• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Border Collie

A lovely entry and some difficult conditions in some classes. Was somewhat shocked by the amount of “chalk” like products in some coats, not a pleasant experience to handle these dogs. Several dogs were very overweight, this should be a graceful and athletic breed, weight does not equal substance. The main area that shocked me was the state of some dog’s teeth, bites bordering on level, and some very, very dirty teeth. Tails are not as long as they should be – many barely reaching to hock.

From handling perspective why is there a tendency to hold the dogs behind the ears, I assume its to help show off an alert ear carriage, personally I found that rather than show off the ears it often ruins the outline of the head and in a few cases totally changed the shape of head and was most unattractive.

There were some lovely dogs present and some tough calls, for the CC I shortlisted 4 dogs who could all win CCs. BOB was the lovely bitch CC winner, selected by the referee, Jeff Horswell who awarded her Best in Group, Pete Simmons and I agreed the other winners; BP was the bitch puppy, Kinaway Dreams with Fire (ai) (Mr D & Mrs K A Kinton) and BV was Sh Ch Caleykiz Smoke On The Water (Mr C S & Mrs S L Portman & Portman)

VD (16,0)

1ST Sh Ch Caleykiz Smoke On The Water (Mr C S & Mrs S L Portman & Portman) – heading a pretty incredible class, our breed’s longevity is well known, and this class really showed it well. This blue dog is one I have done well for before; his condition and movement give no hint to his 10 plus years. His outline flows from tip of his ears to the end of his tail. Excellent angulation with great bend of stifle, sloping croup to well set tail. His head is masculine and broad, with well defined stop, skull and muzzle well balanced – and those prick ears and brown oval eye give him an alert expression. In a ring this size he excels, true coming and going and with excellent long stride in profile, he could run and run all day.

2ND Sh Ch Arrodare It's Now or Never JW (Mr N & Miss J Smith & Ratcliffe), when viewed in profile there is so much to admire about this dog, he is well boned and has great shoulders to muscular neck. Broad muscular rear with well set tail. Shown in excellent condition and muscle. Alert and attentive to handler, another who can really motor with minimum of effort – extending so well. Masculine skull with tipped ears and good stop, prefer more oval eye, to complete the expression I was looking for.

3RD Goytre Saucie Moment JW ShCM (Mrs M & Mr P Surridge), another who is very pleasing in profile, showing correct marked angles and good reach to neck. Well coated, and masculine in bone to correct oval feet. Attractive head, with good stop, well set ear and oval eye. Just not quite the full extension of the 1&2.

RES Sh Ch Dalguise Dream On JW (Mrs L, Mr R & Miss J Atkin, Green & Ratcliffe)

VHC Janbell Midnight Sun (Mrs J & Mrs F Bell & Sloan)

MPD (2, 0)

1ST Clan-Abby Fly Me over to Borderbrook (Imp Aus) NAF (Ms A & Mrs J Kempton & Vos-Butler) – attractive b/m, well boned and balanced for a baby pup, correct angulation front and rear, and has good reach to neck. Head is promising with good breadth to skull, oval eye and near wide set ears. Firm in top line and carries tail well. Positive mover in all directions

2ND Blackgold Hollywood Sunset (Mrs P B Ward), raw puppy who looks to have grown upwards and has yet to fill out, with less development to the winner. Good angulation and well boned legs to correct oval feet. Firm topline and good slope to rump. Skull is broad and with defined stop, ok eye and well placed ears. Moved ok in profile but rather narrow in front.

PD (5,0)

1ST Arrodare No Limit (Mr R K & Miss J Green & Ratcliffe), well boned pup who is very well balanced, smooth flowing lines, to sloping croup and low set tail. Excels in angulation, super bend of stifle. Stands on correct oval feet. Attractive head, masculine with good stop and clean skull, strong in muzzle, being picky would prefer more oval eye. Very settled and positive on the move in all directions, BPD.

