• Show Date: 21/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Val Palmer Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Richmond Championship Show Finnish Lapphund.

I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge Finnish Lapphunds, also to the exhibitors for their entries and good sportsmanship in some very close class placements.

 I was disappointed to find some dogs with dirty teeth, also so many dogs with close rear movement be ever mindful of the job this breed was bred for when breeding. But the overall presentation was of a high standard.

Puppy Dog 9 ent 0 abs

1st Critchlow Mr P & Mrs Scritchlow Pavoskas Eloisa Eniko Really liked this young male showing a lot of promise all-round well balanced. Head had the typical lappie smile with the correct shaped eye with good ear set well muscled body for one so young, correct depth of chest good angulation moved out well as one with his handler BPIB

2nd Miss K Anderson Limishka Vainmoinen Another quality youngster balanced head good eye shape correct ear set plenty of muscle throughout good angulations which lead to him moving out well when he was not looking at his handler.

3rd Mrs M Aristides-Pickard Sambreeze Mikki Bear Club

Junior Dog 3ent abs0

1st Mrs M Aristides-Pickard Sambreeze Mikki Bear Club This young lad is growing in all directions at the moment, ears bigger than his head and a rear higher than his front, correct depth of chest he has good angulations tail was loose and on the short side he won this class on movement moved as one with his handler.

2nd Mrs N Allison Oberitz Kaamoksen Ruhtinas I could not make up my mind whether this youngster was squinting in the light or if his eyes were small, he has a well muscled body with good angulations little close behind otherwise he moved well.

3rd Mrs K Fox Sambreeze Pingviini

Yearing dog No entries

Post Grad Dog 1ent abs 0

1st Mr E & Mrs T Forsey Arianrhod Black Sun Aeon at Muzoku What a super youngster lovely head well placed ears correct eye shape super muscles throughout body correct fore and aft good depth of chest nice tight feet all wrapped up in a quality coat, on the move he was a dream to watch plenty of reach and drive. Should have a good future RCC

Limit Dog 3ent 0abs

1st Mr A & Mrs C & Miss Woollard Infindigo Lintu Miika Well made dog with a nice head good ear set correct eye and a lovely lappie smile, balanced strong body neat feet good top line and depth of chest powerful rear, moved out well

2nd Critchow, Mrs S Sheridan Mrs A Sheridan Pavoskas Charleston JW Another well made dog correct head good ear set and eye, correct depth of chest good top line correct tail set moved well was a little close in the rear movement today.

3rd Mr A Lee Kaijartuu Ihmissusi

Open Dog 3 ent 0 abs

 Mr S & Mrs E Short Ch Glenchess Gregory Just standing he shows great quality what a joy to go over such a lovely correct head in all departments correct ear set correct eye good stop powerful jaw. So well muscled throughout correct length of neck leading to an excellent front correct depth strong correct hind quarters lovely full coat of correct texture on the move he clipped the grass with reach and drive delighted to award him CC and BOB

2nd Mr Mrs & Miss Cooper Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW,Sh,CM,ShCEx

Another handsome lad Nice head correct ear set lovely expression very well muscled body good depth of chest strong rear Moved out well

Puppy bitch 7 ent 1 abs

1st Ms S Croft & Mrs L Mowatt TabanyaRuu Zini Kukki Nice young bitch not as big as some but well put together everything in proportion she stood like she was an old hand at the showing lark had the sweetest of expressions moved well. Could have taken her home

2nd Mr Critchlow Mrs S Sheridan & Mrs A Sheridan Pavoskas Eloisa Evie Very close runner up nice head balanced shape good depth of chest quality coat for a young one moved well but a little close behind.

3rd Mr P Mrs S & Miss L Nardone Limishka

Junior Bitch 2 ent 0 abs

1st Mr S Jackson Elbereth Huurrehuntu Nice young bitch lovely head correct ear carriage good shaped eye very sweet expression well muscled clean front nice depth of chest quality coat moved out well with reach and drive.

2nd Mrs S Hall Sambreeze Bumblebee Well named she buzzed when she should have stood, Sweet expression correct shaped eye she is in the middle of a growing spurt looking square as her legs have shot up but on the move she moved well.

Yearling Bitch 3 ent 1 abs

1st Mrs T Lloyd Arianrhod Hallatar Lot to like about this girl good head and expression well set ears correct eye shape, very well muscled throughout correct width and depth of chest strong rear nice tight feet on the move she has reach and drive.

2nd Allison Mrs N Bright Mrs K Bright Miss Z Oberitz Beaivvas Such a lovely expression well made bitch good ear set correct eye shape well balanced body moved well but was close behind.

Post Grad Bitch 5 ent 1 abs

1st Repeat of Yearling

2nd Ms L Mowatt TabanyaRuu Wihta Matiska A I. Not so much of this girl but is nicely put together pleasing head nicely put together body moved well on a lovely loose lead.

3rd Mr M & Mrs E Snowden Pikkuihme Kuutytto

Limit Bitch 7 ent 2 abs

1st Mr P & Mrs S Critchlow Pavoskas Disco JW What can I say loved this bitch such a showgirl so beautifully put together, quality head with correct eye shape correct ear placement such a lovely expression happy lappie face, as for her body shape super comes to mind so balanced and when she moved she flowed across the grass with so much reach and drive delighted to award her CC

2nd Ms L Mowatt Tuukka Ruuletti A.I. This young lady came out in her undies, but what a nice shape she had nicely balance both in head and body very pretty expression correct ear placement correct eye shape, lovely neat body moved out well with reach and drive.

3rd Wallis Baga Miss B A & Wallis baga Miss J Morval Nainen Varda at Velrok

Open Bitch 6 ent 1 abs

1st Mr P & Mrs S Critchlow CH Pavoskas Ceili JW This bitch could show on her own without a handler she certainly had the look at me, Beautiful head neat ears good eye shape very well muscled throughout so balanced a very well put together lass and on the move she really showed how good she was clipping the grass great reach and drive super harsh coat to finish her off very close to the limit winner in the challenge was delighted to award her the RCC.

2nd Mrs E Collingwood Ch Elbereth Lumenlumo JW another beautifully girl Nice shaped head correct ear set good eye shape in a very balanced head lots of muscle good angulation throughout moved out well with reach and drive.

3rd Mr A Lee Ch Kaijartuu Hopea Noita JW

Judge Val Palmer