• Show Date: 06/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tate Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Judge Ms T Forsey (Muzoku).


A lovely entry in both quantity and quality for this breed without tickets. I am pleased to see that head proportions have improved greatly thus having a positive impact on bites and eye shape. Also, angulation front and rear has also improved giving most exhibits the opportunity to move as they should. All temperaments were excellent and all exhibits were presented in beautiful condition. Thank you all.

JD (1) 1, Snowshoes in with A Bang (Mrs J E & Miss J Smith)

At just 9 months this young male was presented in super condition. Although going through his “teenage stage”in growth he had a lovely outline and a super character about him. An attractive head with very dark, oval eyes. Small ears set high which were very mobile and alert. Balanced angulation front and rear Straight firm back held well on the move, He has a very good frame to fill out into as he matures. Well off for bone and coat. Tidy feet strong pasterns. A little keen on the move to start with in his class but settled nicely in the challenge to an active energetic gait. Very promising youngster BPIB, RBD

PGD (1) 1. Kessaku Hugo Boss (Ms S Warren),

18 month old male with a super soft expression Moderately broad skull, high set ears, defined stop black pigment and profuse coat of correct texture. Moderate angulation, well sprung rib, slight tuck up. High set tail. He had a tendency to pace but once moved at a more brisk trot he improved greatly and his side gait was very smooth and he held his topline well.

OD (5,1a) 1, Ch Kessaku Bobby Dazzler (Mrs D Prout)

I really was taken by this 2 y/o. He was not flashy or overdone in anyway. Simply a good, honest dog who fits the standard. Well balanced head with an alert, affectionate expression, dark, oval, obliquely set eyes. Slightly rounded skull with high set ears, which he used to his advantage. Defined stop and black pigment. Well balanced, moderate angulation, fore and aft and he had a good length of neck under his thick mane. Super coat and in well toned condition. High set, well furnished tail which did not stop. A lovely front assembly and this was evident on the move with his reach. A moderate bend of stifle. His gait was spot on from all angles, active energetic and smooth. A real joy to watch and a well deserved BD and BOB. I was able to stay and support him in the group and was thrilled to see him awarded UG4 in a very strong group.

2, Int/swiss Ch Kessaku Ice and A Slice at Tokosha (Mrs A Roper)

Another super male at 5 y/o. Correct, profuse coat of excellent quality and presentation. Beautiful headpiece with lovely dark eyes Small triangular well furred ears (but he didn’t use them to his advantage today) Excellent bone for size and well muscled all through. Lovely balanced profile with moderate angles. He was very true on the move in all directions with an easy gait. I just preferred the energy and attitude of my winner today.

3, Kessaku Scooby Doo (Ms S Warren)

JB (4,1a) A strong class of young females It all came down to the finer points on the day.

1, Snowshoes All That Glitters (Mrs J E & Miss J Smith)

Sister to my BPIB and she has many of the same qualities. Balanced profile and angulation, Super coat and a lovely outline. When settled her gait was active and energetic. She had a very pretty, feminine head with an affectionate expression. She was happy alert and very cheeky, She did play her handler up some what which unfortunately cost her in the challenge. RBB

2, Kessaku Mamma Mia (Mrs D Prout)

Super 12 month old youngster who was well constructed under hand. Beautiful headpiece with a lovely expression. Very alert and clearly enjoying herself as her tail did not stop. I loved her attitude and self confidence. Well toned and muscled all through, balanced angulation. Enough bone for size and tidy feet. Faultless on the move in all directions, just missing her coat today to complete the picture. Look forward to seeing her progress as she is a quality youngster.

3, Kessaku Popping Candy at Yokosaka (Mrs T Smith)

PGB (2) 1, Kessaku Mamma Mia (Mrs D Prout)

As 2nd PB

2, Kessaku White Bryony with Keagwyn (Mrs R Stevenson-Reynolds)

Feminine, pretty, 2 year old with a super coat. Good angles front and rear. Well toned and she moved with purpose. She was very alert and confident and had a great connection with her handler, would prefer a little more length of leg.

OB (1) 1, Snowshoes Vienna (Mrs J E & Miss J Smith)

5 year old with a lovely side profile. Her head is feminine, pretty and expressive. Dark obliquely set eyes. High set ears. Correct stop. Good front assembly, well sprung rib and firm loin, slight tuck up. She had plenty of bone in proportion to her frame and held her topline well on the move. Very active and confident on the move BB.