• Show Date: 08/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: william Brittle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

British Bullmastiff League

Breed: Breed Championship show

British Bullmastiff Ch show 8th May 2022

Judge Billy Brittle

It is approximately 28 years since I last judged the League Championship show, with nearly 200 entries. Times have changed and those heady days of 200 plus at club shows is long gone. However, the breed remains, and the cream is still there, and although the great kennels are for the most part gone it is heartening to see that there are still dedicated breeders producing their own lines and most importantly dogs of the highest quality. Numbers are smaller of course, as is the case for most breeds, but at the top end quality is on a par with some of the great dogs of the past. However diminishing numbers does reduce the overall number of quality dogs and it was very difficult in some classes to find dogs of sufficient breed type.

For me one of the major areas of improvement over the past 30 years is the overall movement of the Bullmastiff, which is now on a level with other breeds, and this is most evident in the regularity of group wins, which was a very rare occurrence in the past. Some negative things however, have crept in and seem to be accepted as norm, gay tails being a prime example. I was also surprised by the number of dogs with overshot mouths, this is something I have encountered before, but not in the numbers I saw today. I had a least 4 dogs, mainly pups displaying this. Hopefully being young this has time to correct itself, as none of them were excessive. I think that the overdone head type and oversized type that was creeping in has been addressed and I was not concerned about this today. Temperaments were good throughout day and not an issue.

The officers and committee of the League worked hard to ensure this show retained its personality despite being partnered with a general championship show and I thank them firstly for their hard work and secondly for the honour of the invitation. A big than you to the stewards for a great job and putting up with me.

I fully accept that my placings will have not gone the way some exhibitors would have hoped, and that is the nature of dog shows, but the sportsmanship and good grace exhibited by all those who entered was fantastic and refreshing, and there was none of the petulance, histrionics and sad paranoia that is sometimes displayed.

It is my belief that all of my principal winners today could do the job they were bred for, and for that I am grateful.

Both Dog and Bitch CC are from the same kennel and both Mr and Mrs Myers deserve immense credit for their achievement in consistently producing Bullmastiffs of the highest quality.

My dog CC winner and BIS was Champion Optimus Danzy Jones

A truly magnificent example of the breed, home bred with an imperious attitude. Clear well-defined outline with superb angulation, level top line and a powerful but functional frame, but not displaying any exaggeration of muscle or bone. A shapely reach of neck leading to a a very attractive and correct head with the required muzzle length, strong well positioned teeth with a lovely wide underjaw. Eyes clean and of excellent shape and positioning with textbook ears. A majestic expression adding to the dogs overall charisma. When asked to move he did so with drive and reach covering the ground with minimum effort but a sense of power. This is a dog that does our breed proud and currently is an exemplar for the Bullmastiff.

My Bitch CC winner and reserve BIS was Champion Paris De L’Arche Des Loups Anges Avec Optimus

An exquisite and quite beautiful bitch and one I have always admired. So glad that when I had the chance to go over her she did not disappoint. Powerful with the correct bone and substance, but never losing that wonderful aura of femininity and grace. Excellent angulation and dimensions, a lovely level topline, a beautiful arched muscular neck with a classic and irresistible head, displaying correct muzzle, eye shape, ear placement a wide powerful muzzle with correct bite. A delight to see the whole package. Movement today was free flowing and effortless, powered by an incredibly strong rear end and enhanced by a strong extended reach at the front. She absolutely sparkled today and was irresistible.

Mr Res CC dog was Optimus Thomas Morse of Penychen

A very attractive youngster not yet at his full potential and still very raw. He does however already possess considerable attributes and is a fine bullmastiff. Of good size and construction with a well angulated frame, excellent muscle and correct bone he has a nice level topline and good reach of neck. Head is very good with a good width to his muzzle and a correct bite. Eye shape is good and he is not overly wrinkled. Moved very well and is in total harmony with his handler. This is a young dog with great potential whom I am sure will reach the very top.

