• Show Date: 06/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: German Spitz (Mittel)

VD (1,0) 1. Ch Grizwold Loki (C J King), red sable dog of correct size and square outline, carries tail high and has sufficient angulation front & rear. Moves soundly in all directions. Attractive wedge head, with flat skull and clean under eye, ears well set. Lovely pigment would prefer more oval eye to complete the picture. MPD (1,0) 1. Kitsune Notorious (ai) (Mr D & Mrs S Chapman), cracking red sable pup of ex bone and good size, stands on lovely tight cat feet. Firm topline to high set tail. Ex head, correct wedge, with short muzzle and flat skull, oval eye set obliquely, neat high set ears. Stands four square and moved very well, considered for higher honours, certainly one to watch. PD (3,1) 1. Izlou You Know You Love Me of Claran NAF (Ms K Andrew) black stand showing off compact shape, good bone to tight feet, not in full coat today. Attractive wedge head with flat skull and dark eye, ears placed well. Prefer more front angulation, inclined to lift front legs on move, ok behind. 2. Grizwold Owl Light (C J King) correct compact outline but would prefer more defined angulation front and rear. Correct wedge head, high set ears, prefer more oval eye. Tends to high step in front, rather bouncy stride in profile. JD (1,0) 1. Grizwold Owl Light. PGD (1,0) 1. Dacfolke Artic Alupine at Pufnstuf (Miss H M Hall), not long out of junior and one that still needs time to mature in head, would prefer more oval eye. In between coats, but you can see he is well angulated and tail is set high. Prefer rounder feet. Shade broad in chest, moved soundly. Has a lot to say for himself! LD (1,0) 1. Spellcast Love Talks at Dacfolke (Mrs C Folkes), lot to like about this one, well boned and in excellent coat, correct compact profile, form back and high set tail. Lovely wedge head with super small ears set on high, eyes are dark but shade round. Has good angulation, but a tendency to tuck his hind legs underneath himself when freestanding which spoiled his outline in challenge. Moves well in all directions. OD (2,0) 1. Ch Izlou Shiver Me Timbers (Ms L & Miss I Barnes & King), smaller framed dog, but well proportioned and with strong bone and in excellent coat. Stands four square on tight cat feet. Good angles front and rear, with short but defined neck. Attractive head, correct wedge, flat skull and clean cheeks, muzzle flowing from skull, eye is good shape but being picky would prefer darker colour, neat ears. Moved well in all directions, easy gait in profile holding topline well, DCC & BOB. 2. Ch Longsdales Rebel Rouser at Cwrtafon JW (Mr G, Mr D & Mrs D Pearce, Francis & Roberts), another black of good size and proportions, compact in outline is well angulated behind but preferred front angles and neck of winner. Lovely head, masculine wedge, flat skull and clean cheeks to short muzzle. Dark brown eye, neat ears set on high. Moves well in profile just a little wide in front. RDCC. GCDSD (1,0) 1. Grizwold Night Owl (C J King), attractive coloured w/s, smaller framed dog, carries tail high and has good topline, Skull broad and flat and well-set muzzle with clean lines. Neat ears set ok, eye a shade round. Moderate angles could be more positive on move.

VB no entries MPB (2,0) 1. Kitsune The Lioness (ai) (Ms L & Miss I Barnes & King) , litter sister to MPD and like her brother very exciting potential. Super bone and square compact outline. Good angulation and short neck to very attractive head. Classic wedge, flat skull and excellent eye, set correctly. Neat ears set on high. Beautifully schooled and didn’t put foot wrong on the move BCC & BP. 2 Longsdale's Don't Know Much (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis), cream bitch who is a shade longer cast at the moment, moderate in angulation, stands on correct tight feet. Feminine head, correct wedge with good eye for shape and colour, ex pigment. Still to grow into ears. Needs to firm up in front but otherwise covers ground well. PB (3,0) 1. Longsdale's I Will Survive (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis) black of good size and well boned, square outline, stands on tight cat feet. Head is promising , correct eyes, ears rather big. Moved well. 2. Izlou Gossip Girl (Ms L & Miss I Barnes & King), cream who is a shade longer cast and was in between coats. Firm topline, ok angle and well set tail. Stands on well boned legs to tight feet. Head to strength in muzzle, prefer more oval eye, and smaller ears. 3. Grizwold Oops A Daisy (C J King). JB (1,0) 1. Grizwold Oops A Daisy, well coated parti colour, preferred front angles and overall outline of the other two pups. Head is correct wedge with flat skull, eyes dark brown, but a little round, another who needs to grow into ears. Moved ok behind but needs to tighten in front. PGB (1,0) 1. Pufnstuf Kiss This NAF (Miss H M Hall), a shade longer in back so not as compact as main winners. Tail carried well, firm back, good angulation front & rear and neck. Feminine wedge head, lovely eye for shape and colour, ears could be smaller. Not quite 2 years old and still to develop in chest, moved ok in profile, but narrow in front. LB (5,1) 1. Cwrtafon Branwen (Mrs L Hewett), attractive standing in profile, good size and compact in outline, high set tail. Angulation is good and has defined short neck. Attractive head of good proportions and well set dark oval eye, ears could be smaller. Unfortunately, she was carrying too much weight which really affected her on the move, otherwise could have pushed for top awards. 2. Longsdale's Rebel Alliance for Claran NAF (Ms K Andrew), smaller framed and for me too long. Angles are good. Correct head with lovely eye for shape and colour and appreciated her small ears. Moves ok in profile but wide when moving away and towards. 3. Nosregor Cassiopeia at Shelayne (Ms M Fitton). OB (3,0) 1. Pufnstuf Kiss Da Paw (Miss H M Hall), presented in good condition, not as compact as some, has good angulation front & rear, high set tail and firm back. Like her head, correct wedge with flat skull and dark eye, though they could be more oval to complete expression. Prefer smaller ears. Moved well in profile but shade wide in front, RCC. 2. Clarmers Little Banshee at Kitsune (Mr D & Mrs S Chapman), in profile standing I thought she was the class winner, but then was disappointed to find she is carrying far too much weight and this really affected her movement which cost her dearly. Otherwise, she is well made with good angles and correct high set tail. Head is attractive, flat skull and muzzle of good proportions and clean cheeks.