• Show Date: 05/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tate Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Leonberger / Tibetan Mastiff/ Swedish Vallhund

Judge Ms T Forsey (Muzoku).


MPD (0 entries)

PD (1) 1. Lionsridge Lord of The Rings (Mr E Vorrias)

What a cracking young male. Strong powerful and confident. He had a very friendly, fun, disposition. Beautifully balanced head with a dark eye. Black mask, broad skull and ears set high. Black pigment. Correct, well balanced angles front and rear. Well off for bone and coat , well sprung rib and muscled all through. Boy could he move with good reach and the drive. The power coming from his short strong hocks. Liked him very much and will watch with interest. BPIB

JD (1) 1. Lionsridge Lord of The Rings (Mr E Vorrias)


PGD (4,1a) 1. Teffills Zalman (Imp Rus) (Mr A P & Mrs P A Simmonds).

A very handsome young male of almost 3 years. Well balanced in profile and in angulation. Plenty of bone and a super coat. Another very nice headpiece with a kind expression. He had a good bend of stifle and short strong hocks. Would prefer the tail to be carried lower. Moved true in all directions

2. Condalf Final Chance (Mrs R Walker)

Longer cast than 1. He had a very masculine head Well balanced features, ears well set and carried Dark mask. Well off for bone and coat. Nice tidy feet.

3.Davenheath Guilty Pleasure to Brenaljay ( Mrs B Brown )

LD (3,1a) 1. Sulandi Bring Me Sunshine (Miss Z Alexander)

3 year old male Balanced frame Broad head with pleasing expression, Nice tight flews. Very nice coat of good texture, Very well-toned Moved well in all directions.

2. Davenheath Gladiator (Mrs H & Mrs G Niall & Rothery)

Very nice headpiece on this male with dark mask, broad skull and kind expression. Well developed cheeks Would like him to be a little more toned all through and his movement would benefit from this.

OD (2) 1. Debbollinby Kandyman at Lionsridge JW (Mrs B Bodle)

Very nice 3 and a half year old male. Lovely masculine head with black mask. Dark eye and correct earset. Most pleasing, kind expression and a very calm nature. He impressed in size substance and coat. He had nice short hocks giving him the power from the rear He moved true in all directions. BD

2. Rua Soleil Shine Bright Like A Diamond (Imp Rus) (Mr J & Mrs K Loring)

Large male who was well off for substance and coat. Nice head and expression. Longer in loin than some others. He was loose in pastern and not as tidy in front on the move as my class winner.

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MPB (1) 1. Skjaergaardens Cheeky Mamma Mia (Imp Nor) NAF (Mr R & Mrs J Bailey)

Loved this girls attitude and personality. She had a very pretty head with a super sweet expression. Good angles front and rear. Firm topline, good croup and well set tail. She moved cleanly in all directions. I found her to be a very pleasing youngster at just 8 months she has a good quality foundation just needs time.

PB (0 entries)

JB (2,1a) 1. Simberger Salata De Icre (Mrs L Simpson)

Nice outline , Pretty head with pleasing expression and well set ears. Good coat texture .

PGB (0 entries)

LB (3) 1. Hima Psia Psota Into Lionsridge (Imp Pol) JW (Mrs B Bodle)

I judged this girl as a youngster and she has matured into lovely young lady. She has a super shape with plenty of bone and substance giving the impression of strength and power. Her balance and angulation was super, especially at the rear. She has a lovely head with strength yet retaining femininity. I was later to learn that MPD was her son and its clear to see that they have some very similar and sound attributes. She moved true in all directions a super example of the breed.

2. Davenheath Gipsy Girl to Brenaljay JW (Mrs B Brown)

Pretty girl with a lovely expression and well balanced head. She was a little longer cast than my winner, Coat was of good texture, Balanced front and rear, Still time to mature.