Res Bitch CC was , Champion Hyerdunscar The Big Tease

When I judged the league show the first time around, one of the many great dogs I had the privilege to go over was the late great Ch Graecia Mercury, for me this bitch on the day was a female reincarnation and it was clear to see her pedigree and lineage stamped on her appearance. Substantial, but feminine, beautifully angulated and with the correct length of back, a good straight front and a deep broad chest. A strong head without any coarseness or heaviness, with a good mouth and lovely broad underjaw. When she moved it was with panache and style, driving from the rear and reaching from the front, the overall picture being of balance and harmony. Beautifully handled An honour to judge her and very unlucky to come up against the CC winner today.

My Best puppy was Marchmanor Dark side

A delightful brindle pup of 11 months who is extremely raw but possessing all the attributes that one looks for, a solid well-made frame, with a good spring of rib and a wide deep chest. Head shape is good with correct ear and eye placement. Despite me nearly crippling the handler with repeated circuits, the puppy maintained a good steady movement throughout. Definitely not the finished article but also a fine prospect.

Puppy Dog

1.R&K Astons, Angels Phoenix Mr Nielsson The Monkey at Astonpride

A young pup very mature and well developed for his age. A nice shaped head with good wide muzzle and pleasing eye and ear placement. Excellent bone and substance and good overall balance, front a little untidy and mouth needs to improve. However, this is a young dog with plenty of potential

2. D Garratts, Marchmanor Played a Blinder

A good sized pup of 11 months, substantially built with a balanced well angulated frame. A strong correctly shaped head with good eye shape and well-placed ears. A deep wide chest and short coupled body. Moved well retaining a nice level topline. Showed well. Lots of potential

Junior Dog

1. D & S Todd & L Smiths, Alonzobar Red Sky for Delarhia

A very impressive dog of 14 months, excellent bone and substance with correct angulation throughout. A very nice typical head with good width of muzzle and impressive underjaw. A broad well let down chest with a very good well maintained topline. Presented extremely well with a commanding attitude. Took a while to get into his movement but was impressive and free flowing when he did. Definitely a dog to look out for.

2. E Trims, Carpe Diem Urbe Immortale With Roycepride

A fine dog and a good prospect. Very mature for his age with excellent bone and substance. A powerful and attractive head, wide, strong with excellent pigment and expression. A broad well let down front with correctly angulated shoulders, a nice level topline which was retained throughout. Despite being carpeted the floor was not great and I felt his hind end had difficulty in coping and affected him on the stand. Moved well with purpose and drive. Will watch his progress with interest.

Yearling Dog

1. Popp, Myers and Morgans, Optimus Thomas Morse of Penychen, Res CC

See above.

2. Myers and Morgans, Optimus Douglas.

Seeing dogs almost every week it is impossible not to have pre-conceived ideas and I did feel that I might find this dog too much for me, but I was wrong, this is an excellent dog of good type and conformation, well-constructed, balanced with powerful bone and substance. Head is super strong and perhaps a tad over wrinkled for me, but a beautiful topline and angulation with deep wide chest and lovely reach of neck. As with some other dogs I am not sure the carpeted floor suited him and perhaps hindered his movement.

Post Graduate Dog

1. Slaneys, GB Dudley Della Famiglia

A good-looking dog of 3 yrs, nicely proportioned with good substance and bone. A good head of square appearance with plenty of width and a good mouth, ears nicely placed and eye shape good, front broad with straight well-placed legs, a nice level topline and a strong well angulated rear. Moved well and handled with style.

2. Porter & Bowsers, Araucaria Cornus Sanguinea

If personality alone was required this dog would be BIS, fortunately he is also a very good Bullmastiff, a lovely colour with excellent pigmentation which is sometimes overlooked in brindles. strong, well made and balanced with excellent bone and substance, a lovely correct head, square broad and with a good width of muzzle, a strong reach of neck attached to strong powerful shoulders and a nice deep front, good length of back, and level topline. Moved well.

Limit Dog

Porter & Bowsers, Araucaria Sambucus Nigera

Some people describe their dogs as red. This dog is the real deal and unfortunately increasingly rare. A truly stunning colour and a fine dog to boot. Strong, balanced and well angulated with a powerful head perhaps slightly overdone for me but with totally correct eye and ear placement. A good broad muzzle giving the head a nice square appearance. Chest deep and broad with a nice short back and powerful rear end. Moved well with good extension. A truly fine dog who I am sure will continue to improve as he is not yet 3 yrs.

