• Show Date: 06/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: German Spitz (Klein)

Thank you to the exhibitors for their entry and for accepting our student judge in the ring. Student judging is a very valuable way for judges to learn about a breed and gives opportunity for in depth analysis of a breed that is not possible with a hands-off mentoring session. I know the opportunity was much valued by the student on the day.

VD (2,0) 1. Ch Longsdale Willie Win JW (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis), super condition for this 10 ½ year old dog, presented in fabulous coat and with excellent dentition. Correct short coupled dog, square in outline and with high set tail, which is well plumed. Correct bone and lovely angulation, sound and true on the move. Head is slightly rounded in skull, forgave rounded eye for age, good pigment. 2. Kysiena Dances with Wolves (Lady J Carrington), parti colour of compact profile. Masculine build with good bone and in lovely coat. Head is attractive with good eye, though ears set a little wide. Preferred angulation of winner and reach on the move. MPD no entries, PD no entries. JD (2,0) 1. 341 - Bemojo Pearls of Wisdom at Musique (Mrs J & Mr A & Mrs Bsj Chambers & Chambers & Gepp-Cox), white in excellent coat and beautifully presented. Square compact outline, good topline. Masculine in bone. Head is correct wedge with clean cheeks and defined short muzzle. Super neat ears, which are set high on head, would prefer more oval eye. Super pigment. Well angulated front and rear, and moves well in all directions, one to watch. 2. Longsdale's Cesar Chance (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis), sable dog with excellent pigment, attractive wedge head, lovely eye colour, though prefer more oval shape, ears well set. Would prefer more strength to jaw. Hind angles are good and tail is set high, but prefer little more angulation in front. Moved well behind but shade high stepping in front. PGD no entries, LD (2,0) 1. Longsdale Knightshade at Javarm (Mrs V A Dyer), black, standing presents lovely outline, compact and with good angulation front and rear. High set tail, firm topline. Correct wedge head, with well set oval dark eyes, heat ears set on high. Rather broad in chest, which affects him on move from front. Side gait shows good stride. 2. Isilme Hobbit of The Shire (Mr P & Mrs A Gray) attractive sable, rather heavy coated. Well boned and masculine. Correct wedge head with flat skull and ears well set. Eyes a little round. Prefer more angulation front and rear. OD (5,0) 1. Ch/ir Ch Longsdales Cool Rider (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis), heading a trio of lovely dogs, black dog who is compact and square in outline when viewed in profile. Presented in excellent coat, and attentive to handler. Loved his head, correct wedge, defined stop, short muzzle, lovely expression from dark oval eye and well-set ears. Good angles front and rear and moved very soundly, DCC & BOB. 2. Ch Longsdale Heat of The Moment (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis), deep brown in excellent coat. Square in outline, not quite the front angulation of winner, nor as developed in chest, so moved close in front. Another with correct wedge head, flat skull, correct eye for shape & colour. Ears set well but prefer them a little smaller. RDCC. 3. Ch Musique Born Legacy (Mrs J Y & Mr A M Chambers) GCDS no entries

VB (2,0) 1. Ch Longdale's Jen You Win JW ShCM (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis), in amazing condition for 12 ½ years of age. She is a lovely compact bitch, shown in fabulous condition and coat. Well boned for bitch. Prefer flatter skull, has short strong muzzle, and excellent dentition. Ears set well. Moderate in angulation and balanced and moves very well from all directions, tail set on high. Alert to handler and showing her socks off, BCC. 2. Cyfelin Solitaire (Mr P A & Mrs S Hill), wolf sable in excellent coat and well boned. Sufficient angulation with well-set tail. Head is correct wedge, eye dark but rather round. Well set ears. Moved ok in profile but rather loose in front. MPB no entries, PB (2,0) 1. Longsdale's No More The Fool (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis), cream, of good proportions, hope she doesn’t grow any more. Lovely character and well schooled. Correct square outline, well boned, Good hind angulation and well set tail, would prefer little more angulation in front, at moment tends to high step, but moves well behind. Promising classic wedge shaped head, excellent pigment, eyes ok. RCC/BP. 2. Ruskies Athena (Mr R & Miss S Morgan & Griffiths), parti who needs to grow on the leg to give correct square outline. Presented in excellent coat. Pretty head, dark eye. Prefer better front angles and like winner has tendency to high step. JB no entries PGB no entries LB (1,0) 1. Galvizach Ellexia for Hollirox (Ms L Moon), in profile is very typical, square and compact and in good black coat. Typical wedge head with correct eye and ear. Sadly, overweight which made her wide in chest standing and on the move. OB (1,0) 1. Reflection of Fame (Mrs J Bayliss), smaller framed bitch, angulation front and rear are ok, correct high set tail, shown in good coat. Head is correct wedge shape, good eye for shape & colour, ears are small but rather wide set. Another who was wide in chest which affected movement and would prefer firmer pasterns.