• Show Date: 19/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: William Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Bull Terrier (Miniature)

I appreciate that the Kelso means a long journey for many exhibitors, but if ever a show is worth the trip, then this is it. Beautifully located and well run in an easy friendly way it has become one of my favourites. The entry was small, but I was very impressed with the overall quality. The only negative for me was the number of animals with instanding canines; This really is a problem that breeders must get to grips with.

Puppy Dog (1) (0 absent)

1st. Stephens, Tominey and Farmer’s Seayess Mistical Loch – Eye-catching red dog, just on the measure, attractive head and excellent expression, Nice straight front with excellent feet. Good neck and topline. Somewhat overawed with proceedings and would not cooperate with his handler but eventually when she got his attention he moved very well. Certainly, one worth persevering with

Junior Dog (1) (0)

1st. Boyne’s Tiny Amigos Night King – Typy and square brindle dog of good size. Very good head with a super profile. Well placed eye and an excellent expression. Undershot. Good front and nice tight feet. Lovely neck and good topline but a shade long cast. Moved a little close behind.

Novice Dog (No Entries)

Graduate Dog (No Entries)

Post Graduate Dog (No Entries)

Limit Dog (3) (0 absent)

1st. Barr and Novak’s Entertainer Got a Hangover At Giffenbull - Very smart and showy terrier type dog, teeming with quality, beautiful head with sweeping profile. Mouth just off. Lovely straight front and good tight feet. Lovely, elegant neck and well laid shoulder. Very shapely bodylines with a nice tuck up. Very good quarters, moved extremely freely but a little close behind. Expertly handled and showed really well. A quality dog of excellent size, well under the measure. It made for an interesting challenge for BOB as the two were completely different on type, but in the end, I went for his outstanding make and shape over the substance of the bitch. CC and BOB

2nd. Heard’s Kilonthorpe Jonny Fox with Louwab – Tall black Brindle dog. Long head just lacking a little in profile. Very well made and sound throughout. Very good neck and shoulder and good firm topline. Extremely well made with Excellent hind angulation, with well bent stifles. Moved well both coming and going. A little on the large size for me, but a very sound dog in excellent condition and very well handled.

3rd. Wilson’s Duvessa Sher Khan

Open Dog – (2) (0 absent)

1st. Emmett and Catalina’s Dofro Little Drop Of Poison. Very smart, elegant and showy tricolour of excellent size. Quality dog with lots to like, good strong head with very good profile. Good mouth with large teeth. Nice round bone and good body lines. Although not quite the make and shape of the ticket winner he is of good type, well balanced and has lots of virtue. Still just a baby he needs to tighten up particularly in front and I will watch his progress with interest. Res CC

2nd. Wood’s Phunsize Divo Cato With Kiltonthorpe – Smart tall black brindle. Very showy. Strong head with a smooth profile. One canine misplaced. Good front and feet. Lovely length of neck and well-placed shoulder. Well bodied up A bit over the measure, but a sound, well made dog who moved well very.

Veteran Dog (No Entries)

Puppy Bitch (1) (1 absent)

Junior Bitch (2) (0 absent)

1st. Stephens and Farmer’s Seayess Tartan Memory - Quality brindle bitch of excellent size. Typy and well made. Well-shaped head with a beautiful profile. Excellent make and shape with a good firm topline. Very showy. Would prefer a little more bone even for her diminutive size, but an excellent compact package with a good future ahead of her.

2nd. Wilson and Harper’s Olympusbully Athena Solid black brindle bitch. Very well bodied with a lovely spring of rib and a short strong back. Canines misplaced but well made and moved well both coming and going and held her topline well. In super fit condition

Novice Bitch (1) (0 absent)

1st. Thomas’s Leyfinds Lady Parker – Substantial brindle bitch, Head of good length but a little lacking in profile. Good forechest and well bodied throughout. A bit over the measure but well-constructed with a good front and nice tight feet. Very good quarters well presented and handled. Moved very freely and with drive.

Graduate Bitch (1) (0 absent)

1st. Thomas’s Leyfinds Prim and Proper of Rougehaven - Red quality feminine bitch of excellent size. Very eye-catching; good length of head with well-placed eye and ears. Very good bone. Lovely neck and well-placed shoulder. Short back. Good wide quarters with well bent stifles Needs to mature in body and firm up in topline. Very showy.

Post Graduate Bitch (No Entries)

Limit Bitch (3) (1 absent)

1st. English’s Badlesmere Bibi – Outstanding heavyweight white bitch of excellent type. Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Really strong wide and powerful head. Excellent expression, lovely neck, gun-barrel front with a deep brisket and good strong round bone, Excellent spring of rib and a really short back. Excellent show girl, full of character and really enjoyed herself. Not the greatest of movers and she does have a misplaced canine, but her power and substance and her personification of type could not be denied. CC and BOS

2nd. Wood’s Kiltonthorpe Midnight Sun – Feminine black brindle bitch Her make and shape are exceptional, with great bodylines and excellent topline. Exceptional mover, parallel both ways and with drive. Seriously considered for the Res CC, but she is somewhat over the measure which held her back in this company. Nevertheless, an excellent sound bitch with lots of appeal.

3rd. Stephens and Farmer’s Duvessa Rose of Tudor Seayess

Open Bitch (2) (1 absent)

1st. Barr and Novak’s Cherry Bomb Got A Hangover At Giffenbull Another tiny one. Ultra feminine small and compact terrier type brindle bitch. Beautiful head, filled up with an excellent arc. Stunning in profile with a lovely long neck and flowing body lines. A little light in bone but moved extremely well both coming and going. great ring presence. Res CC

Veteran Bitch (No Entries)

Bill Lambert (Judge)