1. Mrs P Cox, Alonzobar Wile Ecoyote At Rainwilds

Another fine dog proving that quality brindles are still around. A big dog, not coarse however, with good bone and substance. Good square head with wide muzzle and excellent stop, good reach of neck and level topline. Front is wide and deep, rear end well muscled. Overall a very well balanced dog.

Open Dog

1. Myers and Morgans, CH. Optimus Danzy Jones, CC & BOB

See above

2. Mrs H Forsythe, Ardhub Black Bomb at Findhorn

A truly impressive brindle dog of 6 years who can still compete at the top level, powerfully constructed with strong bone and substance, an impressive head with correct ear carriage, good wide muzzle and a good bite. Good strong neck attached to well angulated shoulders. A deep broad chest and a well-maintained level topline. Moved and handled well.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Johns, Omfero Princess Rochie

A nicely presented puppy of nearly 9 months, good size and shape with nice angulation. Head shape good and moved well retaining a nice level topline on move. Very immature and raw as one would expect from a pup of this age.

2. Marshall & Tankards, Omfero Princess Audrey at Verosa

Sister to 1. and a very similar pup with a nicely constructed frame, good angulation and a correct level topline. Head very immature but with excellent pigmentation A good size bitch who is again, very raw. Showed and handled well

Puppy Bitch

1. Garratts, Marchmanor Dark side, Best Puppy

See above

2. Simpsons, Pleats True Dreamz

A very attractive and feminine bitch, correct head with good ears and a good dark eye, muzzle broad with a a good mouth. Good reach of neck with nicely angulated shoulders and a good depth of body. Nice level topline and a correctly angulated rear. Moved well and handled with style.

Junior Bitch

1. McGroartys, Ardhub Devil May Care

A very attractive dark brindle bitch of 16 months, powerfully constructed with plenty of bone and substance. Square head with good eye and ear placement, strong well-muscled neck with a broad well let down chest, nice level topline and good angulation front and rear. Moved and handled well

2. Mr & Mrs Latter, Sotarbackens Mockingjay Stoneglad

A really attractive young bitch, not quite as mature as 1 but with all the attributes of a fine Bullmastiff, Very attractive head with good length of muzzle and probably the best mouth of the day (something this kennel always seem to have!) nice dark eye strong reach of neck, nice deep chest and level topline. Well angulated front and rear, moved with drive and reach. A definite top prospect.

Yearling Bitch

1. Myers and Morgans, Optimus Gotcha Go

Stood alone but again a bitch that has so much potential. Good, shaped head with correct ear and eye placement, good width of muzzle and very good bite. A lovely frame plenty of size and substance with a well let down front with nice straight legs, a good short back with a level topline that was maintained on move. Powerful rear end with strong second thigh. Moved and handled extremely well.

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Mr & Mrs Baines, Essenceera Dream about me at Torreybloom

3 yr old fawn bitch in good condition. Good overall structure and well angulated throughout. Nicely shaped head with correct ear carriage, length of muzzle and eye placement. Good arch of neck, a well let down front, level topline and well-muscled rear end.

2. Fascoines, Jadanelle Jessie Moon

An honest well-constructed bitch, good head nicely angulated front and rear, broad front and nice rounded rear end, moved well, topline could be better

Limit Bitch

1. Lindleys, Hyerdunscar Pardn My French

Top class bitch showed and handled superbly, textbook head with strong arched neck and deep wide chest, great angulation front and rear, good level topline which was retained on move. Moved with animation and enthusiasm. Can see why this bitch is always in the running for top honours.

2. Garratts, Priambulls Dreams of Magic with Marchmanor

A well constructed bitch of 3 yrs, of good size and substance, excellent head, well placed ears and good overall pigment. Wide deep chest with correct length of back, good angulation throughout. Moved and handled very well.

Open Bitch

1. Myers and Morgans, CH. Paris De L’Arche Des Loups Anges Avec Optimus

See above

2. Lindleys, CH. Hyerdunscar The Big Tease

See above