2ND Darian Last Laugh with Tarabish (Miss C & Mrs S Mackay & Gay), prick eared dog, with broad skull and good stop, correct oval eye. Would like a little more strength to muzzle, and suggest owner changes handling style as is currently accentuating this. Well-developed neck and good angles, ok for bone, would prefer more oval feet. Not quite as developed in chest as winner. Moved well.

3RD Eyes of The World U Took My Heart (Mrs I & Mr P De Cree & Schevenels), attractive head, with good stop and strength of muzzle, well balanced in head, used ears well. Angles are ok but just little rump high at moment. Moved well.

RES Darian End Game (Miss A Taylor)

VHC Blackgold Hollywood Sunset (Mrs P B Ward)

JD (11,1)

1ST Laceway Don't Stop Me Now (Miss H Fawcett) – good size and lovely balance. Smooth outline and showed to best advantage by being free stood. Masculine head, lovely width to skull, ears set on wide and lovely oval eye, strong muzzle balanced to head. Shows off good reach to neck and correct layback of shoulders. Good body condition, with firm loin, and good depth of chest. Strong rump and well-set tail. His balance is shown on the move where he has drive and good effortless gait.

2ND Tidespring Tonight I Am Here at Tonkory (Mrs J Gregory), not as elegant in profile as the winner, but a lot to like. Like his head for width of skull and muzzle, well defined stop and correct oval eye. Is well angulated front and rear and has broad chest, and well sprung rib. Moved well in all directions but would prefer tighter elbows.

3RD Altricia Lucky Boy (Mrs M E Moran), smooth in outline, well angulated and shows off good reach of neck. Stands on correct oval feet. Has tendency to stand little 10 to 2 – hopefully just needing to tighten in front. Moved well.

RES Miraje Winter Is Coming (ai) (Miss J Mayston)

VHC Chastanse Don Juan (Mrs D S Richards)

YD (9,0)

1ST Moptopia's Urizon (Imp Deu) (Miss L Jackson), loved his clean smooth outline, athletic in condition and with enough coat to protect him from the elements. Excellent angles front and rear and good croup to low set tail, one of few with a decent length of tail and a typical upward swirl. Stands on well boned legs to correct oval tight feet. Loved his head and expression, very attentive to handler. Has good width between ears and lovely stop, correct oval brown eye and uses his ears well. Effortless on the move, dropping his head correctly and carrying tail low. Clean action coming and going.

2ND Eyes of The World The Ecstasy of Gold (Mrs I & Mr P De Cree & Schevenels), liked the clean outline and athletic appearance of this lad, good top line to croup and tail. Good bone without being overdone and correct oval feet with arched toes. Very attractive head, lovely broad skull and well set neat, tipped ears, used well. Defined stop to strong muzzle. Moves well in profile with long length of stride but has tendency to crab in front.

3RD Arrodare Wont Back Down (Mr N & Mr R Smith & Green), strong bone, masculine through and through. Topline rises slightly over loin. Attractive head, good width to skull, uses ears well and strong muzzle, correct oval eye. Moved soundly.

RES Arrodare True Legend (Miss B & Miss J Lee & Ratcliffe)

VHC Pendleway Time Lord (Mrs J C Barratt)

UGD (12,2)

1ST Janbell Love in The Dark (Mrs Wj Coles), heading a difficult class, with a lot of variation in type. Larger framed dog, but balanced. Attractive head with good stop and eye, would prefer little more lift in ears to complete the expression. Firm topline to sloping rump, good angles front and rear. Best mover in the class.

2ND Thwaitlake Buzzman (Mr, Mrs & Miss Akester & Wiltshire), Strong bone to tight feet, pasterns could be little stronger. Good stop and broad skull, eye a little round and find his head little deep through cheek for me. Would like little more length of leg for overall balance. Moves ok.

3RD Sevnine Diamonds to Cullain (Mrs S Fisher), strong headed dog, correct oval eye. Firm topline, would prefer more bend of stifle. Moved soundly but would like longer stride.