3. Davenheath Gin and Frolic. (Niall and Rothery)

OB (2) 1. Averkate Kassandra with Simden (Imp Rus) (Mrs J Cole)

Wow this girl can move. Even in the small ring her handler was able to bring out the absolute best in her today. She had a fabulous outline with balance and strength. Strong head with dark eye, good ear placement and black mask. Strong neck, good breadth and depth to chest. Tight elbows and well off for bone and substance. Nice tidy feet. I would like to see more coat to complete the picture, however what was there was of good texture. Well toned all through and on the move was just foot perfect. Held her topline and frame well at all times. I was lucky enough to stay and watch her in the Groups where Espen Engh awarded her WG1 and I hear that in recent weeks she has been made up to UK CH Fabulous news indeed BOB WG1

2. Ch Skjaergaadens Riding The Cribbar (Imp Nor) JW (Mr R & Mrs J Bailey)

Another very nice bitch, lovely head and muzzle with very pretty feminine expression. Excellent coat in good condition. Not as composed as my class winner on the move.


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LD (2,1a) 1. Ohanaway Having A Blast at Mackjama (Mr M, Mrs J & Miss A Strong & Clinton)

Super 2 year old male of good type and balance. Lovely headpiece, wedge shaped with good breadth of skull. Dark eye, medium sized ears. Well developed all through, super coat texture. He was clean and purposeful on the move covering the ground with ease. Super little character and well deserved BOB

OD (1,1a)

SBD (0 entries)

VD/VB (1) 1. Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis (Mr R & Mrs D Dodd)

Cracking female just into Veteran where this breed often shows at its best. A beautiful headpiece with a lovely dark eye and pleasing expression. Well ribbed, well off for bone and substance, faultless on the move with plenty of enthusiasm and personality. BOS, BVIB, PVG4

GCDS (1,1a)

SBB (1) 1. Aescwine Areni Noir (Mrs S & Mr L Hogg)

I was rather quite taken with this youngster. She had a strong yet feminine head with well balanced features and black pigment. Her expression just draws you in and the character peaks your interest. Good angles front and rear, super bone and substance. Although a little unsettled upon assessment this was her first show and she continued to improve in great strides, especially on the move, she really is a delightful example of type and quality. Please keep up with the handling classes with her as she surely has a super future ahead of her. BPIB RBB, BSB

PB (2) 1. Aescwine Areni Noir (Mrs S & Mr L Hogg)

As 1st SB

2. Aescwine Ampelography (Miss S M Linney)

Sister to class winner, Feminine features, correct coat texture, Well balanced profile. Moved well in all directions and handled well, Just finer all through.

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LB (1) 1. Starvon Deja Vu (Mr S, Miss S & Miss S Zbilut & Yacomen)

Very nice feminine girl of 5 years. Pleasing in profile and well off for bone and substance. Good firm condition, holding topline well on move. Pretty head with balanced features.

OB (2,1a) 1. Ch Ohanaway She's A Rebel (Mr S, Miss S & Miss S Zbilut & Yacomen)

I liked her for type, well on her way to maturity with a good forechest and well ribbed with balanced angulation. Firm topline and loin, moved out well with purpose.


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LD (1) 1. Showbull Country Gent (Mr A & Mrs C Hughes)

Large 4 year old male. Impressive head dark eye and well placed ears, good length to neck. Correct coat texture and enough depth to chest. He was unfortunately held back on the move but had periods where he had a good gait once he had the freedom to move.

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V (1,1a)

GCD (2) 1. Showbull Country Gent (Mr A & Mrs C Hughes)


2. Wangdak Cherry of Baarnayotms (Mrs H & Miss R Asquith)

I really liked this bitches head, her angles were well balanced and her tail was well set and carried. She was losing coat but it was of correct texture, slightly longer in body but she moved out well in all directions. BOS

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OB (1) 1. Wangdak Cherry of Baarnayotms (Mrs H & Miss R Asquith)

As 2nd GCD