• Show Date: 24/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Suzanne Keree-Bartolo Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Dogs Leeds Ch Show 24th July 2022

My sincere thanks to Liz Stannard, Sue Virgo and the committee of Leeds Championship show, for inviting me to judge my first CC appointment for Afghan Hound Dogs at Leeds Championship show. I have had a wonderful experience and I am so grateful to each and every exhibitor who gave me an entry. I am very grateful to my stewards, co- judge Clari Cross and our Referee Jeff Horswell who all helped to make it such a wonderful day.

 I was looking for a functional, fit for purpose hound which had excellent conformation, sound on the move, an Afghan Hound that could do the job they were bred for, a good front and well laid shoulder of good length, good return and length of upper arm, a good forechest and depth of brisket. With the forelegs well under the body, strong straight forelegs with sloping pasterns and large feet. A good spring of rib with a good length and depth of ribcage and plenty of heart room. a firm strong loin that was not too long, with a level topline prominent pin bones and a correct fallaway with a well set ring tail. Strong well muscled rear quarters with a good turn of stifle and strong lower thigh, with hocks well let down. A balanced head that was masculine and had a strong underjaw, complete and regular scissor bite, dark triangular eye, a prominent Occiput, low set ears and a strong neck of a good length leading into a good layback of shoulder. Size and balance are important to me and I prefer a dog within the standard, if possible. Presentation was very good throughout the entry, thank you to everyone for accepting my placings in a sporting manner.

MPD (no entries) PD (no entries)

JD (3,1abs) 1. Gardner’s Saxonmill Majic Me Danwish, Black/Gold dog just out of puppy, of solid construction, masculine head with a nice eye shape, low set ears, good layback of shoulder & length of upper arm, good depth of brisket and forechest, nice spring of rib, firm loin, level topline and good fallaway with a ring tail, balanced angulation and a good width all through, moved well with tail raised, balanced outline. In the challenge he moved and showed really well to win the RCC.

2. Gosling’s Ayoubkhan Silk Road. Taller cream dog with a bigger frame than 1, every elegant and houndy, lovely head with a dark eye and scissor bite, good length of neck, level topline with a natural saddle prominent pin bones and good fallaway. Good front and rear angulation, moved well, just preferred the forechest of 1. I think he will come into his own when he matures a bit more.

YD (2,1abs) Edwards’ Beast Friend Forever at Djast (AI) Imp Nor, Masculine Oyster Brindle dog, refined head, dark eye, correct scissor bite, low set ears, good length of neck with a fair layback of shoulder and length of upper arm, fair depth of chest, short loin, nice balanced outline with a ring tail, moved well once settled.

PGD (7, 2abs) 1. Lancashire, & O’Donnell’s Drishaun Pictures of Lily, Self masked Pale Gold dog, text book conformation, beautifully balanced and fabulous outline, correct coat pattern, so well made throughout. Masculine balanced head correct and complete scissor bite good depth of underjaw, dark triangular eye, prominent Occiput, low set ears, good length of neck leading into a very well laid shoulder and corresponding length of upper arm, good depth of brisket, good forechest, elbows held in, legs well under the body, lovely springy pasterns and large feet. Good spring of rib and depth of chest, well ribbed back, firm strong loin, level topline prominent pin bones and a correct fallaway with a well set ring tail. Covered the ground with ease, showing a smooth and springy gait, not the best showman sadly and not happy in the wind and flapping tentage today. With his excellent conformation he could not be denied his place in this class.

2. Metcalfe’s Jo-Kins Pineapples Have Peelings Too (Imp Fin). Compact Black/silver dog, good overall balance and outline, Masculine head with a good depth of jaw, well shaped eye, a good shoulder placement and length of upper arm bringing his forelegs well under the body, good forechest and spring of rib, correct fallaway, moved soundly and showed well. 3. Walsh & Walsh’s Calamus Devil In Disguise (ImpPol)

3. Walsh’s Calamus Devil In Disguise (Imp POL).

LD (6, 1abs) 1. Hopper & Finch’s Zandahar Xtraordinary Me At Zinzani JW. Beautifully presented and well handled Black/ Brindle, beautifully balanced throughout, caught my eye with his lovely shape, size and substance. He has a masculine head with a good strong underjaw and perfect complete scissor bite, a dark triangular eye with a dignified eastern expression, well set ears, a good length of neck leading into a well laid shoulder, good length of upper arm with a good depth of brisket and spring of rib, his legs are well under his body, he has a level topline and correct fallaway with a well set ring tail, strong rear quarters with a good turn of stifle strong well muscled upper and lower thighs with low hocks and large feet, he moved with style, extension and drive, covered the ground with ease and never stopped showing. I consider him worthy of becoming a champion and was thrilled to award him the Dog CC, His first so I am told, later he was awarded BOB by the referee Jeff Horswell.

2. Lancashire & O’Donnell’s Drishaun Star Among Lilies JW, Masculine well balanced brindle dog, dark triangular eye, correct bite with a good underjaw, prominent occiput, good length of neck, well laid shoulders and good length of upper arm, good forechest bringing the forelegs well under the dog, level topline with correct coat pattern, moved soundly with style and covered the ground with ease.

3. Reed & Reed’s Cloudside Sunstrike JW

OD (9) What a fabulous class to judge, such an honour so many lovely dogs.

1. Ch Drishaun Fair As A Lily JW ShCEx OSW This S/M Cream dog with a correct coat pattern, superb balance and outline caught my eye when he entered the ring. He had the best layback of shoulder in the class and I loved his outline when he stood, everything was in proportion and balanced with almost text book precision. His conformation was just what I was looking for and consequently found that he was the litter brother to my PGD winner. In the class he did enough to win over some beautiful dogs, but in the challenge, he flagged and didn’t give his all sadly.

2. Parsell, Beanland & Thornton’s Ch Gezancol Never Say Never at Harlextan, Lovely masculine B/M gold dog, good shape and substance, masculine well balanced head, nice eye, strong jaw with a correct scissor bite, low set ears, good length of neck, lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, good depth and spring of rib, level topline, prominent pin bones and well set ring tail. Just preferred the shape of 1.

3. Thompson & Thompson’s Ch Drishaun The Vampire Lily Via Gothika JW

VD. (3) 1. Cullen’s Ch Syrdarya Toffy Pop At Eweyisska, A lovely brindle dog and very worthy champion, one I have judged years ago as a younger dog and done well for, he is perfectly balanced in outline and a lovely shape, a nice size, with the best shoulder placement in this class, strong well muscled throughout, good length and depth of rib, level topline, correct fallaway and ring tail, best mover in the class, sound and moved with style.

2. Scott’s Ch Arushkhan Dancin In My Heart At Ambeshan JW, B/M gold bigger masculine older style of dog,

Very houndy, strong masculine head with a good strong jaw, scissor bite, well placed eye, beautifully presented, moved well, just preferred the size and balance of 1.

3. Winter’s Garamond Cloudberry for Tokando

SBD (2) 1. Walsh’s Calamus Devil In Disguise (Imp POL) Well balanced Brindle dog, placed 3rd in a nice postgraduate class, a good quality dog, he moved and showed well. Pleased to see him and his owner win the Special Beginners group, later in the day.

2. Harwood’s Krishan Rainbow Warrior

Judge Suzanne Keree-Bartolo (Shirkeira)