RES Shemella Shepherds Moon (Mrs A J Wilde)

VHC Arrodare An Emotion Away (Miss B & Miss J Lee & Ratcliffe)

GD (9,1)

1ST Foxbarton Wayward Prince (Mrs S Price), sable dog, well balanced and with smooth outline. Good reach of neck and well angulated front and rear, strong sloping rump and tail well set. Correct amount of bone and stands on oval feet. Lovely head, broad skull, well defined stop and excellent eye shape a colour. Muzzle is balanced to skull, slight taper, and good jaw. He is sound and gaits well with good extension in profile, but unfortunately can see he is obedience schooled and tucks his rear into handler so crabs behind.

2ND Arrodare in The Zone (Ms A Woodrow), a tough decision between 1&2 in this class, loved the gracefulness in outline of this dog, good top line to sloping croup and well set on tail. Very well angulated and moved well in profile, but not as positive in front as the winner. Attractive head shape, sufficient stop, used ears well and have lovely oval eye.

3RD Foxbarton Royal Prince (Miss J A Cox) sable litter brother to winner, similar in head, with good width and stop and eye. Not quite the outline over rear, slightly bum high as has less turn of stifle. Moved ok, but carrying a bit extra body condition, which I think affected him.

RES Brytess Achilles (Miss S E M Barton)

VHC Tookurra Trick or Treat (Mrs K Rabl)

PGD (17,2)

1ST Cookvale Causin A Riot (Mr D C & Mrs J A Joyce & Stamp), unplaced in strong vet class, but a tricolour that looks the part, athletic in profile without being overdone. Is well made with good angulation and reach of neck. Attractive head with good stop and balanced muzzle, Oval eye. Stands naturally four square with well boned legs. Moves very well from all directions.

2ND Chikaramor Cast A Spell of Glenfound (Miss K & Mrs S Rettie & Morley), another tri who caught my eye, a lot to like about this dog. He is very balanced in profile with attractive coat and excellent angles. Stands on correct oval strong feet. Good croup to well set tail. I preferred the strength of muzzle on the winner on this occasion. Another who moves very well with good extension in front and drive behind.

3RD Syanne Just for Me Edition (Mrs A Durie), attractive head, well balanced skull and muzzle good eye. Angles behind ok but would like a little more neck. Moves ok in profile but rather close behind.

RES Caleykiz Winds of Change (Miss Cj Pashley)

VHC Windwalker Walk Me Home to Sianworth (Mrs S D Jones)

MLD (7,1)

1ST Laceway Ready to Rumble (Miss H Fawcett) elegant dog, presented and handled so well. He is lovely in profile, well balanced and with smooth outline. Lovely reach of neck to well set shoulders, firm back and good croup. Standing 4 square on correct oval tight feet. Well muscled rear. Attractive head, broad skull, ears set well and used effectively. Brown oval eye gives alert expression. Moves well from all directions and demonstrate correct effortless gait in profile, considered for the green cards

2ND Locheil Secret Surprise at Elystari (Mrs K Milham), dog of athletic build, good balanced outline, though topline could be firmer. Good reach of neck and balanced angulation. Tail could be longer. Attractive head, ears set wide and oval eye give good expression. Moved well in all directions, though not front extension of winner.

3RD Sheltysham Son of Swag for Borderclan (ai) JW (Mrs H Kerr) liked the head proportions on this dog, lovely eye and ears, good stop. Lovely expression. He is shorter coupled that 1&2, and not quite the bend of stifle but moved soundly if a little close behind.

RES Tookurra Trick or Treat (Mrs K Rabl)

VHC Wizaland Celtic Connection (Mr N, Mrs J & Ms J Heggie & Large)

LD (14,3)

1ST Fayken I Am Legacy (Mr R K & Miss J Green & Ratcliffe), loved him standing in profile, lovely smooth outline. Good bone to correct tight oval feet. Well angulated front and rear and strong neck of correct length. Broad rump with sloping croup and low set tail, which has correct upward swirl. Masculine head, good breadth to skull and stop is fistiny – correct length of muzzle, and lovely tipped ears used well. Would prefer more oval eye. Lovel to watch on the move gaiting well with min lift in profile and true coming and going, considered for the green cards.

