• Show Date: 19/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Lancashire Heeler

VD No Entries. PD (2, 0) 1. Felstead’s Lankeela You Go Boss At Foveaux, promising liver/tan, good sized and bone. Attractive head with broad, flat skull and almond eye of strong colour. Well angulated and with good neck. Moves freely and soundly, BP. 2. Merrells’ Swanndale Antony, not as confident in the ring as 1, and not easy to assess on the move. Promising head, of broad skull, used ears well, prefer more almond eye. Lovely to see the classic thumb prints on his paws. JD No Entries. PGD No Entries. LD (3,0) 1. Swann’s Taigwynion Johnny's Boy at Swanndale, strongly made and well boned. Firm straight topline, tail set on high and caried well. Moves well in profile. Broad skull balanced muzzle. RCC. 2. Dawes’ Leyeside Mister Pinhaw at Daweslean, another who is strongly made with good angulation good length of neck. Lovely rich tan points. Not as positive in front as winner, has tendency to carry tail somewhat spitz like. 3. Whiteman’s Madincrowd Edred. OD (4, 0) 1 Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Mohican's Medlar, very attractive standing in profile, good ratio of length to height, well boned. Good length to neck and firm topline to high set tail, carried well. Masculine head, broad flat skull almond eye, ears well set and used well. Good angles and stands on legs well, no weakness in pasterns. Best mover of the day, DCC & BOB. 2. Merrells’ Taigwynion Ewart James, well angulated and strongly made but not over done (found some in the class rather heavy), shade long in neck. Broad in skull and with good eye & ear. Prefer better tail set and carriage. 3. Everill’s Avice Sir Lancelot

VB (1, 0) 1. Whiteman’s Madincrowd Bathsheba JW, correct proportions in outline, alert to handler. Well angulated, moved soundly. Head is feminine but prefer stronger muzzle, forgave eye shape due to age. BVIB. PB No Entries, JB (1, 1), withdrawn. PGB (1, 0) 1, Jones’ Mahogany Dawn of Barleydust, good size and correct angles front & rear, sound in profile, but would prefer more positive hind action. Feminine in head, flat skull, eyes shade round, correct ears. LB No Entries. OB (4, 0) 1. Felstead’s Ch Selestar Salix Lutea With Foveaux, strongly made but feminine, good bone, stands well four square, and very attentive to handler. Tan points on head draw you to her muzzle, so must put hands on her to see her head planes are good, broad, flat skull, dark almond eye. Moves well in all directions. BCC. 2. Fairbairn’s Firkinfoot Hopscotch Holly, another well made bitch, strong bone, good angulation. Attractive head and expression, flat skull, well set ears and dark almond eye. Moved well, RCC. 3. Jones’ Ch Madincrowd Mercy Chant.