• Show Date: 19/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

VD (3, 0) 1. Hodgson, Ch Domburg Vettel Makes A Move to Ddalrus, 9 years old and in good body condition and muscle. Square in outline with well-developed chest. Stands 4 square and moved freely and soundly in all directions. Masculine head with well-set eye and ear. Show in excellent coat. 2. Mackie, & Lester & Van Mol’s Ch Quando Its Me Di Scottatura, another in excellent condition, attractive in head proportions with flat skull and parallel planes. Lovely almond eye set obliquely, used ears well. Found his hind angulation quite strong and was combined with more noticeable slope to croup. Moved soundly but not quite reach of winner in front. 3.Davies’ Ch Ambrajai Live the Dream. MPD (1, 0) 1. Davenport’s Hawksflight Dutch Stranger, very promising youngster, Square in outline, standing 4 square on well boned legs. Lovely steady temperament. Angulation is good front and rear and shows good length to neck. Obviously still to develop in neck and chest, but chest has sufficient width to give parallel movement in front. Masculine in head, good strength and length to muzzle. PD No Entries. JD (1,1) PGD No Entries, LD (1, 0) 1. Yabsley’s, Domburg New Demand, Shade longer in back than main winners, well bodied and has good angles and good length of neck to give the correct proud head carriage. Dark almond eye set obliquely, flat skull, well placed ears. Ideally would like little more underjaw, and chiselling to give correct expression. Light and easy on the move. OD (4,0) 1. Pilgrim’s Ch Domburg By Appointment At Woodbriar, very masculine and with well-developed black markings over shoulders and neck combined with deep red colouring makes him very striking. Square in profile with excellent reach of arched neck and uses it well to give that alert stance. Very good head shape, correct parallel planes and good length of skull, super dark eye and you would expect with notable mask. Stands well on strong feet and noted his front feet are more rounded than many, well arched too. Moved easily with light action and sound in all directions. DCC 2. Snell, & Smith & Lester’s Domburg Say I Can, lovely young dog, lost out here on maturity, but he has an exciting future. Lovely square shape, slight slope to rump and well-set tail. Good angles front and rear and moves with classic light action. Very attractive head with super alert expression, from well placed eyes and ears. Good planes and flat skull. Just needs little time to broaden at chest and rump, certainly one to watch, RCC

3. Grove’s Devoue's Knight of Passion at Zarna (Imp USA). VB No Entries. MPB (1,0) 1. Davies’ Hawksflight Dutch Orchid, confident pup who presents good body proportions and angulation is balanced, has slight slope to rump and well set tail. Ideally would like a little more length to neck. Feminine in head, with good length of skull and muzzle, lovely almond eye of dark brown, and used ears well. Moves soundly. PB (1,1 JB No Entries. PGB (1,0) 1. Roux’s Domburg New Love at Willowfrost, elegant in profile though a shade longer cast than the main winners. Croup is slightly sloping but tail is set rather high. Angles are ok, but would prefer little more length to neck. Stands on well boned legs. Head needs to strengthen in muzzle and would like more under jaw. Eyes well set and of good colour. Needs to strengthen in front on move, but good behind. LB (3,0) 1. Wraight’s Domburg My Oh My Denhalka, two nice quality bitches, 1 taking the place on her better chest development. Compact in outline and well boned. Correct angles front and rear and good length to neck, giving proud, alert head carriage. Gently slope to rump, well set tail. Head is of good length and shows parallel planes and good strength to muzzle, flat skull lovely oblique eye. Moves well, light on feet. RCC. 2. Ainsworth’s Hawksflight Milady de Winta, another very nice bitch, with strong breed attributes, good angulation and rump. Well boned but elegant. Correct length to neck which is well muscled. Attractive in head, with good strength to muzzle, well chiselled under eye and with flat skull, goop proportions for muzzle and skull, used ears well. Moves ok in profile and behind but would like little more breadth to chest. OB (2,0) 1. Lester, & Mackie, & Smith’s Ch Domburg Made by Hawksflight, she is exquisite, simply oozes breed type and is so balanced. A true show girl, who has a proud and knowing air about her, and she makes an impression as soon as she enters the ring. The breed asks for a light a brisk action, with the feet barely touching the ground and she moves so easily and lightly she could be floating, yet motors around the ring, I could watch her moving all day long, especially when she motors in the big group ring. Her conformation is super, square in outline, classic arched neck, head held proudly with such well chiselled lines and super eye, ears used well. A dog that moves that well, has to be made well and certainly one cannot fault her angles. Presented and handled to perfection, BCC, BOB and pleased to see her awarded G2 under a breed specialist. 2. Hesketh, & Lester’s Domburg All My Love, was a close decision for the RCC, as the bitches were very similar, and I see they are litter mates, so no wonder I liked them both. Bigger and slightly longer than class winner, well angulated and well developed rump and good chest. Correct length to neck, head is feminine, good balance for muzzle and foreface and correct planes. Dark oblique almond eye and high set ears. Easy brisk mover.