2ND Thwaitlake Magical Dreams for Jachelm (Miss J & Miss C Dunlin), attractive in outline though coat is a little wavy and spoils his topline – until you get your hands on him. Good angles and muscular neck. Well boned to correct oval feet. Broad in skull, good stop and eye, strong muzzle. Moved well.

3RD Tambuzi Stryka Blow JW (Dr A J Oliver) well matured head with good width to skull and lovely well-set ears, eyes a little round. Lovely neck and ok angles, excellent presentation. Moved soundly but not the extension of 1&2.

RES Master of Illusion JW (Miss B Lee)

VHC Janbell What A Blinder (Mrs J & Mrs F Bell & Sloan)

OD (18,1)

1ST Arrodare Hear It for The Boy (Ms & Miss J & J Ratcliffe & Brunner), he caught my eye, and in fact was trapped in the corner of the ring so I asked handler to move where she could show him better on his loose lead, with a free stand. In profile he looks the athlete and has flowing lines from back of skull to tip of tail. His angulation could be a blueprint for the breed, super bend of stifle. Good quality coat, not overdone, but enough to protect him from the elements, and beautifully presented. I love the way he is handled – he stands himself and shows off his lovely construction. Loved his head and expression, Good width to skull with well set tipped ears and lovely oval eye. He has clean cheeks and a strong muzzle that balances his skull. He excels on the move, smooth and effortless, with the typical minimum lift – covering the ground so easily. Very true from front and rear. DCC.

2ND Sh Ch Sashdan High Hopes for Dykebar JW (Mr J & Mrs L Ritchie), another dog that just excels on the move, super extension – and the classic dropping of head, only achievable when you have great angles and correct length of neck. Smooth outline, and low set tail with upward swirl. Very attractive in head, with good width to skull and stop and correct eye. Close decision, RCC

3RD Sh Ch Arrodare Sex On Fire (Mr N & Miss H Smith), Another dog with a lot to like, standing in profile he always impresses for angulation and breed type. Moves very well, because of super construction. Preferred heads and expressions of 1 & 2.

RES Eyes of The World Silver and Gold (Mrs I & Mr P De Cree & Schevenels)

VHC Wedgewood's Warrior Within Sneaks Thru The Night (Karolina Pincova)

Spec WTD (1,0)

1ST Sheltysham So Esoteric Cdex Udex Wdex Sbcht (Ms D M Whiting), taller dog, little square in outline, prefer more defined angulation in front. Attractive head, good stop and lovely prick ear. Alert and attentive to handler. Moved true in all direction, just not the extension in profile.

Spec HTD (2,0)

1ST Tobermoray All About Banksy JW Sbcht (Mrs A R Spencer), am always in awe of owners who put time and money into enabling their dogs to show they are more than capable of herding sheep, credit to both owners and their dogs today. Strong built blue dog, in excellent coat with attractive head, good stop and prick ears. Broad rump and ok angles. He is sound a fluid mover.

2ND Sheltysham So Esoteric Cdex Udex Wdex Sbcht (Ms D M Whiting)

GCDSD (12, 1)

1ST Sh Ch Chastanse Sweet William (Mrs D S Richards), attractive dog, of clean outline, very good angles, and top line to croup. Deep chest and well sprung rib. Well boned but found feet rather round and cat like. Attractive head, well defined stop, lovely tip ears set wide and oval eye. Moved well with good extension and sound throughout.

2ND Foxbarton Wayward Prince (Mrs S Price), repeat from PGD

3RD Goytre First Edition P-Beg Ex (Mrs M & Mr A Brierley), smaller dog but still balanced, and has good angles front & rear. Head had good breadth, and enough stop. Moved well in profile but little loose in front.

RES Goytre Saucie Moment JW ShCM (Mrs M & Mr P Surridge)

VHC Foxbarton Royal Prince (Miss J A Cox)

Judge Toni Jackson