mrs K Holmes) Oh my goodness – what a delight – three super feminine litter sisters with varying degrees of braveness and sometimes giving their handlers a difficult time when trying to obey their instructions. Lovely quality throughout, but varying stages of growing up meant that the 3rd looked the real baby of the bunch. Exhibits in first and second place presented sturdy solid outlines for ones so young and were shown in lovely coat and condition. Slightly arched necks with good shoulder placements and carried their toplines well as they moved round the ring showing soundness and the exuberance of youth all the way. Musculature in both coming along fine. Just found the exhibit in first place to have that bit extra about her today. 2. Nelbekio High Class (Mrs SM Vincent) 3. Nelbekio High Hopes (Ms S & Mr P Langley & Adkins)

PB (3 0) 1. Greenbankes Kara (Miss S Tindall) At just 10 months old, this young lady was a delight to go over. Such a good shape and and very nicely put together throughout. Once she steadied herself, she showed off her sound free movement with lovely tail action. Short strong neck, good bone, well placed shoulders and straight forearms. Has a compact body and a smart outline overall. 2. Nelbekio High Jak (Mrs K Holmes) 3. Vodka King of The Truffles (Mrs K & Mr S Bond)

JB (7 0) 1. Mikette Winter Solstice (Mr M & Miss L Blunden) Not overdone for size, this 15-month-old young lady certainly has a lot going for her from the tip of her large nose to the end of her well-set tail off her slightly sloping croup and everything in between. Lovely proportions to her head and a delightful expression. Slightly arched neck into moderately well laid shoulders and on to her straight topline. She has lovely straight forearms with close fitting elbows, slight tuck up and presented a sturdy square outline which was carried around the ring impressively when she was moving. 2. Katajakonnun Pitch Perfect Pop Champagne Ee Jmva Hr Jmva Hejw-21 Jv-21 (Miss L Kroon) At almost 18 months old, she was every inch the well-schooled exhibit – she didn’t put a foot wrong and epitomised the term attentive expression and she was certainly at one with her handler. An attractive feminine head with lovely expression, she presented a sturdy and substantial outline. 3. Regun Nara (Mr R A Slater)

PGB (14 0) 1. Arcticbreeze Outbraker (Mrs L Mort). My goodness what a strong class with an abundance of quality bitches to go over - and what a stunning exhibit I consider I found for my first place. Presented beautifully and in super coat and condition, she oozed quality and femininity from every pore – at just 17 months old I found her to be a real ‘Bella Donna’. Such a pleasing head with excellent proportions with good shape to eyes and ears that were set well. Slightly arched muscular neck of correct length leading into moderately well laid muscular shoulders. Desired straight front and a strong compact body presenting a balanced square outline. Powerful hindquarters with great width behind and a good bend of stifle which she used with such power as she showed herself off easily on the move. Was very pleased to award her BB. 2. Magpieblue Cassiopeia (Mrs J Ward). Pretty 18-month-old bitch with good length to leg presenting a square sturdy outline. Feminine head of correct proportions with lovely expression. Well-presented and not overdone in any way, with correct texture to a coat that evenly followed the desired slight tuck-up and enhanced her smart framework. Strong hindquarters enabled her very sound movement . 3. All About Star Sigi Tolo for Gameglow (Imp Srb) (Mrs L Cooper)

LB (10 1) 1. Solipse Gelato Noce Di Cocco at Nelbekio (Imp Svk) (Miss J Nelson) Today I found the quality in this class not quite as strong as in the last class and the exhibit that I placed first here was placed reserve in PGB. She was presented and shown to a high standard and had a very feminine head of good proportions with lovely expression. A short strong neck onto good shoulders that were moderately well laid-back, a nice straight front with a deep chest down to her close-fitting elbows and pleasing body proportions overall. She moved soundly and with plenty of drive. 2. Marleydown Dimensional Dot at Mianatra (Miss R L Deblasi). Not overdone, she had good overall compact shape to her sturdy body. She was clearly feminine with a well-proportioned head and delightful expression and was presented in good coat and condition. She moved soundly and with drive, showing good width behind. 3. Rumolboys Cascade of Fire (Ms P McAllister)

OB (10 2) 1. Swiss Sh Ch/Cro Ch/Slo Ch Lavinia Fontana (Ms F Leporati). First and second were both beautiful bitches of top quality with excellent bone and substance throughout. Both so well balanced overall with pleasing outlines. Very smart jackets and presented immaculately. Lovely feminine heads of correct proportions displaying very attentive expressions to their very able handlers. Really strong hindquarters on both, which allowed that desired smooth free movement, whilst at all times holding their toplines on the move. Just felt that the exhibit I put in first place today had the edge and was pleased to award her RBB. 2. Am Ch/GCHS Ch Rozebottel's Mumm De Mumm Ew (Mrs K H J G Van Gemert). 3. It.Ch/cib/cie Ch Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Lussuria (Mrs M Benelli)

SWGB (1 1)

GCDSB (5 0) 1. Gaesten Lucky Luna (Mrs C Snowdon) 2.Timtaurn Tribella with Aqualoop Rl2ex (Mr R E & Mrs S M Wills) A sturdy solid made bitch who was up to size. Shown in good coat and condition and moved around the ring freely and with drive. 3. Magpieblue Andromeda (Ms D J Harrison)