• Show Date: 28/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vicky McIlwaine Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)



VD (4,0) A super start to the day with a fabulous class of veterans. 1st Barkleys’ Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief, one I have judged before, and I still admire his entertaining character & certainly lives up to his name! kindest of heads, balanced and still holding his outline, could teach the youngsters with his super movement, now just shy of 11 years old and still fit for function, a credit to his owner!

2nd Ellis & Pilkingtons’ Sh Ch Shannara Total Eclipse ShCM, another cheeky chap who enjoys his day out, different type to winner, well presented with a rich red coat, best of heads, a short-coupled boy who is balanced throughout, on the move he couldn’t match the winner.

3rd Rees’ Hudolus Rhys Henllys At Typica ShCM.

MPD (1,0). Stones’ Kidenoan Mark Time For Merrem, 7 months & well grown, pleasing head size & shape, balanced outline, good depth to chest, when settled moved with drive keeping his topline.

PD (2,0) 1st Grahams’ Don’s As Bold As Brass With Nyrilam (Swed Imp), in super body & coat for his age, pleasing head with kind eyes, strong clean neck with good layback of shoulder, plenty of bone with straight legs & round feet, good rear angulation with well let down hocks. BPD. 2nd Stones’ Kidenoan Mark Time For Merrem.

JD (No Entries).

YD (1,0) 1st Heathcotes’ Kamunting Buzz Lightyear, lovely head, in good coat, moved well, still needs to mature.

ND (1,0) 1st Grahams’ Don’s As Bold As Brass With Nyrilam (Swed Imp).

PGD (4,1) 1st Barkleys’ Chanangel Mr Whodat At Cherryheath, well-shaped head with dark eyes & gentle expression, sporting a lovely rich red coat, he has a good reach of neck with a straight front & best of feet, well developed in chest with good balanced throughout, a good honest lad with a lovely outgoing temperament.

2nd Goughs’ Julita Rukester, good head with enough neck, front and shoulder placement ok, balanced with good bend of stifle, not the movement winner.

3rd Whites’ Mymmsbrook Malbec With Fiergen.

LD (4,0) This class was head by two superb males of different types. 1st Cemis’ Taimere’s Talk About Me, one you need put your hands on to really appreciate his qualities, masculine head with kind eye and correct bite, slight doming to the back skull, strong neck, lovely depth to the ribcage & development of forechest, standing on well boned legs with tight elbows, strong quarters with a good depth of thigh, holding a firm topline both standing & on the move, in full coat, a happy lad with textbook movement, pleased to award him the CC.

2nd Harrisons’ Glenbrows Revolution, preferred his head and expression over the winner, long clean neck flowing seamlessly into a firm topline and well set on tail, good forechest and spring of rib, well boned limbs with short hocks and catlike feet, on the day preferred the front assembly of my winner, in the challenge he could not be overlooked RCC.

3rd Smiths’ Isfryn Peeping Tom.

OD (4,0) Two different types headed this class. 1st Olivers’ Sh Ch Glenbrows Royal Dragon, one I have judged before and I feel he gets better with age, presented in superb condition with correct outline for the breed, best head of the day, balanced throughout with a strong topline, well ribbed and good second thigh, thought he’d be my choice for the day but sadly not sound in the challenge.

2nd Williams’ Isfryn Spot The Difference Trebettyn, nice headed male, correct construction throughout and very workmanlike, in good coat and hard condition, a lovely boy who moved well.

3rd Sutherlands, Jacrenella Solo.

SPD/B (1,0) 1st Johnstons’ Nalydris Hakuna Matata, left her best dress at home today, however she is a good honest bitch where nothing is overexaggerated, feminine head with lots to like about her, moved out well.


VB (2,0) 1st Barkleys’ Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity JW, a lovely lady in full coat, feminine head with good reach of neck leading into well laid-back shoulders, short coupled and beautifully balanced, good spring of rib, correct topline, adequate bend of stifle with good second thigh, stood on good feet and moved out very well, BVB.

2nd Primmers’ Amanshe Golden Revelation, nice lady but carrying too much weight today.

MPB (No Entries).

PB (2,0) Ritchies’ Sarabande Dancing Queen At Slapestones (ai), lovely size pup with full red jacket, pleasant head with scissor bite, correct length of neck leading into super front angulation, good body proportions throughout, nicely turned stifle with well let down hocks, stood on neat feet and moved with purpose, maturing nicely, gave that little bit extra in the final challenge to be awarded BPIB.

2nd Harrisons’ Scarlett Sky At Glenbrows, didn’t have the confidence of the winner but this should come in time, there is lots to like with this pretty youngster, melting expression, good body proportions, when settled showed a super outline and moved well.

JB (2,0) 1st Grahams’ Nyrilam The Moth Catcher, considered this young lady for top honours, super bitch for size and type, she has a pretty head and expression with kind dark eyes, strong neck flowing into a super front assembly, strong topline and well-set tail, correct bend of stifle with good second thigh, moved out true with a ground covering action, one to watch.

2nd Danks-Kemishs’ Ferndel Dream On (ai), different type to my winner but many qualities to admire, lovely conformation and easy on the eye but needs time.

YB (1,0) 1st Harrisons’ Glenbrows Rhapsody JW, my notes say ‘Wow!’ I have watched this lady from the ringside and today she did not disappoint, presented to perfection, for me she is the correct size with an appealing ultra-feminine head, good reach of neck and beautifully put together all through, short coupled with well sprung ribs and the correct depth of body, quality bone, in hard condition and moved with tremendous reach and drive on the tightest of feet, at one with her handler, she may be a youngster but a quality bitch from the top draw and could not be denied the CC & BOB, wish she was mine.

NB (1,0) 1st Grahams’ Nyrilam The Moth Catcher.

PGB (4,0) 1st Mortlidges’ Kurjeja Kalina, 3-year-old with a very feminine head of good proportions, nicely chiselled and kind dark eye, she has a clean long neck flowing nicely into her topline, short coupled with good angles throughout, super depth to her brisket and development of forechest, lovely ribbing, hind quarters showing strength and width, on the move she was positive and true, pulled out all the stops to clinch the RCC, loved her.

2nd 1st Johnstons’ Nalydris Hakuna Matata.

3rd Mountcastle & Worths’ Sarabande Dance To The Rhythm (ai) JW.

LB (4,0) 1st Harrisons’ Glenbrows Paramour, very pleasing for type and shape, has the best of outlines and is a picture of balance and symmetry, everything is in proportion and is not exaggerated in any way, very feminine and appealing head, tidy shoulders and firm topline, however for me she hasn’t got the movement of her kennelmate but none the less a worthy class winner.

2nd Grahams’ Hetty Wainthropp, another quality bitch of good proportions, shown in full coat & hard condition, pleasing head with soft expression, correct bite, lovely front angulation and balanced so well behind, well ribbed with firm topline, moved with purpose and drive, pushed winner hard.

3rd Revill & Mondays’ Julita Ryvetta JW.

O (3,0) 1st Sutherlands’ Jacranella Serenade, this lady has got better with age, sweet feminine head, presented in super coat and condition, good angles front & rear, a happy girl who is balanced throughout which showed in her super movement, this one would have no trouble doing a full day’s work!

2nd Jones’ Sh Ch Julita Rumours At Trosley, a tad bigger in frame than my winner, pretty with good head proportions, good angles front and rear, strong topline and good bone, tidy feet, one I have judged and done well for before but felt today she wasn’t in her best condition, still a worthy Sh Ch.

3rd Lancetts’ Cwmbeili Madlen.

Judge – Vicky McIlwaine (nee Reynolds)